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10 Must Have Trendy Gadgets To Enhance Your Lifestyle

Gadgets have become many things for today’s modern-day humans. They define our personalities, our lifestyle, our fashion statements, our approach to life and so much more. They are available for various functionalities, developed to meet several needs at once, some very focused on what they deliver and others are very diverse in their applicability. Here's a list of top trendy gadgets to own. Read ON! 
Mobile phones of today were once known to be an experiment to bring more than 21 functions into one single device. Less was known that they would become mobile phones and today’s most owned, desired, necessary gadget in one’s life.
They have more functions than we could imagine. What was once going to be an attempt to bring calculator, camera, calendar, notepad, Instant messaging, calling, alarm clock and such functions together has become more than a person’s alter ego and complete organizer in hand. With information from Google in abundance and mobile phones in every single hand, we have talking and walking encyclopedias everywhere. It’s not about what you can do but today more about what you will do with all of these gadgets in your ownership.

The gadgets of the modern-day world are addressing specific needs in much deeper and detailed ways besides the use of mobile phones that have been mentioned above. Think of very high megapixel cameras that are bringing about a very high level of adventure experience for travellers to record their work in very high definition, massage chairs to relax, air purifiers to intake better air, earbuds to ensure great wireless experience, coffee makers to enjoy a coffee just about anywhere, projectors that are pocket-sized to experience great entertainment and business presentations just about anywhere and so many more that we could just go on talking about.
In these times of unlimited amounts of innovations what could be those 10 most trendy gadgets to recommend? To be honest, that’s a very short list that we could bring to you, but here’s something you won’t regret learning about. Read ON

1. DJI Tello Drone

Electronic Gadgets

Drones are indeed now everyone’s best choice and needless to say a terrific flying companion. Giving the abilities to do things from the air has always inspired humans right from the times of wright brothers creating their first planes to the times today where drones have become a thing you and us can own for our day to day fun and experiments. Aerial photography, video recording, watching over large landscapes, wedding/party shoots, event coverage and what not can’t this drone do including delivering a package to the ninth floor of your apartment from the ground floor for you just when you forgot to give it upstairs or left it in your vehicle the previous night :). This DJI Ryze Tello drone is light weight, has an amazing camera of 5MP for all your memories to be perfectly pixeled and can do some amazing stunts going as high as 50M in the air. So much more is left to your creativity with what could happen if you owned it or your gifted your loved one watch them have all the FUN. Can’t wait to own, isn’t it? In India, You could simply buy it from Global Gadgets and for any other part of the world you might get lucky to get it shipped from them if you reach their mailbox. After all, Love is in the air :).

2. Bose Soundbar 700

Electronic Gadgets

Bose Soundbar 700 has built-in Alexa and is your best companion for sound and music needs. You could connect this to your TV, Phones, iPods, Tabs or other music players that give you Bluetooth connectivity or use services that operate on Wi-Fi like amazon music. You could control it with the Universal remote, the Bose app or through your Voice. You sure want to host guests, give your home the feel of a meditation center at times, rhythmic Buddhist music at others and convert into a disc when you are hosting parties or simply want to dance to madness. After all, great sound quality is what everyone deserves.

3. Jura E8 Coffee Machine

Electronic Gadgets

Coffee is the companion for millions for great work, amazing meetings, deep introspection, quality family/friends time or simply to write amazing pieces like these. To have to order it via online ordering means coffee gone cold and to have to travel all the way to a coffee shop means the mood changes due to traffic and time involved. So, simply bring to your home/office the JURA E8 Coffee Machine and make life more cofficated :). Prepare different types of coffees, have an intelligent system for water management, hold up to 16 cups at once and operate with ease of touch is all that you can when you own this gadget.
Wouldn’t you find it super fun to read this article with a cup of hot coffee that didn’t take you more than 60 seconds to have it ready and right where you were (office/home), so that you could sit back in the couch, by the window or in your conference room and dive deep into exploring other gadgets mentioned in this piece? Simply make up your mind and own this machine without losing further time if you are a coffee lover or wish to fall in love with a cappuccino.

4. Powerbeats PRO

Electronic Gadgets

Earbuds have become the most difficult to choose from, you can’t own plenty of them and then charge all of them and then furthermore find the right one to use just when you need them. So, make your life simpler and choose Powerbeats Pro because the apple brand wouldn’t vouch for anything less than the best and they told verge that these handles all of your sweat and fits in the concha bowl of the ear like nothing else. They use ergonomically angled acoustic housing that fits so well that you won’t know the pain of having earbuds on for having had them on for a long long time. You could answer phone calls with amazing quality (two way of course), use Siri/google assistant with ease and use the super amazing feature of fast charging called “fast fuel” that allows 1.5hrs of usage after 5 minutes of charging and 4.5hrs of usage after 15 minutes of charging. Are you still using the wired wireless ones? :) Time to buy these.

