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June 21: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

When the entire world is channelized towards success, positivity starts flowing. That is exactly when this universe becomes a better place to live in. Taking this as motive, let us all walk towards unleashing our potential and winning life. These lessons from the journeys of our leaders, are sure to help you with kick starting your journey ahead. Read on!

1. “The duration you take to reach destination from where you are right now is dependent on the amount of time you take to replace the negativity in mind with positive vibes.”

Life is simple when plans work, dreams come true and aims are achieved. The amount of hard work, the quality of efforts and the struggles which you wholeheartedly go through proves how ready you are, to walk along the path of success which is largely unpredictable. Your present position cannot affect your future position unless you rely upon the present conditions without doing your part in changing it. Your sincerity, honesty and dedication in planning, dreaming and walking the same act as the bridge that connects you where you want to reach from where you are presently. You got to mentor yourself, monitor your steps and ensure that you learn something and grow from whatever you do.

Daniel Carter Beard ensured that every phase of his journey went according to what he planned. The American illustrator, author, youth leader, and social reformer founded the Sons of Daniel Boone, a youth program developed by Daniel Carter Beard in 1905 based on the American frontiersman. Having no clue that he would achieve to this extent when he started and when he was a student, he joined hands with the Boy Scouts of America. He began as an engineer and surveyor, but reached the height where the world remembers him for what he had done during his lifetime.

2. “Never miss out on taking a chance in life because, the same opportunity never repeats.”

Opportunities may keep coming but the same opportunity never repeats. Every opportunity is a tool that builds you and is unique. Once you miss an opportunity, it means that you’ve missed something that can enhance the aroma of succeeding spirit. We can still be positive and capture the next opportunity that arrives. You need to be optimistic to think that a bigger and better opportunity comes to you. This positive spirit keeps you going. Never hesitate to take a chance to prove your skills. You never know in what way it helps you; you get recognition and appreciation which takes you to the next level or you may catch hold of passion and rock your life ahead. So the best way to explore and make your life is to accept all that comes to you and give it all, a try.

Joseph Bamford respected every part of his life. The British businessman was the founder of the JCB Company, which is evergreen. JCBs have not lost their essence till date. The golden hand behind such a legacy initially had got a chance to gain experience by working at small scale. He made use of this opportunity by setting up ironmongers business on his own. His work, skill and vision made him employ 50 men, 10 boys and 3 women. He worked for the Alfred Herbert Company in Coventry, then the UK's largest machine-tool manufacturer and grew up to represent the firm. Gaining knowledge, experience, lessons sand understandings, he rose to create a legacy which continues to give employment to many.

3. “Every action decides your destiny. So, wake up every morning with positivity.”

How a kick is needed for the bike to start, in the same way, energy is required for and aspiring soul to start off with its action. Our small steps make way for big success to enter our life. But you got to take that first small step. An energetic, enthusiastic and decisive start enables you to experience a conclusion of completeness, contentment and satisfaction. When you wake up the morning, start your day with a positive set of empowering lines. An affirmative start optimizes your mind and helps you make your venture, a successful one. Tell yourself about your worth and make your mind realize your efficiency and potential. This happens more effectively through affirmations. This positive start helps victory to decorate your life at the end.

Pier Luigi Nervi led a normal life just like every other. How did he succeed? It is because he fed his mind with positivity. He pronounced optimism not only during his tough times but every single day. Filling himself with confidence and cheering him up with positive thoughts and words was his routine. The structural engineer and architect is remembered and for developing ideas for innovative use of reinforced concrete. His urge for doing something new was simulated when began by building several airplane hangars.

4. “Smile is an ornament that adds beauty to the face. Smile is also a weapon that chases a problem away.”

Everybody worry about problems and is scared to face them. The real difference is how you react to it – to face the problem or to escape with fear. The best part is that a very simple but an effective weapon to face problems and fears is righting you. It is an inbuilt part and feature of you. A positive approach towards everything wins. A smile that ornaments you, increases your beauty and the same smile can also turn into a tool that has the power to free you from problems. Most of the solutions are right within us and make a part of our personality. We got to see them and use them in an apt way.

Jean-Paul Sartre, a French philosopher, playwright, novelist, political activist, biographer, and literary critic never gave up on his enthusiasm to make his life a celebrated one. He was one of the most important figures in the philosophy of existentialism and phenomenology. Influencing sociology, critical theory, post-colonial theory, and literary studies greatly through his views, work and perspective, his thoughts have continued to influence till date. He improved not just his skills but also the way he looked at life.

5. “Life is not a choice but lifestyle certainly is. How your life turns out to be, depends on the choices you make.”

Don’t forget that most of what you have in your life is not fate but your choice. In fact, everything in life is a choice. If a student wants good results and craves to become a topper then the way to accomplish the same is all left to the student. He/she has to choose between working hard or relax to take studies lightly. So it is very much clear that, if you choose the right way, then you will get what you desire; ‘to deserve’ must be the attitude you got to choose. A racer loses in a contest because he chose an easier way which never involved as much as struggle as the winner went through. What you get depends on what you choose. Choosing easy ways which demand less sweat and pain would indeed fetch you lesser grade of success than those who chose the actual real tough path which led to ultimate success.

Clara Immerwahr chose every element that made his life. If she chose a riskless life or an easy life then she wouldn’t have been looked upon and followed for all that she has done. The German chemist of Jewish descent was the first woman to be awarded a doctorate in chemistry. You live your life according to the way you wish to; your wish is your choice. She was a pacifist and also a women's rights activist who dedicated her entire life for the same.

Deciding life and abiding by it is what we all got to do. But, pushes and reminders about the track which you must take are very essential. These inspirational articles and refreshing read we believe is sure to help push you towards making your dreams come true. (Source:

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