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5 Tips on Staying Moisturised and Glowing All Winter

Dry skin if is not attended can easily develop cracks, which in return results to bleeding. The condition gets worse when you get through the harsh winter weather. However, you don’t have to be worried. Here are the TOP 5 tips to help you out. Read ON!
5 Tips on Staying Moisturised and Glowing All Winter The winter weather is not as friendly to the skin. This is because low humidity and cold weather tend to dry the air around hence skin dehydration. Therefore, even if you moisturize your skin, it will only take few seconds or minutes, and the skin gets dry again.
Dry skin if is not attended can easily develop cracks, which in return results to bleeding. The condition gets worse when you get through the harsh winter weather. However, you don’t have to be worried. There are still hopes of moisturizing and glowing your skin through the winter weather. Here are five tips consider and improve your natural looks this season.

Stay Hydrated

It’s obvious to think that because the weather is changing, you don’t need to drink a lot of water. Don’t be confused. Your body requires staying hydrated from the inside, out. Although you may not find yourself craving for a glass of ice water as you would during summer, taking lukewarm water and lemon makes a refreshing drink. Additionally, this drink will help your skin to remain hydrated even after walking under cold winter weather. Also, you should consider eating food that has high water content. This will ensure your skin is hydrated from inside.

Remember Sunscreen

UV rays are always in the air. During winter, the sun may not be as harsh as during summer, but that does not mean your skin is safe from the sun. Therefore, as you moisturize your skin, it’s important to ensure that your moisturizer contains sunscreens to protect your skin from the UV rays. If your moisturizer does not have sunscreen, you may consider taking your usual sunscreen. This will help keep your skin moisturized all day and protected from harmful winter sun.


5 Tips on Staying Moisturised and Glowing All Winter Cold weather is dangerous to the skin. When your lips and other sensitive skin encounter cold, it develops downers, and they are extremely painful. Cold temperatures also make it hard for cosmetics to stay in place hence rope you the ability to look good.
When going out this winter, remember to wear scarves and gloves to ensure your skin is protected from rain, snow, and cold. Lastly, ensure that you apply moisturizer and sunscreen that is safe to protect the areas that remain exposed.

Lukewarm Water Wash 

Although taking a hot shower during winter feels good, lukewarm water can be a better option. This time, your skin requires protection from the harsh water for it to maintain moisture. Therefore, using lukewarm water to wash sensitive parts like hands and face helps to retain skin oil. This oil will retain some skin moisture even under harsh weather hence protect your skin well.

Choose Your Cosmetics Wisely

As you prepare for winter, ensure you get your cosmetics in order. There are moisturizers that petroleum based ingredients, this may work well during summer but you will have aproblem applying the same during winter. Additionally, during winter, blushes and foundations are hard to apply due to flaking that leads to dry patches.

When looking for products that you will use this season, it's important to look for natural makeup products. Go for oil-based ingredients that will help to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Additionally, take a keen interest on some of the ingredients and ensure you find something that works for your skin tone.


Don’t allow the weather to determine who you are or how you will be. You can take care of your skin and achieve that glowing image you long for. Take your time and prepare for the season. Go ahead and install humidifier systems in your home to ensure you don’t experience cold times.

Additionally, excessive use of theheating system in the house, this is because heat will dry the air in the house making it unfriendly to your skin. Lastly, during this season, you should develop a culture of moisturizing your skin within short intervals.

Moisturizing often keeps your skin glowing and makes it easy to attend to and problems that you may incur under the harsh weather. Moisturize your skin overnight and avoid fabrics that may trigger irritation. This is no time to start trying new things, ensure to maintain a natural routine care for your skin.
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