5. Fitbit Charge 3

Electronic Gadgets

Staying fit isn’t cool at all anymore but the need of the hour in this generation to deal with the work demands, demands of life and above all experience the blissful experiences of this generation to the fullest. One of the gadgets that helps you stay fit especially if you are one of those with health goals, walking/running goals and more is the FITBIT Charge 3. This gadget measures calories burnt, heart rate(with 24/7 heart rate tracking), allows you to connect with your smartphone and get notifications for calls/messages on your wrist and the battery lasts for 7 days for continuous usage. Moreover, this is swim-proof and water-resistant up to 50m depths. Next time you are taking bath you wouldn’t need to take these off and even measure the calories taking bath burns :). Simply own this instead of any other wearable gadget for now and you won’t regret it.

6. The Redux Earbuds

Simply put, we cannot imagine our lives without headphones or earbuds. The 21st century is all about having something to make our lives easier and more enjoyable and headphones and earbuds should not be left behind. Gone were the days when you had to carry around a giant set of headphones joined with your mobile through a wire, that might look cool at that time but the time has changed and nobody likes doing it now. Headphones have been replaced with the much smaller wireless Bluetooth earbuds that can fit even in your pocket.

The ReduxBuds is one of the great examples of 21st century cool inventions as these are the smart earbuds. The features include an AI Powered Active noise cancellation feature that filter out the loud external noises, water resistance which means these are waterproof, a 10 hour continuous audio playback with a 90 hours additional charging from the case. Furthermore, they come in all shapes and sizes, i.e. from small to large so you don’t have to worry about their fitting in to ears. So, if you are looking to buy a good pair of audiophile wireless earbuds, ReduxBuds is the one you should go for.

7. Bose Home Speakers 300 and 500

Electronic Gadgets

With absolutely no installation and wires attached, don’t you think BOSE Home Speakers would become the handiest gadget to carry, flaunt, use and experience? Of course, it would. This is a gadget so perfect for outdoor use that you wouldn’t miss using this on your next vacation near the beach or under the vast night skies while lying down on the garden with your loved ones. This highly portable Alexa speaker consumes low power and hence lasts longer for use and can take commands to search music and information from the web once you have it connected with wifi. If you have large collections of audiobooks and music on your phone and are fanatic about listening to them, you sure can with the Bluetooth connectivity this gadget offers. All in all, something you cannot miss owning as a 2020 generation individual.

8. Cuisineart Ice-cream Maker

Electronic Gadgets

Of all things, who doesn’t love ice-creams? Of all things who wouldn’t love being able to make them at home? And of all things who wouldn’t want to buy this gadget that’s efficient, easy to use, saves tonnes of money each time you want to make ice creams for a whole lot of guests at home and above all offers you experimenting options to make and eat ice-creams unheard of before? We want it. Compact and inexpensive are two words besides easy to operate and convenient to manage phrases that apply to the Cuisineart Ice-cream Maker. They are reasons enough to own it for the delight of delicious homemade ice creams. For fully automatic operation there are ready recipes to work with, simply add ingredients and operate with touch buttons like you were an ice-cream chain owner. When are you hosting us over an ice-cream treat next? Let us know in the comments below.

9. Google Wi-Fi

Electronic Gadgets

Now, Google Wi-Fi wouldn’t classify for a gadget as such but still can make all your Wi-Fi gadgets use so friendly that we didn’t miss adding this here. This system for seamless Wi-Fi coverage across your home is a must-have today for the reasons of avoiding the blind spots for fast buffering that most of us have experienced when it comes to streaming videos and moving around the house/office carrying the phone/gadget. No more buffering issues to put up with and having several routers for home/office spaces. 1500 sq ft gets covered seamlessly by one installation and the network assist technology helps multiple of these points operate together for larger spaces offering better connectivity than regular modems. Simple app that comes along does the trick for making sure you have this and nothing else installed, because this app allows you to see what all is connected, prioritize the devices/gadgets that consume more data, pause usage on kids’ devices as needed from backend without confronting them directly and of course manage data consumption smartly. After all, data is the OIL :)

10. GoPOWER Watch Stand and Wireless Charging Base
Electronic Gadgets

You sure must have experienced wireless charging and might be wanting more and more efficient of these chargers. The GoPOWER watch stand and Wireless Charging Base is simply what you might need for your smart apple watch. It has been certified by apple after all. This can charge both your phone and watch together, has additional USB ports just in case you have more devices that can be charged only with cables and the base is strong enough to hold itself to the ground and have the devices/gadgets on it while charging. Simply come home and keep your watch and phone on this instead of keeping it anywhere on the table and while you freshen up you shall have your gadgets powered up without having to look for plug points and do the needful each time you get home.

Of course with all of these gadgets and devices with you, there will be less fun to life that you can’t have in these times. We understand that there are many many more gadgets to write about and share. Needless to say, gadgets are what make today’s life fun against other options of the past, they make life convenient, quality and add value to several aspects of life besides making the living experience a vast set of possibilities once unheard of.What’s your favorite recommendation for us to UP our lifestyle? While we brought these 10 to add trendiness in your life, let us know what gadgets make your life trendy currently in the comments below starting by sharing the gadget on which you might be reading this one. :)
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