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June 27: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

It is not that great people make great things happen. It is just that people become great when they become the reason for great things to happen. Here are small secrets which reveal how you can become extra-ordinary. Read on!

1. “Falling down is common but those who get up with more urge and spirit after the fall are sure to grow rapidly and mend their faded lives.”

It’s not great when everything goes normal. Only when situations go out of control and when we lose our interest on what we are doing, we get introduced to the real face of life and its complications. This is exactly when we lose hope, fall down, and lose confidence and fear. Life doesn’t always go according to our likes, plans and expectations start hurting us; due to which new and big challenges accumulate in our way. This makes us fall but falls are common. This fall provokes us positively, fills in courage and doubles the spirit and energy whining us to do more, achieve more and succeed more. An achiever or an aspiring achiever rises up immediately, encourage himself/herself and regenerates the level of confidence just to bounce back to the line of success. It is about how you receive the failure and use it to resume your successful life.

Though Helen Keller was not born blind and deaf, but she had to end up surviving with these disabilities for her entire life. This may be a fall but she took at a medium to live her dreams, passion and desires. The American author, political activist, and lecturer was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. She stands as an example to the whole world while her journey teaches us the meaning of ‘fighting back.’ The member of the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World, she campaigned for women's suffrage, labor rights, socialism, antimilitarism and more.

2. “People say it’s impossible to excel at doing multiple works. But those who believe they can, actually will.”

While there are several versatile achievers who prove themselves at every point of their life in all that they do, most of us are still not confident to believe that we can also concentrate and give our best in multiple domains. Always remember that if you really want to do it, you will do it at all costs. There are many ways that help you, allow you and guide you to make way for you to excel in all that you dream of. Make a list of what you want to do; also, include what makes you happy and don’t miss out on adding what you majorly want to focus and achieve. Read the list and analyze it well. Talk to yourself about how you can accommodate all of it with your routines which you are already involved in. Now plan accordingly such that all of what you do sculpts your growth. Only planning is not sufficient; you got to stick to the plan, abide by it and follow it to succeed at all that you do.

We can learn from the life of Robert Aickman about how to excel as a versatile achiever. He started as a conservationist, but eventually spread his achieving spirit into writing. Not stopping there, he moved on to become a fiction and nonfiction writer. He co-founded the Inland Waterways Association which worked to protect inland canal system. He also received a lot of fame and appreciation for his novels and write-ups.

3. “Life is a small duration between birth and death. Use this time gap wisely and do what is right.”

More than interpreting life as a journey, it could be better understood when life is said to be a holiday to be spent by staying on this planet as long as we are supposed to. Always remember that it is during this duration that we actually unleash the truth and actual purpose of our lives. We got to undoubtedly enjoy this vacation to the fullest as long as we are going to be here. But, we came here for a purpose and are expected to fulfill the jobs assigned by the nature, respecting which, we got to leave this planet with right tracks which direct the world to enlighten itself. Live your life and love it but makes sure you succeed in achieving your dreams it as well. Vacations are essentially to be made memorable but creating your success monuments and marks for the universe to look upon is equally important.

Juan Trippe was born to live a life which seems to be an inspiration for the rest of the world forever. The American commercial aviation pioneer, entrepreneur decided and made the best use of what he got in his life. And this was one of the reasons for him to found the Pan American World Airways. Revolutionizing the advances in airline history, he raised money from his old Yale classmates, selling them stock in his new airline, an air-taxi service for the rich and powerful called Long Island Airways when he began working on Wall Street.

4. “Rather than focusing on what you lost, see what you have. Past cannot be altered but future can be created.”

You may have lost a lot in your past. But, past can never be brought back. Worrying about what you’ve lost fetches you nothing but when you count what you are left with and use the same to live your future, you may get back what you’ve lost. You cannot get to live the past scenes of life but your future has the power to recreate passed scenes. If you’ve learnt from your past then you are sure to make the best use of such recreated situations. You can get what you lost and win in place of losing by applying your learnings at right times in right places to turn the same situation productive. Life offers you chances; you only got to make use of them. When you already have a lot, do you really think what your loss could be a reason for you to stop your journey? Wise people use what is available to create what is lost and also, what is never known.

R D Burman always sought to think and make his future bright. He believed that life always had something special just for him and he worked for getting it showered upon him. The Indian film score composer composed his first song when he was just 9 years old. Born in a musical family, he was widely influenced by his father in expanding his music sense and skills. The seminal music directors of the Indian film industry would certainly not be called so if we had not made attempts to regain his reputation and fame every time he lost it. He focused on recreating ecstasies.

5. “Ensure you have big and sparkling dreams for yourself. It is your dream that shall take you high up to the sky of joy and satisfaction.”

All of us live but do we live differently? If yes then why are all of us not achievers? Living differently means living the ways which creates a change in the society. You can contribute in bringing about a change but you got to live in ways which makes a difference. Only when you dream, you get energized to live and lead your life. It is when you take steps to walk towards your dreams, when you turn your dreams into goals and put forth every action just to map your dreams to reality, you will see growth. Growthhappens automatically when you are clear about what you have to do and what you are doing. Anyone can achieve anything in life if he/she knows what to do, where to go and has a directing element to guide; all this can be done by the master called dream. The bigger you dream, the taller you grow.

Catherine Cookson lived and proved that success enters lives which are focused and confined to make their dreams come true. The English author became the United Kingdom's most widely read novelist not only because she had proficiency in what she did but also because she was clear about what she had to do. She was here for a purpose and ensured to complete it. Her books were inspired by her deprived youth; her writings reached the readers’ hearts. Although quitting school at age 14, she never stopped learning. She continued to excel at what she did.

Reading inspiring journeys adds more vibration to our thoughts and gives a rigid form of stability to them. Now, if you follow your thoughts then you are sure to reach wherever you aim. Belief is the vehicle that takes you there. Realizing the importance of positivity, stay in it and spread it for the world to achieve. (Source:

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