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How To Find A Good Hair Extension Salon For Your Prom

Prom is the most magical night of high school, and you totally deserve to feel like a princess. But what if your hair is looking a little limp and lackluster? No worries, hair extensions are a great way to amp up your style for prom night. Luscious long locks or volume can be yours with the right extensions.

The key is finding a salon like BeckYB that you can trust to do an amazing job. Bad extensions can look fake and damaged, but good ones blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Here are the tips on how to find a top-notch hair extension salon for prom season.

Hair extension salon prom Know Your Extension Options

First, let's quickly break down the types of hair extensions so you can decide which one is best for you:

- Clip-Ins: These clip into your own hair in sections and are temporary and removable. Great for adding length and volume.

- Tape-Ins: Individual wefts of hair are taped onto your natural hair. Less damage and more versatile styling than glued extensions.

- Microbead Extensions: Strands are attached to your hair using microbeads. Lightweight and reusable.

- Keratin Bonded: Keratin “bonds” are fused to your hair and then extensions are attached. Lasts 2-3 months.

- Nano Ring: Small beads secure hair to your strands. Less maintenance than other bonding methods.

For prom, clip-ins are probably the easiest, most budget-friendly option.

Salon Selection Criteria

Once you decide which type you want, it's time to hunt for the perfect salon. Here are the top things to look for:

Specialized Extension Training

Look for salons that advertise specialists in extensions, like Great Lengths or Hot Heads certified stylists. Proper application prevents damage.

Variety of Extension Types

A salon that offers multiple methods shows their expansive expertise in hair enhancements. More choices for you.

Quality Hair Sources

Ask where they get their hair from. Ethically sourced, 100% virgin human hair will look and feel the most natural.

Hair extension salon prom Before and After Pics

Do their social media or websites show gorgeous extension transformations? This visual proof is reassuring.

Online Reviews

Check for rave reviews about their extension services. Also see if they have many repeat clients which is a good sign.

Questions to Ask Before Booking

Once you’ve found some promising salon contenders, set up a free consultation to ask questions before committing. Things to ask:

- How long have you been doing prom hair extensions?

- What application method do you recommend for my hair type and prom look?

- What types and brands of hair do you use? Where is it sourced from?

- Do you have examples of prom hair extension looks you’ve done before?

- How much maintenance will my extensions require?

- Do you style the extensions once applied? Is that included in the price?

Their answers will help you determine if they are the right fit. Go with a salon that makes you feel excited about achieving your prom hair goals.

Hair extension salon prom Prep Your Hair for Extensions

To make sure your extensions blend and wear well:

- Schedule your appointment 2-3 weeks pre-prom to allow time for changes if needed

- Wash hair the day before your appointment so it’s fresh and product-free

- Condition hair to ensure your strands are hydrated and detangled

- Trim split ends so they don’t snag and show under the extensions

- Avoid drastic colors or cuts right before extensions as they’ll blend better with your natural shade

Style Those Luxe Locks Like a Pro.

Once you’ve got gorgeous lengthy tresses, here are pro tips for styling them to perfection:

- Use leave-in conditioning spray to prevent tangling

- Blow dry gently with a diffuser attachment starting from the roots

- Add a smoothing serum before using hot tools to minimize frizz

- When curling, alternate curl direction to create more natural movement

- Finish with a lightweight hairspray to lock in style without crustiness

Conclusion With the right salon and prep, hair extensions can help you look and feel like the prom queen you are. Show off those luscious locks on the dance floor. We hope these tips set you up for a magical night with fabulous hair you love.

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