Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine Write-Up Guidelines

On the basis of content submissions received thus far and the design of publication as per the taste of the readers group we have, these are some of the key points to bear in mind that would help you make your submission meet our writeup guidelines.

Content: The content must align with our over-all theme of the eMagazine - Inspiration Through Information. Check articles on side for examples.

Author Account: On making the first submission you would be allowed to create your author account for future submission. Spammy, Incorrect, Inappropriate, Extremely short, Excessively lengthy, Explicit Marketing based, Link prone submissions shall be rejected. Multiple rejections would mean deactivation of account.

Length: Ideally the length advised is 500+ words. Since lengthy well researched articles get better readership and have higher search engine value, you are allowed to make submissions of articles with upto 2000 words.

Links: 2 High authority resource links are encouraged with nofellow rel. For inclusions of resources/urls for your site get in touch via whatsapp or email us.

Photos: 2 High quality relevant photographs must be submitted for publication. Not more than 5 photographs would be used per article feature.

Videos: No videos shall be hosted on our server. You could add the YouTube/Vimeo link at the end of the article. If possible we would be happy to embed them on the page.

Author Profile: Author profile can be created during the submission process. Unverified Author Profiles won't be allowed to publish with detailed bio. You need active verified social media handles or a video call with our team to get your author profile verified.

Rights: On submission of the article, complete ownership of the article shall be with iU eMagazine[iU]. iU can choose to re-publish, publish in print, print for sale or distribute to its channel partners. For any utilization of submitted content, you would have to seek written permits from us.

Payments: Payments to authors are applicable only to those that have a contractual arrangement with iU eMagazine. Otherwise all submisisons are commercial and would command an admin fee for each publication.

Blog-Posts/Sponsored Posts/Press Releases: Businesses that wish to advertise via sponsored posts can take the discussion via eMail or whatsapp.

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