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What's your skin type?

Your skin type need not be same throughout your life time
Knowing what kind of skin you have is very essential in your skin care routine. Please remember, most of your make up choices or even something as simple as a the choice of the soap you use is largely dependent on the kind of Skin you have.
What's your skin type?
Before I start with the skin types, I’d like to clear a couple of terms.


-   The ‘T zone’:  this is the central zone of your face.

This zone in The T-Zone is the part of your face that is made up of the forehead, nose, chin and area circling the mouth and nose. This area is called the T-Zone because it shaped like the letter ‘T. The T-Zone has a higher amount of oil glands.

-   The ‘C zone’: this is nothing but the area around your cheeks.

Now, let’s get started with the various kinds of skin types. There are 5 major types of skin:
1. Oily
2. Dry
3. Combination
4. Normal
5. Sensitive

Visiting your Skin Expert to figure your skin type out would be a good idea, but you can also find it out by yourself at home.

Here’s how:

First of all make sure you clean your face well so that there are no traces of any products or sweat or any impurities on the skin.

Next, leave it like that for around 6-8 hours without applying anything over it. (The best time to do this would be during the night before you put yourself to sleep.)

After that, check your face. You can do so with a tissue.
Check your T zone and C zone.
If your Tzone and C zone is oily/ Sweaty- you have oily skin.
If your face is stretched and dry/ flaky- you have dry skin.

If you have oily T zone and normal that is well hydrated supple C zone- you have Combination skin.
If you moist and supple skin in your T and C zones, you have Normal skin.
Redness in the skin signifies the Sensitive skin type. Also remember, your skin type need not be same throughout your life time. It can change as you age, with climate, with hormonal influence etc. Knowing your skin type will help you a great deal to stay beautiful, to stay young and stay glowing.

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