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What is Pilates Equipment? Your Complete Beginner's Guide

If you want to get a toned and strong body, Pilates may just be the exercise regime that is waiting for you. It will also make you have a more graceful body. Do you know the benefits and the best equipments to pursue it? Read this inspiring piece of info around pilates for detailed info on this subject.

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What is Pilates Equipment? Pilates is a resistance building exercise regime developed by Joseph Pilates in the early years of the 20th century. Pilates is an exercise regime that focuses on breathing and movement techniques.

These exercises aim to improve your posture, flexibility and strength without adding mass to your muscles. Pilates relies on your buttocks and abs to execute the different movements and poses.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is not intended as an exercise to burn fats. Neither does it intend to improve your cardio fitness. There are other workouts you can do for effective fat burning and cardio fitness . Pilates though provides benefits no other exercise regimen could match.

  • Improves body awareness and balance
  • Enhances strength and functional fitness
  • Increases core stability and strength
  • Develops lean and long muscles
  • Improves flexibility and mobility
  • Relieves back pains
  • Improves posture
  • Improves performance in sports
  • Can be customized to suit all fitness levels
  • Complimentary workout to strength training and running.

These benefits are based on the success stories of those that have been doing Pilates. These benefits which are hardly seen in other exercise regimes are one of the reasons Pilates has become so popular.

Pilates Equipment for Beginners

There are various Pilates equipment available. As a beginner you should start out with the small and portable equipment. As you advance in your movements and exercises you can start using the mechanical devices. Exercises for beginners in Pilates do not require using any of the Pilates machines. For starters you will only need a well-selected chair, table and ring because you will only be doing simple exercises. The best Pilates machines are a breeze to use. Most of these equipment function to support your body so you can have an effective exercise. The most important thing in Pilates is to be able to execute fluid and smooth movements. It is therefore logical to have equipment that can provide support to your body to avoid injury.

1. Pilates Mat
This is needed almost all types of Pilates. Mats are intended to support and cushion your body so you are comfortable especially when doing Pilates on hard surfaces.

2. Pilates Chair
Pilates chairs are in an inclined position for comfortable sitting positions. Choose a chair that is well cushioned so you can do movements comfortably and high enough to achieve the right elevation.

3. Pilates Table
This can be any well-built and stable table capable of supporting your body as you perform Pilates moves that require some parts of your body to be in an elevated position.

4. Pilates Ring
This is used to perform movements that reduce stress and increase your flexibility although it focuses more on muscle development.5. Pilates Bolster
This is used for spine support for movements that are a bit complicated. It aids in making movements relaxing and comfortable more than preventing injury.

6. Exercise Ball
This equipment is seldom used in Pilates but it would be nice to have one.

7. Music 
Performing Pilates movements is relaxing with some ambient type music. There are a lot sessions that are pre-recorded available in the market. Pre-recorded Pilates music usually have time sections which give cues on when you need to move to the next exercises.

There are a lot of Pilates movements though that only require the use of your body and perhaps a mat. When you are doing advance Pilates then it is time to use Pilates mechanical devices with pulleys and cloth straps. If you have been doing these things and have experienced great benefits from such techniques feel free to share your comments below to add value to every reader coming next after you and let the world of inspiration through information build one valuable comment at a time. 

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