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The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Eyesight

Inspiration to bring your attention to keeping your eyesight tested and in great condition. Read ON. #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Eyesight Many people go for yearly check-ups but for some reason they fail to have their eyes checked at the same time. This means that their doctor may declare them perfectly healthy and yet they are having problems with their eyesight.
Your eyes are incredibly important because without them, you would have a most difficult life and you would miss out on all of the beautiful colors and the many beautiful people that surround us every single day. This is why you should always make sure that you get your eyes checked on a very regular basis because as well as telling you if you need corrective lenses or not, an eye test can also help to find other issues that are going on within your body that you cannot see.

You need to find yourself a professional, reliable optometrist in Jannali that will provide you with a test to establish whether or not you need help with your vision. It may be that you use your eyesight every single day as part of your job and so it is essential that you are able to look at your monitor for many hours on end without experiencing eye strain. This should be a no-brainer for everyone but if you need a reminder of why it is so important that you take steps to improve your eyesight then the following are just some of them:

1. To reduce your risks
As we get older, there is a distinct possibility that we may suffer from eye diseases like cataracts for example. It’s always best to be able to get these diagnosed as soon as possible and so visiting your local optometrist is one way to make sure that it is caught early and it is dealt with quickly. Your optometrist will also give you advice with regards to the right vitamins that you should be taking for good eye health.

2. To protect your eyes 
If your optometrist does advise that you start to wear glasses then these can help to protect your eyes in a number of different circumstances. Depending on the type of job that you do every single day, there might be a possibility that you may be struck in the eye and so your glasses will help protect you.

Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Eyesight 3. You are more aware of your vision
When you take regular eye checks, it lets you know if your eyesight is deteriorating over time and so you will be able to notice differences more quickly and you can get help faster. If you find yourself squinting all the time because you can see something close or far away or if watching television or looking at a computer monitor is giving you headaches, then it’s highly likely that you may need help with your vision.

Apart from going to see your optometrist to get essential eyewear, there are other steps you can take to protect your eyesight like:

1. Wear Sunglasses

The Ultra-Violet rays from the Sun can be harmful to your eyes. It increases the chances of Cataract Wearing the right pair of Sunglasses can help reduce the exposure of your eyes to the sunlight.

2. Rest from the Computer Screen

If your job demands looking at the computer screen for long hours, it increases the chances of Eyestrain, Dry Eyes, Headaches, or even Blurry Vision. The way you can reduce the effects is by taking regular breaks. The most effective solution is that of the 20 20 20 formula: After every 20 minutes of looking at your screen, look away at something that is 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. If that is not possible, even simpler is to blink 20 times every 20 minutes.

3. Get Proper Sleep

Your eyes are working hard throughout the time you are awake: may be looking at the monitor in your work, while watching TV, and basically, it is working like a Camera that is on every second of waking time. Less sleep also causes dark circles. A good night’s sleep will provide the much-needed rest for your eyes to recover.

4. Eat well
What you eat affects every part of your body including your eyes, hence having a Balanced diet is pivotal for the well-being of your body. Eat foods like fruits, green leafy vegetables, and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and Spinach are good for your eyes. Include them in your diet.

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