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Inspiring Reasons To Consider A Career In Plumbing

Off-beat careers are taking limelight with increase in purchasing power of people and increase in spend capacities driving more and more people towards convenience. In such times with increasing homes, apartments and offices plumbing needs are on the rise like never before. Here's a quick set of reasons you could be considering a career in plumbing. Read ON!
career in plumbing
When considering occupations that offer six figure salaries, plumbing is often the furthest thing from a person’s mind. But it should be front and center. In addition to earnings of $100,000 a year, plumbers can expect job security, independence, diversity of experiences, and respectability as one of the few people qualified to fix one of our most prevailing and persistent problems – not to mention the ability to become self-employed.
Plumbing is society’s linchpin, and thanks to the aforementioned benefits, more people are joining the good fight against clogs and leaks.

Salary Range

Plumbing is a profession with a wide salary range. As is the case with most occupations, newcomers should not expect six figures. In fact, most plumbers should not expect six figures unless they’ve been in the game for many years or have started their own business. However, plumbing enjoys a very reasonable mean salary. $50,000 is the national average, but the salary finds its peak in Illinois, where a mid-level plumber can earn over $79,000.
In places where plumbers are even more coveted, or in circumstances where they can stockpile overtime, $200,000 a year is not unheard of. Self-employment can also garner big returns, since such plumbers can set their own prices and hours. If they’re successful, they can invest their money in a full-fledged business, like Tony Sarkinen, who joined the profession in 1991 and opened Sarkinen Plumbing in Portland, Oregon in 2003. Not only did Sarkinen start his own business, but he earned an apprenticeship and became a journeyman, which are additional ways for a plumber to fatten their wallet.

Freedom And Stability

Self-employment brings freedom, but it also brings stability. A plumber who carves out a niche in a community will never have to leave that community. Compare this to other trades where traveling is a necessary part of the job. Plumbers can stay put, either by building a reputation or joining a respectable company. While freedom and stability may seem at first glance to be opposites, in the plumbing world it’s all but guaranteed.
Anyone who values independence, stability, hands-on work, problem solving, and a solid income would be wise to consider plumbing as a career. It’s an underrated profession with a high upside – $200,000 high. Best of all, plumbers are needed in virtually every place at every moment, so you will not have to fear obsolescence like the workers of so many occupations.

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