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GIBS launches Thought Leadership & Experiential Learning Panel, the first of its kind as a B-School

Entrepreneurship & Leadership are a result of thoughts put into action in right direction & directions come from experience. The panel that promises to empower young leaders & create entrepreneurs among the students pursuing MBA at GIBS B-School, is first of its kind for any B-School in its first year of taking off.
Global Institution of Business Studies (GIBS) launched its first ever Thought Leadership & Experiential Learning (TLEL) panel at their B-school. GIBS which adapts an innovative school of thought and brings in the best of academicians and infrastructure to build the next generation business leaders has taken a step ahead to add to its innovative ways by setting up the TLEL. With the vision that this school envisages of bringing together the best of practices, approaches, teachings and exposure, it’s now added thought leadership and experiential learning as vital concepts in moulding a management graduate. Mr. Ritesh Goyal, Chairman & MD, GIBS says “The TLEL panel comprises of successful professionals across various industries which can open doors for exposure and growth leading to well equipped successful graduates. The graduates would experience first hand instances of the challenges and various scenarios of businesses; the panel would instill the attitude of learning, spirit of enterprise, self-discovery, leadership and team playing attributes. We are in the making of the future business leaders”.

he TLEL consists of thought leaders and achievers of various industries coming together on this panel for GIBS to introduce experiential learning to the young MBA aspirants. With names on the panel such as Sujit Lalwani - International Speaker & Founder - Inspiration Unlimited; Ashish Vaidya - Senior SDE at Amazon, India holding a number of patents; Sneha Chandrasekhar - Founder & CEO, Black & White Tech Writing Solutions (P) Ltd.; Chetan Yallapurkar - MD Honeymoon Havens & MYT Sports & Adventures Marketing Pvt Ltd. ; Sonal Jain - An Academician; and Ashwini KN - Founder -
, GIBS aims to have an interesting mix of thought leaders from various industries influencing the young minds positively.

Sujit Lalwani Sneha Chandrashekar Chetan Yallapurkar Sonal Jain

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With the MBA degrees mostly focusing on the hard side of the businesses such as process, structure, strategy etc., there are very few schools focusing on the soft sides. GIBS is all set to be a thought leader in this aspect by focusing on what are the factors that would create a successful next generation business leader. With this panel being officially formed and taken off, GIBS will focus on various tasks and activities that bring about the leadership and team playing aspects that generally the theories do not bring. With experiential learning they are concentrating on bringing out attributes such as the ability to lead, work in a team towards a common goal, enhance critical reasoning, judgment capabilities, analysis, crisis management and efficacious decision making skills. More on the panel and vision can be found here –

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