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4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Cart

So, you’ve made the decision to buy a golf cart. Where do you start, and what do you need to know before you start shopping around for one? Let’s have a look at the answers to those questions.
Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Cart

Gas or Electric?

Gas golf carts are faster and can instantly be refilled without any downtime for charging. They’re also capable of carrying a heavier load and more people than the average electric option. They’re also more expensive to maintain and need servicing just like your regular vehicle does. Plus, because they burn gas, they can be quite loud and disruptive, along with the harmful emissions associated with internal combustion engines.

An electric golf cart makes use of electric motors and battery power for movement. This means that electric carts are kinder to the environment. They’re also much quieter so make for a more peaceful round of golf and need considerably less maintenance to keep running well. The only cost involved with electric golf carts outside of the costs of power to charge them is the occasional purchase of replacement golf cart batteries.

New or Used?

Another consideration is whether you want to splash out on a new golf cart or look around for a used option in great condition. Buying used might save you a lot of money on the sticker price, but there are some important things you should check when it comes to the condition of some of the parts. Most importantly, you’ll want to look at the tires and engines, regardless of whether they’re electric or gas.

Check the age of the cart, and how many hours it has been used. This can often be checked on the dash display. It’s a good indication of how heavily used the golf cart was by the previous owner, and what condition the underlying gas or electric motor is in. If it’s an electric cart, have a look at the current batteries and get them assessed, because you don’t want to end up having to replace the batteries immediately after purchase and you can never be sure how well the previous owner looked after them.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Cart Look for Modifications

Many golf cart owners like to modify their carts. This might take the form of custom golf cart rims and tires or adding entertainment features like a radio or speakers or adding seat belts and other safety equipment, fans or enclosures. These accessories can add value to the golf cart and make it more appealing to you as a buyer depending on what you’re looking for, so should be considered.

Set a Budget

It’s quite easy when making a luxury purchase like a golf cart to want to go for something that is at the top of the line and fitted with every feature you could possibly want, but in reality, that’s likely not affordable. Make the decision on what you’re willing to or able to spend on the purchase and stick to it.
Remember that customizing your golf cart can be done over time, so you want to pay special attention to the base specifications and features, and not try and get as much as you can and be unrealistic about what you’re able to afford. The golf cart is an expression of yourself, and it can add a lot to your game, particularly by shortening the time it takes to play a round because you don’t have to walk to your ball after each shot.

A well-maintained golf cart can last a very long time and carry you around hundreds of rounds of golf, so once you’ve made you purchase, learn the basics of golf cart maintenance so you can keep it running in perfect condition for many years.
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