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7 Natural Foods That Inspire You to Quit Smoking

If you know of people who smoke, you also know how difficult it is for them to give it up. Here's a piece you would want to share with them that could help them give it up. They would definitely be grateful to you for being a saviour in their life. Pass it ON!
Due to various side effects of smoking, many people think of quitting to smoke. It seems easy to stop smoking but the body starts craving for nicotine. Therefore, it becomes difficult to leave tobacco use. Here we wouldn't just take a look at the harmful effects of smoking but the best food items that can help quit smoking.
Some health specialists suggest taking medication to quit smoking. On the other hand, others suggest taking home remedies. Both certainly have right benefits, but it totally depends on those who want to quit smoking in the first place.

7 Foods That Inspire You to Quit Smoking If we think about medical treatment it's slightly expensive as well as includes consumption of drugs. In addition to that one needs to go for necessary treatments to quit smoking, which certianly isn't affordable for everyone.

On the other hand, If we think about natural products or home remedies, we just have to take different food items in order to get rid of smoking. With various food products, we can use the best e-liquid with 0 nicotine wattage level. The combination of e-liquid and healthy food products encourage us to quit smoking sooner than one could imagine.

Let's take a quick look at the list of food items that are readily available and can help cutting down on smoking:


If we want to stop smoking then the first important thing to do is to kill the craving for nicotine. Did you know that the food products which include Vitamin C are the best food items to kill nicotine cravings? Yes. The lemons or their family members like Orange are rich in Vitamin C. Orange helps reducing the nicotine cravings. The best way is to take multiple glasses of fresh orange juice 3 – 4 times a day. It's also advised to other eat Vitamin C rich food items along with orange juices during the day to help reduce smoking considerably within few days of taking remedies.

Salty Snacks

Eating releases the same hormones that the brain releases while smoking. The constant dose of nicotine on a daily basis boosts the craving for nicotine. Therefore, one has to take alternative measures of releasing similar homorones. In this case, one can eat banana chips, potato chips, pista chips or other different salty snacks. These are good options with less sugar, as addiction to sugar is similar to addiction to smoking.

Sugar-free Gums

Since, we explained that sugar has similar effects like smoking, therefore, you should have to choose the food items which are sugar-free. If we set your mind to quit smoking then we need to keep your mouth engaged so that we can avoid the craving to smoke. Sugar-free gums are the best choice in this case. In addition sugar-free gums prevent gaining extra pounds and help restore oral hygiene.

Green Tea

Green tea is definitely one of the healthiest beverages and is becoming popular among those who want to quit smoking. It's an essential ingredient that helps reduce possibilities of getting lung cancer. Green tea has the best cleansing property that helps clean the digestive system & event undo the damage occurred due to smoking. Along with green tea you can of course use the best e-liquid with 0% nicotine if you cannot control your craving to smoke easily.


Different researches show that, after taking a glassful of milk, cigarettes taste awful. On the other hand, milk is one of the best food that contains all the nutrition your body needs. So, it helps reduce the craving to smoke. If we have to set our mind to leave tobacco use, then we can control only for a few days but chain smokers can't control that easily, In that case, milk serves as the best food to reduce the craving and bring down the want to smoke


We can also try Yogurt because it helps make cigarettes taste disgusting and bitter. Compared to other dairy products, Yogurt delivers better benefits.

Dry Fruits And Nuts

Nuts & dry fruits are tasty as well as provide necessary vitamins, proteins and minerals. We can take a handful of nuts or dry fruits twice in a day. They offer significant health benefits and keep us engaged in the mouth preventing our desire to smoke from rising.


In the end, it is beneficial for us to quit smoking and live healthy & a happy life. Millions of people die each year to smoking though it's broadcasted almost everywhere that Smoking is injurious to health. So, we must give up smoking for our loved ones. The best E-liquid is certainly a healthy option along with these healthy natural foods. Wishing you a safe journey to quitting smoking.

If you have been a smoker and you have overcome it or know someone who has done it, share your views on how you did it, we look forward to help our other readers with the info to empower them. You can aslo tweet your views to us @iUeMagazine

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