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i3 Season 3 Second Conference - Bangalore

Life is full of challenges which will never end; so, before you die create a history so that the world will remember you else you'll remain a mystery
i3 2nd Conference
I’m very excited to share my experience of second conference of i3 which was conducted in IBIS hotel, Bangalore on Sunday. We all were very excited to know as to who the counsellor for that day’s conference was. Initially, few delegates shared about their experience of previous conference. Later, Kunal Taswala sir revealed that the counsellor was   Mr. SUJIT LALWANI. We all stood up and clapped for him, and were waiting eagerly to hear his speech.

He started speaking about his past days about how he was and what made him to take a step towards his aim. During his childhood he took every task as a challenge and achieved it. Also, he said that when we are children we are very confident to take up every task as a challenge but as we grow up we lose it and we kill our dreams. The entire conference was mesmerizing. When he was small, a religious guru asked him as to why he existed. At that time he didn’t know what to say but when he started achieving his dreams he realised that not only him but all in this world exist to discover themselves. He said that life is full of challenges which will never end; so, before you die create a history so that the world will remember you. He shared an incident that happened in his life when his father came to his college and collected his report card. His marks were little lesser than others. By seeing it his father asked him as to what others had that sir didn't have, and went away from there. Sir said that that day he started thinking about what his father asked him. Then he started studying hard and finally got a rank in his college. He taught us to think about something continuously so that our mind shall discover new things that we have never imagined of. All of us have hidden talents. Unless we try we will never know about them. Life is full of challenges which will never end; so, take every task as a challenge and finish it off and move on to the other. Have faith in your work. Live a life of excellence. Study is the greatest end of life to which everything follows. So study is a must. After his speech some of them asked him questions and he explained all in a very simplified way, which I liked the most. His speech was awesome. I’ll never forget this conference in my life. It was amazingly super. From the bottom of my heart I agree that Mr. SUJIT LALWANI is a great motivational speaker. He is inspiring the youth of our country in the right direction. I am very thankful to our mentor Kunal Taswala sir for organizing this conference.

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Khushwant Naik
khushwant naik is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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