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May 13: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

When you set your car out for a long drive, first thing you check is if your car is sufficiently fueled. The same applies to the journey of life. Check if enough of inspiration, aspiration, dreams, motivations and energy have fueled your life thoroughly. If not then fill in the fuel by reading this intensely encouraging and guiding write up.

1. “The best way to win over your competitor is not by jealousy but by growing way ahead of him/her.”

Feeling jealous is very unhealthy but the desire to grow more and achieve is certainly a sign of competition. Just because the other person is far ahead of you, you don’t have to compare yourself with the other person’s journey or you don’t have to worry and give up your spirit. You got to change the way how you receive the world’s victory. First of all, you have to respect its efforts, learn from its journey and relate it to yours but not compare. See what was missing in your path that the winner used, instead of building up grudges and enmity. Grow together; win by caring and not by stamping the urge and spirit.

Like most of us, Balasaraswati also had a lot of oppositions and had to face a lot of people who impacted her life negatively, but her efforts and focus to grow way ahead of those negativities, led her to stay away from them later on. She lived like a living talent of art and remained as an ornament to the entire genre of classical dance. She was a celebrated Indian dancer, and her rendering of Bharatanatyam. Her way of rendering made the dance form, a famous one. She was awarded the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan. She was the first one to take this dance form out of south India.

2. “Every life on earth is different and is a masterpiece. Respecting its uniqueness would found an optimistic winning atmosphere.”

Do you know any two poeple who are alike not just by looks but in every aspect of their character? This situation is a highly hypothetical one because every life is given its own status, beauty, respect, appearance and energy. No biotic of this planet can be completely equal. They are profoundly themselves-very unique and very independent. Do you find two fingers of your hands or 2 toes of your foot having the same length? When very wavelength of light radiates an entirely different shade, giving rise to several colors, how can we humans with wisdom, life and dreams seem the same, imitating one another or replicating one’s actions? The glow of one’s personality is embedded in their characterization. Respect it, admire at and see what you can learn from it.

George Papanicolaou is remembered for his unique contributions to the studies of the female reproductive system. He was very different and followed his very own and new style to succeed. Elucidating the physiology and cytologic characteristics of the female reproductive system, he was the creator of Pap smear, which revolutionized the early detection of cervical cancer. An assistant surgeon who served in military, he looked after leprosy patients and was compassionate towards them. His gracious works stood out in the frame of sociology.  Delivering medical aid with care and affection was his main concern.

3. “Taking up responsibilities helps you climb up the ladder of success while running away from them pushes you down.”

You can prove yourself when you do something and not just talk about it. Your skills don’t just get shaped but actually head towards learning the next level of practicality when you take up opportunities and give your best to rock at every task you perform. Proficiency is not very different from perfection. Both stand as compulsory ingredients to characterize an achiever. Exploring and learning beyond what’s taught, have significant and direct importance to give you, a chair among those of the highly talented. How do you explore more, learn more and gain more knowledge? You can get it all effectively only when you exercise your ideas and implement the meaning of practicality. Successful are those who voluntarily take up initiatives or who rock at every job which is assigned. Escaping from responsibilities take away your opportunity of tasting contentment.

Lorna Hodgkinson took heavy targets to herself and worked hard to achieve them. She learnt better ways of doing the same job. She proved her skills and efficiency by taking up, working and completing quality responsibilities without escaping from. The Australian educator and educational psychologist became involved in educating the intellectually disabled children. She was the first woman to receive a Doctor of Education degree. She taught at various public schools before starting to teach the intellectually disabled girls. The Sunshine Institute, which she founded, educated many such challenged children. It was her step to make this world a better place that led her to be an inspiration even today.

4. “Dreams are like drafts; drafts are not the final document. Right efforts are required alongside to craft the final document; so is action to craft your future.”

You are the decision maker of your future. Your thoughts make your life but do you think only thinking would bring success? Your dreams form the primary skeleton of your achievements but do you feel a creating a skeleton without adding life completes the achieving process? Certainly not! Draft sets the final launch of the document ready; but this happens only when enough and right actions are taken to proceed. We dream, but alongside, we need to nurture our dreams and set them onto the screens of reality only when we work hard with undistorted focus to shine all throughout our lives. Remember that dreaming alone is not your destiny, but without dreaming, your license to achieve success shall not be drafted.

Sir Ronald Ross crafted his future by the art of visualization and power of imagination. He wanted his life to be full of achievements and planned regularly to work on succeeding. The medical doctor was the first British to receive the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his work on the transmission of malaria. Discovering the malaria-causing parasite, the polymath laid the foundation for the method of combating the disease. Along with his groundbreaking medical discovery, he worked in the Indian Medical Service for 25 years. He was passionate about poetry, music, literature and mathematics.

5. “If you have to find out where you stand among others, it may take more than a lifetime. Therefore, it’s time to stop thinking, stop comparing and start walking.”

We would’ve often felt a feeling of odd one or we may have figured out that we are out of place many times. If thoughts match, perceptions don’t; if perceptions match, actions don’t! The world we are in, is like this. We got to accept it instead of worrying. It’s high time for us to realize that it is of no use wandering about what’s your place and rank among minds who no way match up to your level. You got to stop standing ideal in a place out of place and start heading towards your destiny. Your home of success is waiting for you. So, start running and speed up your journey. Growing more is the only way to devise clear distinction between you and the rest in the world. This helps not just you but the world to decide your rank in the society.

Antonia Ferrín Moreiras, a mathematician, professor was the first Galician woman astronomer. If she had fixed herself into the perceptions of the world, she wouldn’t have proceeded in life to create history. Her breathtaking contributions to Astronomy and her works on stellar occultation by the moon added to her career. She accomplished all of this while she was working at the Observatory of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). She was the first Spanish woman to defend a thesis of the issue of astronomy. Financial challenges forced her to study and work; her scholarships and stipends allowed her build her life.

Make sure you utilize the life which you are blessed with to achieve, win and bring success into your life. Treat this article as a platform to obtain guidance. Go ahead and frame your life; the best of your life is yet to come. (Sources:,,

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