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6 Tips To Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Traffic and Sales

Have ecommerce business ideas and wish to take them to newer heights. Here's how you can!
ecommerce sales growth tips
E-commerce is more than just pitching products and services online and hoping they will sell. You need to develop and maintain your brand and earn customer’s trust in order to keep the sales consistent throughout the year. Entrepreneurs and e-commerce marketers are both constantly struggling for new ways to generate traffic and increase sales and the following 6 tips are guaranteed to help you achieve just that.


With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram has become the go-to platform for e-commerce. Out of all those users, 80% of them follow at least one business profile and currently, there are over 25 million of them who use Instagram in all sorts of creative ways to display their products and services. This makes the picture- and video-based platform ideal for developing your brand, boosting traffic and growing sales.

First, make sure you set up a business profile that is completely separate from your personal profile. Choose an easily recognizable name, a professional-looking picture and an interesting and informative bio that adequately describes your brand. Post regular, high-quality content, including posts, stories, and an occasional behind-the-scenes live video.

Use special announcements and exclusive promotions to hype up your audience and include hashtags to further widen your discoverability. One of the best ways to engage your following is to share their tagged photos and interesting stories on your profile. Lastly, place a link to your shop in the bio and don’t hesitate to invite ambassadors and social media influencers to help share your brand.
ecommerce sales growth tips

PPC (Targeted Ad Campaign)

Advertising is a crucial part of any well-thought-out e-commerce campaign. Google’s AdWords offers some highly useful features that allow you to target users during every stage of the buying cycle based on their interests, intent, and action. Some of the most useful e-commerce AdWords extensions include:

  • App – encourages users and visitors to download your app, if available
  • Message – allows users to contact your brand straight from the ad itself
  • Promotion – highlights any discounts and special promotions
  • Price – displays the product price right inside the ad and helps pre-qualify the users
Test out which ads work best for your brand and make sure to run retargeting ads alongside your existing paid traffic funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The primary goal of your e-commerce store is to sell and conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an ongoing process to increase the number of users who take a specific (desired) action. These actions range from creating an account, filling out a form, subscribing to your newsletter to completing a purchase and becoming a paying customer.

Some of the most useful e-commerce tips and CRO strategies include creating text-based CTAs within your blog posts, using lead flows on your blogs, running tests on your landing pages, turning regular leads into marketing-qualified leads and leveraging retargeting in order to re-engage repeat visitors.
ecommerce sales growth tips

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Just like Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram ads come at a low cost per click while offering massive increases in both traffic and sales. With acquisition campaigns, you can drive traffic cheaply and use cookies from visitors for remarketing purposes. Dynamic product ads are useful for retargeting visitors who don’t check out, while carousel ads help display the different products from, let’s say, your top-selling collections.

You should also create lookalike audiences and past customer audiences and run lifetime value and remarketing ads while using emojis, images, and videos to capture your audience’s attention directly inside their feeds.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is used to increase your store’s ranking position and place it in the first couple of results on the results page. Every SEO strategy can be separated into two distinct categories:

  • On-page SEO, or the act of optimizing various page elements including the text, images, titles, headings and subheadings, image and meta tags in order to improve loading times and decrease bounce rates.
  • Off-page SEO, which focuses mainly on increasing domain authority, relevance and trustworthiness by building high-quality backlinks to rank even better in the search results.
Poorly executed SEO campaign can result in your store getting demoted or completely removed from the search results, which is why it’s always best to consult some of the top digital agencies specialized in e-commerce design and development and avoid that from happening in the first place.
ecommerce sales growth tips

Influencer Outreach

People usually associate Instagram with influencer marketing. In fact, Instagram is the #1 platform for more than 90% of influencers and their power over the average customer is undeniable. But we’re not talking about Instagram celebrities and high-profile influencers, but rather micro-influencers whose audience ranges between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. Micro-influencer outreach achieves up to 60% more engagement when compared to other advertising campaigns, making them the perfect choice for boosting e-commerce traffic and sales.

E-commerce entrepreneurs and marketers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to increase traffic and generate more sales. Whether it’s relying on social media, using targeted ad campaigns or reaching out to influencers, these are just some of many ways to improve your bottom line. While some channels have proven to be more profitable than the others, it’s important to test them out individually and use that information to further refine your marketing strategy.

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