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How New Technology Can Make Marketing Work For You

Who doesn't want to market better and who in today's world doesn't want to use technology to ease it, thereby, reducing efforts and multiplying the results. Here's a set of quick technologies to use for marketing and get better results for every invested buck and effort. Read ON.
Online marketing is an absolute necessity in the modern business world, but many companies have struggled with getting to proper return on their investments. An advertising campaign that reaches the wrong audience can waste time and money while leaving the advertiser in worse position than before. Luckily, new technologies have emerged to help stimulate online marketing and make it more tenable and reliable for advertisers around the world.

How New Technology Can Make Marketing Work For You Real Time Bidding

Real time bidding, or RTB for short, provides a key way for advertisers to customize content based on the web platform being used and the demographics of the potential customer browsing a given site. Rather than simply buying advertising on a website and hoping that the right viewer clicks on the ad, this marketing method allows advertisers to bid on ads, setting a price and a certain demographic range that they seek to connect with. When somebody matching the proper profile loads up a page, the bids are resolved in a matter of microseconds, with the winning bid getting displayed for consumption. This allows advertisers to be more selective in their marketing placement, which provides a better return on investment as a result.

Social Mobile Advertising

Like RTB, social mobile advertising allows companies to focus their ads on specific users that match a certain profile. This means that information gathering and analytics become extra important on the advertiser's end, since faulty data can lead to less of a return on the initial investment. Social mobile advertising platforms rely on a social profile that targets users who match certain tendencies. The ads show up when a given user matches the target audience. These ads can take many forms, from traditional banners to integrated video and other innovations. This method also integrates well with mobile devices, as it can display material on apps for news, entertainment, and other social media sources.

Analytic Tools

Both RTB and social mobile advertising require good data in order to work effectively. For precisely this reason, analytic tools are becoming one of the best investments that advertisers can make today. The goal behind these analytics is to determine what traits specific users have in common with converted customers. This can include simple demographic information, such as age, gender, and annual income. It can also include something as in-depth as social media habits, activity cycle, and browsing history. Analytics have become extremely robust over the years specifically because they are so necessary to successful advertising. Anybody who uses RTB and social mobile advertising should invest in good data.

Marketing has come a long way since the beginning of the Internet, and online advertising is now easier than ever. Focusing on advertising efforts that allow you to make good use of analytic data is an excellent way to guarantee that your ads will be seen specifically by those they are targeted toward. This means more conversions for you and a higher likelihood that the ads will be useful to the people viewing them, so everybody benefits.
What technologies and hacks do you use while marketing that make things easy for you and speed up the results?

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