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Lessons from the journey of the experienced! - Ronny Boesing

Lessons of the experienced always teaches, not only the way of life but also gives an opportunity for an individual to perform better in the next set of encounters in life, to achieve higher at an earlier time. Read on to learn from an experienced entrepreneur-cum-traveller whose journey of 30+ years, can give you the deepest insights!
Meet Ronny Boesing, CEO of Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS, CEO and founder of OpenLedger and the CEO at Coinsbank LP, also an avid traveller who has travelled to more than 65 countries (of 5 continents). Ronny has had varied learnings and experiences travelling and working in different domains and in various roles, facing both failures and successes for more than 35 years now, that he shares with us.
Ronny Boesing
With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, having worked with all kinds of people in different roles from Sales Executive to General Manager positions, he realized that “Life is about learning and excelling at every phase”. He says, “I loved doing what I did for those 20+ years working with people in the industry. Having seen all kinds of people, I learned that it was important for me to get the best lesson from everyone around me. More than the years of experience, it was about what I learned every minute, from people I worked with. I learned to stay grounded when I found people who had achieved enormous growth, were still so simple. Every day was a new day and I knew that I had to learn something new every day."

During his experiences, Ronny had decided to take a break to start something new. On the personal front, Ronny has had the most supportive wife and children who have been with him through all ups and downs of his life. About a year and a half passed by until he started with his next venture. His wife always supported him during the entire span of time while he was still looking for a better workplace. “It was not at all easy at such times when it was not possible for me to be able to manage family and at the same time search for a better work. My wife was always there to take care of all 6 kids and she always believed in me. That truly motivated me to work harder. There was once that I worked as a waiter at a five star hotel, and I would even work as a receptionist at night times. There have been times I have worked for about 36 hours continuously. The motivation for me to work this hard was the family. Each of us have different reasons to do what we do; the stronger the reason to achieve, the harder we work. For me it was family, for some it could be recognition, for some it could be money. It is all about the reason that you wish to work hard. We need to have a motive to do what we do, else we may not be able to give our best when we are not fully motivated” are his wise words.
Ronny Boesing
It was during 2012 when he was doing his Bachelors degree (PBA), Export & Technology Management at UCN, Professionshøjskolen University College Nordjylland, when he came across the concept of Bitcoin. While the industry was still emerging, his interest about bitcoin led him to learn more and explore the industry much deeper. His interests and knowledge led him to founding OpenLedger, a decentralized financial crypto-platform. “Like I said earlier, years of experience would not matter if you have not learned enough. I was always in seek of more knowledge that led me to be founding the OpenLedger platform. I began to gain more insights on managerial aspects as well. The journey has now led me to also be the CEO of Coinsbank LP, an all-in-one gateway to blockchain and cryptocurrency services: a decentralised future in which information of all kinds is stored and transmitted directly and trustlessly between individuals. The journey has been truly amazing since the start. I really believe that the journey ahead is going to be more fun and inspiring. I still feel young at heart and that is the reason why I get to be who I am; that is the reason that makes me a better person every day, when I feel that the journey is still long.” His efforts to always explore and learn, has also led him to be invited as a speaker at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016.
Ronny Boesing
On asking about his travel experiences and how he managed to travel around the world managing work and life, he says with a humble smile, “Travel is a part of everyone’s life, but it is we who decide how much we travel. The management between work and personal life becomes easier if you could earn the trust from people who work with you and the family that lives with you. Travel definitely raises an individual’s perspective about life. I have been to different places, had different kind of food, met different kinds of people, lived in different kind of homes - all in all, each of them have taught me the best way I could live my life. It always makes you a better human.”
Ronny’s simple yet highly experienced inspiring journey is of a certain kind that many wish to live. To those young dreamers who wish to take the path of success, Ronny shares a special message – “Never stop dreaming - Dream is the biggest gift that the humans have; we have the ultimate power to visualize what we wish to achieve. So never forget to dream. Secondly, be open to learn from people around you. It could be someone younger or elder to you, but never fail to ask what you wish to learn from them. Lastly, love what you do and eventually, you will become the best at it.”

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