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Making Sambhav Possible

College education helps students in two ways - they get the skills for employment and they develop themselves as responsible citizens. The classroom education is just one part of education - the bigger slice of education comes from student organized events and activities.
Whenever students organize and schedule any event, they come to know about the realities of life, the hurdles and how to overcome these hurdles. The lessons of life and the positive energies through the collective efforts convert students into problem solvers. Whenever students are engaged in planning, organizing and scheduling any event, you can sense a group of problem-solvers getting trained through self-organised efforts. Thus every positive initiative by students should be given a supportive welcome. When the students are planning a technical festival, there are limited participants from the same technical fields. Thus this gives students an opportunity to share their knowledge, expertise and skills.
Sambhav Tech Fest
For the students of Government Engineering College Bikaner, this is the most hectic time. They are busy in preparing for re-launch of their annual technical festival – SAMBHAV. Sambhav is the name of the festival organized by the students of Mechanical Engineering Department. This event used to be organized every year. However, when you drop the event once, the energy required to restart it is far more than if you continue the programme. Now the students want to restart the Sambhav and therefore they have to work very hard. The students were able to get positive support and motivation from their principal and faculty members, who further motivated them to continue the great traditions.

The first challenge is to get sponsorship – as the programme is self – financed programme and therefore the students have launched heavy campaigning for the programme. They are visiting office after office giving presentation of their concept and plan of actions. They have targeted sponsors very carefully. They have picked up NGOs to help them in spreading good ideas to the youth.

The next task is to prepare the schedule of the events and ensuring adequate participation. Since many people thought that Sambhav has not been organized recently so asking people to participate in this event is like re-branding and re-positioning. Connecting people and motivating them is the most difficult task in life. Rejuvenation and revitalization of an old event is more difficult than creating a new event. But allowing an event to die is also not appropriate and therefore people must unite to preserve and protect great traditions. What are the challenges before the youth today? What are the opportunities for the youth today? These are the issues that emerged in the discussions among the Sambhav organizing team. The team soon finalized their action plans to address the developmental issues of the youth. They contacted eminent scientists to conduct inspirational sessions, trainers to conduct special workshops and training sessions. They approached an association to run a campaign against smoking and drinking. They approached an organization to run a campaign among youth to raise awareness about entrepreneurship as an option for career. Their efforts are to create a platform for positivity and constructive discussions. Sambhav is scheduled from 17 October. Sambhav means possible – so it is all about possibilities.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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