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Finding The Right Coolroom Repairs Experts For Your Business

Coolroom Repairs Experts Is the coolroom or freezer at your restaurant, grocery store, or food business on the fritz? Major bummer, we know how much of a pain broken coolrooms can be when you rely on them to keep food chilled and safe. But have no fear with the right commercial coolroom repairs pros like JD Refrigeration, you can get your unit back up and running with minimal downtime.

We have dealt with our share of coolroom issues, and learned firsthand how to find reliable repair technicians. Here are the tips on exactly what to look for when hiring coolroom repair experts. Follow this advice, and you’ll have the cold storage you depend on back in business.

Do Your Research

Don’t leave finding repair techs until you’re facing an emergency. Do some research ahead of time and keep a list of commercial coolroom servicing companies in your area. That way if issues pop up, you’re ready to call in the experts fast. Search online, ask other businesses for referrals, and take note of companies with solid reputations.

Verify Licensing & Training

Make sure any technicians have proper licensing and specialty training for commercial coolroom repair work. You want qualified experts, not handymen. Ask to see credentials, and only hire companies who employ trained, experienced repair professionals. Don’t risk faulty work by using unqualified technicians.

Check Industry Experience

Look for companies that specialize in commercial coolroom servicing and repairs. They should have extensive experience specifically with the make and model of the units restaurants and food businesses use. Technicians who primarily handle residential fridge repairs probably won’t have the right expertise. Go with pros who know commercial equipment inside and out.

Coolroom Repairs Experts Ask About Response Times

Find out how quickly repair techs can respond when issues emerge. For restaurant owners, fast response is crucial to minimize disruption and food spoilage. Many commercial coolroom companies offer same-day or 24-hour emergency service. Be prepared by knowing their response rates.

Read Reviews

Do some online sleuthing to read customer reviews of any repair company you’re considering. This gives insight into things like their responsiveness, quality of work, timeliness, and professionalism. Reliable companies will have glowing reviews. Beware of those with many negative experiences.

Request Estimates

Reputable companies will provide repair estimates upfront so you aren’t surprised by costs. Get quotes from several places and compare. Be wary of dirt-cheap options - incredibly low prices may signal inexperience. But also avoid overpaying. Seek reasonable rates from qualified pros.

Ask About Warranties

The commercial coolroom repairs should come with some warranty on parts and labor. 30-90 days is fairly standard. This protects you in case flaws emerge in their work. If issues recur quickly, they should rectify problems under warranty.

Coolroom Repairs Experts Check for Proper Licensing

In some areas, cooling system repair requires special licenses and certifications, beyond just professional training. Double-check all the proper licenses are in order before approving repairs. You don’t want unapproved work done.

Evaluate Communication

Notice how well the company communicates from the first call. Do they listen attentively and answer all your questions? Good communication ensures they understand your specific issue and needs, resulting in better service.

Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes your gut gives you the best advice. If a company seems questionable or you feel unsure about their capabilities, listen to that instinct. It’s better to keep looking than risk faulty repairs. Wait until you’re fully confident in the expertise of technicians.Conclusion

Having a trusted coolroom repair company on call is essential. Following these guidelines helps you find commercial experts you can rely on anytime freezer issues arise. Let us know if you have any other questions, happy to help you keep businesses chilling.

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