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WYSIWY-Touch, Interactively!

Virtual Reality, a world that a lot of people can't wait to enter, has it's own lure. Those who are charmed by it need to wait no longer, says IJ Pascal Lum from Malaysia, who recently got a hands on experience on VR at BigIT 2015, Kuala Lumpur. Read on to find out what he has to say about VR!
VR – It is coming… Actually, it is HERE!. At the launch of Windows 10 beginning this year, Microsoft showcased Microsoft HoloLens demonstration. It was more impressive than the Windows 10 but even Google 3D had its “Fun” opportunity with Google Cardboard. These are just the start-up foundations for new apps but each one is yet to get completely ready for commercial application usage. What am I talking about? Virtual Reality is back with full force!
Virtual Reality
At the recent BigIT 2015 Kuala Lumpur, I had the opportunity to experience “first hand” (eyes and literally with hands too) on such technology that is ready for the commercial market. Interestingly, what caught my attention was these are local MY dudes having a demonstration setup in a UK themed booth. It seems that this is one of the few exhibitors that actually have a presence here in Malaysia and that blew my mind that such technology is playing a key part in our local shores besides being based in US, UK Germany. I was impressed!

We have heard of VR gaming platforms, flight simulators including enjoying 3D shows in our own living rooms for past years but the true practicality is still not fully harnessed. Since early years, it is perceive that the applications are immensely huge but not much have come out of it. Virtalis is world leader on it’s own and making it available to the commercial market with the level of available features and supported platforms which it can integrate with is impressive. It even has runtime library for developers or in their term, distributable utility for creating end-user applications.
Virtual Reality
Focusing on training and definitely CAD design testing - you can have the Tony Stark worklab feeling while working on Mark II (Iron Man) and the most beneficial element is that you don’t break anything during the simulation. A whole suite of available ActiveWORKS solution as follows:

  • ActiveWALL – Interactive 3D VR System, providing a scalable immersive and interactive installed VR environment for improved understanding that will transform design reviews, manufacturing processes, training programmes and marketing effort.
  • ActiveMOVE – Transportable VR System, is setting the industry benchmark in performance and making it easy to share between locations. It is ideal for delivering and supporting marketing events and training workshops.
  • ActiveCUBE – Immersed Multi-Walled VR System, considered by many as the ultimate interactive 3D visualisation system.
  • ActiveSPACE – Integrated Tracked VR System, a Head Mounted Display (HMD) that provides immersive 360 degree experience to move around in a virtual environment.
  • ActiveDESK – A unique solution that bring Visionary Render models onto the brilliant zSpace or desk-based working.
  • ActiveVIEW – multiple Picture-in-Picture (PiP) views, as well as the ability to review several inputs upon one of our ActiveWall or ActiveMove display systems simultaneously.
These solutions are able to be interlinked and even with VR centers worldwide to allow for simultaneous global design, manufacturing and assembly reviews or complex multi-training exercises.

I hope this is inspiring enough and let’s not wait for the future to possibly do this, it is here available now to start working on the actual Mark II besides some flight test “fun” but the most significant of all is that you can say on the podium “I am Iron Man!” …. in VR, I guess.

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IJ Pascal Lum
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