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Moral Education - A Necessity In The Education System

The most important crux of the education system is the ethics with which one much use the knowledge blessed through education system and it's high time that these ethics are propagated first amongst the upcoming generations
In the present day world most of them aspire is to be a successful businessman, engineer, doctor, lawyer and the list goes on and on with each profession respectively. How many of those would aspire to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING with ambitions to fulfill others' happiness and get the satisfaction out of it without any returns? Not many, I suppose. And those who have, for sure would have made a great impact on others’ lives as well as in the society. These people get a different kind of applause and recognition compared to other achievers, be it, movie stars, cricketers, businessmen, etc. And, that is not because they're making something different out of their lives but because they're making a difference in other people's lives. This difference that they've made is clearly an outcome of the morals they've believed upon, that they've learnt, realised or perceived, along with the education, if they were fortunate enough to have received. 

Education's main purpose is to serve the mankind with knowledge that can help in overall development of an individual i.e. to be a literate with thinking ability, access to knowledge of different fields, to develop various skills required for any activity and, more importantly add meaning to his life by making him a good human being. But, READ-LEARN-WRITE is all that most of us were/are taught at school. Does this really cover the whole concept of education?  Will this really make a student a better human being in any way?! If textbook knowledge would make one a good person, then why are so many highly educated people at fault- sexual abuses in companies filled with graduates, domestic violence cases even by educated people, high corruption by authorities and bureaucrats, rape, murder, conspiracy etc., by intellectuals and highly qualified people?
Moral Education
Well, while most of you might think that the reason is their GREED I feel it's a NEED, A NEED FOR MORAL EDUCATION, the lack of which is creating chaos in the society. If you take the present scenario the most discussed issue in any institution is RAPE. I’m sure that at school, at home or anywhere people are seen advising girls “NOT TO GET RAPED”, but how many of us have taken the step to teach the boys “NOT TO RAPE”. Now, this thought is what I call a moral. If the age-old moral “RESPECT YOUR ELDERS” has been a serious must in the society, what about “RESPECT WOMEN”? Why aren't the accused's parents or the society not blamed? Wasn't it their responsibility to teach them what is moral and what is wrong? The public blames the government for the garbage on the roads. Aren’t they also equally responsible for it? Isn’t “KEEP YOUR SURROUNDINGS CLEAN” a moral? There are so many such situations where the society, the school or any human institution must be teaching the right things at the right time to the right people. But we are all seen doing the vice versa most of the times. Instead of starting a blame game for every wrong, one must take a step ahead to stop blaming the bad society and start building a better society.

If the foundation laid is strong then the building will obviously stay strong. Similarly, the children must be given a strong base at a tender age of what morals are and how to inculcate them in their life. Though some of the schools are making an effort towards this by having value education and life skills a compulsory class in their timetable, which is a great effort, I am not sure if they are covering all the deeds and values that are to be planted in the students’ thought-process to make them exceptional beings. Morals are those that can differentiate between the right and wrong, the good and bad. But the irony is such that what is right and good to one might not be the same to the other. So, it is very essential to ensure that the right and good norms are taught in such a way that at any situation they have to be moral in their thinking. The teaching, if executed in an innovative way with simpler ideas yet effective ones, it can reach the students easily and make a great impact. It is also important to ensure that the children have perceived the morals and are sure to inculcate them in their lives. Only then will the purpose of education be complete.
Hence, moral education is a concept that has to be given immense importance in the education system because when it is given in the right way to everybody possible then the result is a better today and a better tomorrow.

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Prathiksha Prakash
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