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5 Inspiring Reasons to Go To Seattle By Road

If you are looking to plan your next road adventure but were unsure of where to go, you should definitely consider the jewel of the Pacific Northwest. SEATTLE it is! Read on and you will find absolute inspiration to do it.
Whether you are planning to hit a number of destinations in Washington or looking for a single stop trip, you just can’t go wrong with Seattle. This thriving and exciting city is full of amazing shopping, eating, and entertainment. Plus, there are a number of outdoor activities to be had within just a short drive from the city center.
5 Inspiring Reasons to Go To Seattle So for your next road adventure, make sure to steer your motorhome rental in the direction of Seattle. You won’t regret it. Below you can find five of the many reasons why a visit to Seattle should be on your bucket list.


There is a plethora of entertainment to be had in Seattle, with a wide variety of events happening on any given day or night, no matter the season. For sports fans there are Mariners baseball, Supersonics basketball, and Seahawks football, not to mention many other sporting events and teams throughout the city. Seattle is known as a musical center, and there are a wide variety of large and small venues hosting everything from international touring acts to local up and coming bands. You will also find a wide range of other types of entertainment from theatre to opera available on any given night in Seattle.


Seattle is known to have one of the top thriving dining scenes in the nation. No matter if you are looking for fine dining or funky street food, you can find what you’re looking for here. There are a wide range of five star dining opportunities throughout the city, with interesting and highly rated new restaurants opening up each week. If you’re looking for something cheaper, then you don’t have to skimp on quality. Seattle is known to have a wide selection of food trucks at different locations throughout the city, with terrific fare on offer for a much lower price tag than the fine dining establishments.

Don’t forget about one of Seattle’s top known consumption habits: coffee. This city was well ahead of the funky coffee shop curve, and much of the nation’s current coffee culture was born right here. There are many dozens of highly rated coffee shops spread out amongst the neighborhoods, and you can visit everywhere from the very first Starbucks to local coffee hubs. If you steer your motorhome rental in the direction of Seattle, you have some fine foods and coffee awaiting you.


5 Inspiring Reasons to Go To Seattle Seattle has an incredibly rich and interesting history, and getting to know this city involves getting to know its past as well. There are many walking and driving tours on hand that will offer you a nice day out in the city as well as an understanding of the history of this town. One recommendation would be to take a tour of the underground streets of the old city, which have been covered over by new construction over the years. Down below you will really get a feel for what the streets of the city used to be like and gain appreciation for how far Seattle has come from its origins as a rough and tumble port city.


Due to Seattle being a thriving, young, and lively city, it also offers a wide array of shopping opportunities. In the downtown section you will find your name brands and high end luxury items, while in the neighborhoods you have an impressive array of funky boutiques, vintage clothing stores, record and book shops, antiques stores, and much, much more. You can easily spend entire days shopping in any given neighborhood in Seattle, so make sure to get your plans in order and give yourself some time for retail therapy when you’re in the city.

Puget Sound

The thing that makes Seattle truly unique both visually and geographically is the presence of Puget Sound, a majestic expanse of water that lines the city’s western border. This offers sweeping water views from many points in the city and gives Seattle a marine feel that really sets it apart from any other city in the country. The Sound isn’t just for viewing, and it is highly recommended that you take a boat tour of the Sound when you’re in the city on your trip.
There are dozens of various tours offering everything from simple sightseeing tours to fishing expeditions to island hopping adventures. You really don’t know Seattle until you know Puget Sound, so getting out on the water is definitely a must-do for travelers in the region. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to observe Seattle’s legendary skyline from out on the water, definitely a sight not to be missed.

Point your motorhome rental in the direction of Seattle and experience this vibrant and gorgeous city on your next journey.

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