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Business Success Rate

This wonderful infographic will take you through some of the biggest statistics regarding business survival rates and business birth rates.
Circle Research a market research agency has put together some of the most interesting facts, for example over 380,000 business’ were born in 2015, with 26% of those business’ starting in London.

The main niche of business is Business support, PR and Management consultancy and finally Computer program and IT. Next onto business survival rates, within one year 13% of businesses cease trading in their first year, within 3 years a massive 43% of all businesses have ceased trading. And finally the five-year mark, this is the point where you separate the men from the boys, if you survive the five year mark you have a great chance on surviving much longer.

A massive 59% of all businesses cease trading within the first five years. Please see the infographic for many greater statistics.
Business Success Rate
What is your take on this report? Have you noticed these developments?

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