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Those Anonymous Calls

Life is more lived during those moments of adrenaline rush rather than the regular routines wherein you know what happens next. One such day that was filled with shocks and surprises occurred in this young gentleman's life and here is his wonderful narration...
That day was full of surprises for me right from the morning, When I had been to college in the morning I came to know that I was the only person to attend the college on Saturday. On the same day, in the afternoon I got a call from my mentor surprising me with the news that I was chosen as the Guest Speaker for one of the most Elite Conferences which was going to happen in Mumbai the very next day. I was totally glad and excited to see the young and energetic people of Mumbai. At the same time, I was also tensed because I had only 2 hours left to reach the boarding point of the bus. I had a strong belief in myself that I would be reaching Mumbai at any cost. Also, somewhere I had another feeling which made me afraid at the thought of me missing to catch the bus within the prescribed time. With so many confusions and excitement I left the house...!!!

Time was around 3:30 pm when I stepped into the cab holding fantabulous books in hands which I had purchased just few minutes ago. I had never thought that those books would transform my thoughts completely. The cab driver was very humble and I had only one thing running in my mind and that was - ‘Somehow I have to reach the boarding place in-time.’ I shared this with the cab driver also. To my surprise he said, "I will give my best to reach the boarding place as soon as possible sir".
Anonymous Calls
I feel that travel teaches us a lot, of course, 'TRAVEL = THINKING'. I was in such a position that nothing was flashing in mind. I just took a look at my watch but my watch told me not to watch it as I would get tensed. So, I thought of thinking, but my mind told me not to think because that would make me even more tensed. I was in a dilemma between what to do and what not to do. I prayed to the Almighty to somehow help me out in catching the bus..!!

God is the craziest person in this universe. He will test us by giving the toughest situations for us to handle. To my shock, I got mine when I was in the cab. Guess what? Suddenly, there was heavy rain that interrupted the journey. I was amused witnessing the unfortunate things. The trees and current poles were lying on the road, not one, not two, but many and many. Even the storm had showed its ultimate power to me on that day. The cab was not able to move a step ahead. I was wondering and asked a question to God in my mind, “Oh Lord, is this the time to show your power?” I realised that I was not supposed to question Him because He was the One who created this universe, those trees and those poles.

So, without questioning anymore we halted the cab in a petrol bunk for 15 minutes and continued the journey later. As soon as the cab started again to my surprise I received an anonymous call asking, “Where are you?” The voice was of the bus driver and I replied about my state. And, from that point of time nothing less than 35 calls went in between both of us. I was scared about missing the bus and the bus driver was anxious too..!!

He insisted me to reach the 3rd boarding point. So, I was in a hurry to rush there. Meanwhile, I persistently pressurized the cab driver to drive fast. But, by the time I reached the spot the bus had left for the next stop. We thought of moving to the last boarding point but to my surprise cab driver told me, "I don't think that I can help you out sir as I'm feeling tired. Sorry, please take some auto and go." He was diabetic too. He was riding the cab without having lunch. So, I decided that my journey shouldn't become a trouble for someone else. I thanked him and took an auto. I was glad to hear the auto driver saying, "Don't worry sir! We will reach earlier than the bus to the last boarding point.” At last he kept up his words and, finally, I got the bus and I bumped into the seat and took a long breath. I relaxed for few minutes and two words came out of my mouth - “Thank God!” He tested me for a while to make me smile. Within next 5 minutes, again to my surprise I got an anonymous call asking, "Did you get the bus?" I was wondering as to who this person was! Guess who? He was the cab driver. I was absolutely delighted to hear to him, and this call stroked my mind hard with 3 questions.

1) Who is he?
2) Who am I to him?
3) Why did he call me to enquire whether I got the bus or not?

The answer is Humanity & Responsibility. He was so curious to know because he was a part of my journey and his role was prominent. Somewhere in his heart he must have felt guilty thinking that I might have missed the bus because of travelling in his cab.
Even in life we pressurize our parents, mentors and many other but they never ever deny us. They never feel it as a pressure as they take it as a pleasure. I'm thankful to the Almighty and my mentors for giving me such precious moments in my life, and even today, I never feel like remembering the 1st anonymous call, that of the bus driver who made me get worried but I always would like to remember the 2nd anonymous call, that of the cab driver which triggers an immense pleasure in me.

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