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A Promising & Fast Growing Celebrity - Fan Engagement App by Young Turks

Celebrities turn content publishers with HookAStar to connect with fans
Don't you agree that fake profiles of celebrities play spoilsport? Get over the dummy profiles as Celebrities choose HookAStar to share their real and reel life moments with you directly. Read on for more...

Social media platform is a great tool for celebrities to connect with their fans. However, in most cases, due to fake profiles, the experience becomes frustrating for both the celebrities and their fans.

In a world plagued with dummy profiles, fake followers and fabricated content, the HookAStar app offers a direct connect from celebrities to their fans. The HookAStar app turns celebrities into publishers, as it allows them to easily share images, text and audio/video messages. The fans get an exclusive real time updates to these content anytime and anywhere on their Android and Apple smart phones.
A Promising & Fast Growing Celebrity - Fan Engagement App by Young Turks,hookastar
Presently, the HookAStar app focuses on celebrities from the Indian Film and Television Industry. However, it will soon include celebrities and influencers from others fields as, sports, politics and arts.

The HookAStar app is the brainchild of Starline Media, who sensed the huge opportunity to create a platform featuring genuine verified profiles of celebrities/ influencers. A platform, where celebrities share self-generated content with fans in real time to engage with them in a never-before meaningful way.

"The HookAStar platform gives stars and celebrities the power to be mobile and connect with their fans anywhere, even while on the sets, or on the go. They can simply take an image, audio/ video message and post it on the app for their fans," says Vivek Nair, Head-Marketing & Communications, Starline Media Pvt. Ltd.

Every celebrity profile on the app is genuine and personally verified by the celebrity themselves. Not only is the app easy and fun to use, it also allows celebrities to publish self-generated content through live updates, images, audio/ video messages. These real-time updates and content can be easily shared by fans to Facebook and Twitter to further share with their friends and family.

The HookAStar app presently has 50 celebrities with an overall following of more than 1000 actively engaged followers. The HookAStar app is now available on major platforms of Android and iOS devices, and users can instantly connect with their favourite celebrities.
In a nutshell: Thus, HookAStar is a media management platform for celebrities like actors, authors, politicians, athletes, artists and public figures to create a captivating personal and professional brand online. Through direct and authentic updates, the HookAStar app allows fans access content from their favourite celebrities.

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