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Top 5 Tech Cars

Are you a fan of Fast and Furious series? Are you savvy for the best 4 wheeler engineered to reality recently? Then you can't miss out on checking these models...
Tech Cars
Cars are becoming more and more efficient with every passing day. Their developers work very hard to provide their consumers with the convenience they’re looking for which brings new and innovative technologies every day. If you’re a car enthusiast then you must feel the need to keep yourself updated with those changing trends. If you are looking for used car in San Diego, you might want to reach out to GoAutoCity, if not, then after you have read about these, find your nearest auto dealer and get a test drive. Meanwhile, here’s a list of top 5 tech cars of 2015.

BMW i8: The super hybrid

Powered by precise combination of electricity and fossil fuel this machine is the single most outrageous thing to be developed in a very long time. The car feels like it’s from the future. It feels rock solid and everything feels like it’s constructed immaculately. The i8 is a gas electric hybrid that is powered by an electric motor in front and a three cylinder engine at the back. You can run it on electric power alone all the way up to 75 miles per hour if you like but when you pair them together you get a total of 357 horse power. That is not up to super car standards but then again this isn’t about making the fastest exotic car on the block.

Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 is simply a stunning car and it’s beautiful from every angle. It has an amazing beige interior. Not only is this car super stylish, it’s super-fast as well. It has been awarded with multiple awards for its unique design paired with its ability to get super-fast in no time.

Audi A7

Audi A7 is just beautiful. It's a four door sedan with Audi’s signature head lamps that accent the bulbs. The backseat is relatively easy to get into. It has optional quad zone air conditioning, plenty of useful storage area, and at the same time, a split car seat. It has a beautifully exquisite interior and Audi gives you the opportunity to accessorize the A7 with the same technology that’s available in the A8. It has a luxurious touch of ambient lighting system that adds to the appeal and the sophistication. If you ever get a problem with its tires you can have them replaced. You can check out new tires at Tyre Shopper which is a multi-awarded website.

Tesla Model S

It’s an electric car that doesn’t look like one which works to a tremendous advantage. The good thing about this car is that it’s relatively spacious. It’s not only innovative but comfortable as well. The car is designed to be like a tuned athlete.

BMW 5 series

The 5 series is a magnificent machine redesigned. BMW has extended the wheel base, made it a little bit wider and got in a lot more interior space for the people in the front and the back. The ride is quieter, smoother and can’t be beaten. BMW has long been known for its engineering prowess. It provides both the passenger and the driver with beautiful and luxurious interiors.

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