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A Checklist For Buying Pre-Owned Watches

Buying a new luxury watch is simpler than buying a used one. Here’s a checklist you must follow when buying a pre-owned luxury watch!
Nothing compares to the joy of unboxing a well-packaged luxury watch. The nicely wrapped box with all the documentation and a shiny new watch is a treat to see. However, these are all things most people can do without. The main attraction is the watch itself. In most instances, buying a pre-owned luxury watch can be a better way to go than spending thousands on a brand-new one!

Pre Owned watches When buying a pre-owned watch, you need to keep a few things in mind. Buying from a manufacturer outlet is the most secure as they are the real deal. Buying one from a reseller or pawn shop requires an extra level of caution. So before buying a pre-owned watch, keep our checklist in mind to ensure you get exactly what you pay for and no counterfeits!

A Quick Look At The Checklist For Buying Pre-Owned Watches

Our checklist for buying a pre-owned watch includes:

- Do Thorough Research

- Always Look For Authentic Documentation

- Make Sure You Get The Original Case

- Learn To Inspect a Watch

- Check Maintenance History

- Only Buy From Reputed Resellers

A Compact Checklist For Buying a Pre-owned Watch

Navigating the pre-owned watch market can be tricky if you are not well-versed in watches in general. Many people can scam you into buying something you do not want. So follow this checklist before buying a pre-owned watch from the used market.

1. Do Thorough Research

When buying anything, thorough research is important to make sure it is a fruitful purchase. It is even more important to do this for a pre-owned watch as you will be spending a lot on one. When you know what you’re buying, it will be easy to check for any irregularities with the condition and actual market value of the watch of your choice.

2. Always Look For Authentic Documentation

Pre Owned watches A prerequisite of buying a pre-owned watch is to have all its documentation in order. Usually proof of sale receipt is good enough if your retailer is trusted. However, when buying watches off the internet, additional documents like service history, certification, etc are important to have.

If you wish to sell this watch in the future you will have to follow the same process you go through as the question watch’s origin will come up from the next buyer. In some cases, you may come across watches that were family heirlooms. In case you are sure that the watch in question is original, try to find out as much information as you can about it before securing the sale.

3. Make Sure You Get The Original Case

Whenever you come across a pre-owned watch that comes with a box, think of it as a blessing in disguise. Just like the watch itself, the box it comes in is a collector's item that completes the set. It does not matter if the box is not in the best condition as it adds to its charm. It is very rare to find a luxury watch in good condition. If you do come across one, it may fetch a very high sale price.

Pre Owned watches 4. Learn To Inspect a Watch

The best way to buy a pre-owned watch is to buy it in person. Having said that buying it online is not a bad idea either. Most people prefer buying it in person as they can look at it up close and personal. To do this, you need to be well-versed in how to properly inspect a pre-owned watch.

What you need is a jeweler’s eye. An experienced jeweler can easily tell from first glance if something is off about a certain piece. This way you can save yourself the trouble of having it checked professionally through watch consultants. Many reputed companies offer watch consultancy services that you can go to to get a watch appraised. But why go through the trouble if you can learn to do it yourself?

5. Check Maintenance History

Some watches are built so well that they rarely need any servicing. But that should not stop you from checking the maintenance history for that watch. You can get a lot of information on the condition of a watch just from the service history.

In case you do not have the original sale receipt, the service history can get you a close estimate of how long the watch was used by the previous owner. Additionally, you can match serial number engravings on your watch to the ones given in service documents to verify its authenticity.

6. Only Buy From Reputed Resellers

You can get a preowned watch from anywhere in the world. However, we recommend buying from only reputed resellers who can give you an authentic piece. Additionally, reputed resellers might have additional warranties that you can claim in case you run into problems after purchase. This adds an extra layer of security when purchasing a preowned watch. Private sellers usually cannot guarantee this level of security behind a sale.

Pre Owned watches Should You Buy A Pre-Owned Luxury Watch? (7 Reasons Why You Should)

There are many benefits to buying a pre-owned watch. Check out a few reasons why going this way can be beneficial for you!

1. Get Access To Limited Editions

There are many watch brands you can opt to buy but not all of them have exclusives or limited editions. Some luxury brands have models that were made during a certain year but are now discontinued. In the preowned watch market, you can stumble upon some of these unique pieces. So if you have any watches in mind that fit this category, there is a high chance you can find them in the used market.

2. Cheaper Than Buying Brand New

The luxury watch market has timepieces that can range from anywhere between $1000 to $10,000. However, that is not the price ceiling some can reach even higher than a modern apartment. For those who aspire to own a luxury watch but do not want to break the bank, a pre-owned watch is the way to go.

When going the pre-owned route, you get access to thousands of luxury timepieces that were once expensive, but now a fraction of that price. Remember that most of these watches will have some wear and tear. So do not expect them to be shiny out of the box. Only go the pre-owned way if you are sure you are okay with using a used one.

3. Bring Variety To Your Collection

It feels great to spend your hard-earned money on a brand-new watch. However, many people own a watch worth thousands but end up wearing something much cheaper. This is solely because they see value in the cheaper watch that a more expensive one cannot provide.

4. Buy To Sell At A Profit

The luxury watch market has grown exponentially over the last decade. Many people nowadays invest in luxury watches to make a profit by selling them once they go up in value. Profits may vary according to the market condition. This practice has shown to be greatly effective if you know the market demand for a certain watch and sell when the time’s right!

Pre Owned watches 5. Acquire Vintage Watches

There may be many vintage watches that you can only acquire through the used market. These rare models are hard to find so keeping a close look on watch listings can help you get a great deal if the timing is right!

Some old watches may have some history behind them. Some people would rather wear a piece of history around their wrist rather than get the latest and greatest offering from reputed brands. It is the vintage aesthetic that people seek which adds character to the wearer.

6. Old Vs New Watch Build Quality

You might think that most pre-owned watches are not in the best condition. However, that is not true at all. You may come across a few that need maintenance, but most watch enthusiasts take good care of their timepieces.

Say you have $1000 as your budget for a watch. A brand-new watch for this price may cut some corners to keep the price low. However, a $ 5000 watch that you can now get for $1000 pre-owned will have sturdier materials a better movement than a new one. So you get better value for money!

7. Eco-Friendly Way To Go

Many eco-conscious watch connoisseurs swear by this. With newer watches flooding the market, there is a high use of materials. These materials are made from earth resources that will eventually deplete. So for them, choosing a pre-owned watch adds to less waste.

What’s On Your Checklist? Let Us KnowThat concludes our checklist of things to check before buying a pre-owned watch. The market for pre-owned watches can be tricky to navigate. So follow the steps we have outlined today to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for!

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