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Fox my Box

Adds colour to your gadget world
Variety is more preferred than black T in today's world. Colours are those that beautify the world that we flaunt in, especially for ladies. Gents too are not lagging in the race for choosing the right colours that suit them. Everyone is fanatic behind the idea of matching every essence of what they carry or wear or hold to match their overall being. Matching the colour of clothes is old style now. The new age youth demands to match the colours of their electronic gadgets too with the colours of their taste. Unfortunately, the manufacturing companies can provide only limited colours on their products due to the constraint of mass production. To fill in this gap, comes the new age adventure 'Fox My Box' to do the job for your colour taste buds. Read more to find out how it can add colour to your electronic life.
Fox my Box,add colors to your gadget world
Fox My Box was founded on the idea that electronic devices could be more appealing than the standard colours offered by the original manufacturers. Fox My Box is an innovative company set to establish itself at the forefront of the luxury communications and technology industry. Its services are creative and fashionable, giving their clients something unique that sets them apart. With huge expertise, as well as the use of the finest products, Fox My Box specializes and provides a service that will impress and satisfy even the most distinguished tastes. It's the only company in India that empowers the user to personalize/brand their tech like never before.

At Fox My Box, they use high end paints with a scratch resistant liquid plastic coating for a premium custom paint job. They provide their clients with a range of colours to choose from, be it a solid or a metallic colour, completing the Box with either a matte or gloss finish. Their greatest triumph lies in the unparalleled satisfaction of their clients, and they claim that this is a pursuit which they will endlessly and tirelessly seek.
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