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Your Goal is out of Reach for them

Many a times in life we dream of big things, great achievements, a good and successful story but we can never make that dream a reality if we do not hit the road, act on it and make it a daily hustle. Do not spend time talking about the dream. Make it a reality by daily revisiting it and working it out.
We are many who want to succeed in life but how far we go and how far we reach as individuals will depend on our guts and our attitude. Stop making your daily story a fantasy. You need to see the results from the actions that you indulge yourself in daily, to make your dream a reality. It is your chance to get out of your comfort zone and live a life that knows what is pain, failure, what is feels like when all do not believe that you can, but laugh at your slightest failure. Never back down until you reach your breakthrough.
Your Goal is out of Reach for them
A number of times, I have been made feel like a failure by either family or friends, but that has never given me a reason to see the bright side of the actions I take to make my dreams come true. I remember those pieces of advice to enroll to a law class. But I did not. Instead I chose media as my dream that I was to build. I never settled once I enrolled into media. No! You can achieve being somewhere but you cannot achieve the person you want to be if you are not working to make it real and boldly big enough to quench your hustle.

You might be having the craziest dreams ever in life that might make people giggle and talk about you saying it is impossible. If you spend time listening to them, you will definitely lose yourself. Stop punishing yourself by taking all rubbish from the people to who talk ill about you. Your dream can be out of reach for them, but never out of reach for you!

If you want something, do it exemplary. You don’t have to use the same ways, same tactics and same styles of executing your steps to achieving your dream. Any road can take you to your destiny if only you lay your tactics smart and strategically. You spend sleepless moments to keep doing what you do best not because other people are watching, SO WHAT? Who cares of how many times you fail, how many times you wake up or how many hours you spend working on your dream, NONE? It is your world. Stand up; brush off the dust they are throwing on you. FIND YOURSELF.

Fight for who you really want to be. Remember, you will never break until you breakthrough success. It is your choice to either listen to them or ignore them to make your WHY a reality. Your goal is more important than their negativity. You can spend a whole day with them but you will never go with them to your very own. You can spend all your time in the world with the talking about your dreams, but if you don’t get down to action, it is NOTHING.

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