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No road to success is devoid of obstacles that challenge your might. Fight with your might as the destination is achievable for sure
All great dreams have their passionate dreamer behind them. Now, you might be thinking as to why this picture is placed here! Actually, this picture describes a beautiful house which is the dream of a passionate dreamer.
Dream House
There was a boy living with his family. Like every person he had his dream to build and design his own house. He was a hard worker and good in studies. But there come difficulties in everyone's life. Unfortunately, one day when he was 7 years old his dad met with an accident. He lost his father and the only support of his family. Now, every responsibility of his mother and younger brother who was of just 5 months came to him. He struggled hard to fulfill their basic needs. In this race of life he worked hard for his family. He used to work and study simultaneously. He worked in a cloth-making mill and his salary was only Rs. 500 per month. He had set his priorities and started working hard. After some years, he started a flour mill business earning Rs. 200-300 per day. He supported his family. Although he wanted to be a civil engineer he couldn’t as his financial circumstances never helped. He worked hard and made his brother complete his studies. After completing ITI his brother helped him to pursue his dream. Both brothers started working hard. They studied articles, newspapers, books etc., and modeled their house. After working hard they made a model plan of their home on their own. They designed it and set into action to turn it into reality. It took 3 years to complete their dream home, but at the end they won the race of life. They fulfilled their dream. The picture is the result of their passion and hard work.

The road to success is not easy. You get milestones at every steps but passion for your dream leads to success. So, follow your passion, work hard, make sacrifices and, one day you will achieve your dream.

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Komal Bhopi
Komal Bhopi is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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