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11 Must BUY Things For The 21st Century Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur

If you are an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur, through with your boot strapping and now building a solution for the world or providing products/services and building a company, these are few things you might want to own for various reasons I think you must. I could bring in a list of 11 items that I find most useful but you are open to share more of those you think important and am sure this list will only get more useful as you help build it too.
I am sure retail therapy does wonders to all of us. But, sometimes it's not just the therapy part, but the need that needs to be addressed and then life gets on to a track that brings us more promising results and the growth we were looking for. I'm sure you are already looking around you, inside your pockets, visualising the stuff in your living room, in your bag (vanity bags), cupboards, shelves, office, inside your vehicle, thrown on your desks or wherever, for things you recently bought and how useful they are turning out to be.
Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
While any purchase is an expense, some are investments, others assets, some life changing and few others turn out to be a total dead value return because of the product or because of the way we sync with the product. Sometimes our purchase is for luxury, other times because they are well marketed, some other times it’s simply because we believe too much in the addition of that item into our kitty, at other times our friends are the reasons for the influence, at times it is the fact that we need an upgrade, sometimes a collection needs to grow and very rarely it’s about simply throwing money into the accounts of sellers :) (we all have done that too at times #StayHonest | I am smiling and you too are!).

As Entrepreneurs (Intrapreneurs inside the organisation too in this article for reference purposes have been referred to as Entrepreneurs consistently), your needs are different for many reasons, for speed, consistency, efficiency, cost effectiveness, quick delivery systems, non-stop flow of your work, giving you the feel you need to stay on the move, and sometimes to add value to your meetings and presentations.

If you are an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur, through with your boot strapping and now building a solution for the world or providing products/services and building a company, these are few things you might want to own for various reasons I think you must. I could bring in a list of 11 purchases that I find most useful but you are open to share more of those you think important and am sure this list will only get more useful as you help build it too.

1. MacBook Air:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
Fine! I know some of you are windows fans and already in your mind wanting to tell me that mac ain’t life alone. STOP! I am strongly for this product for entrepreneurs for specifically “Can’t state” reasons because the other side of the world, the lovers of the quality Macs are able to offer as laptops are already screaming on top of their voices “come on! you don’t need to state reasons to ask someone to buy mac” because it’s an experience to have and not a laptop to own. I totally agree with them! I personally have multiple notebooks and I know that MacBook is the best serving one. It’s handy for presentations, long battery back-ups for writing articles like these non-stop, making movies to upload on YouTube, excels, databases, almost “never gets hung” experience of working, highly secure environment for files and so much more. If you also own an iPhone then your sync simply moves you at times to higher levels of efficiency and pushes you to believe you can do way more than you can imagine - at times almost fulfilling responsibilities of 10 employees at a time, pivotal for startups and business owners. By the way this is absolutely light weight and helps you feel like you aren't carrying any extra load at all. (Smiles :))

2. iPhone:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
This article is soon going to begin sounding like a promotional piece for Apple, it isn’t, but can’t help talking about them because they aren’t simply the most valuable brand globally at $750Bn valuation. The sync that iPhone can offer you with your MacBook is going to help you feel you can seamlessly carry on your assignments from your phone to laptop without going through the hassles of transferring data via data cables and this helps in making everything look almost like everything is stored everywhere. Additionally you are going to be excited to use your Notes software where I write most of these articles of mine. Also, iCloud makes you feel like your laptop and iPhone can store unlimited files almost. The videos, photos, presentations, documents and so on, everything that your business might need.

3. SanDisk 64GB or 128GB iXpand for iPhone:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
Now this naturally leads to an assumption that you have an iPhone and hence need this handy pen drive that allows you to almost use this device like an external hard disk and carry tonnes of data without having to feel your phone is incapable or is low on memory, which some iPhone users of lower memory versions complain of. (iXpand Drive precisely)

4. The Secret Book:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
One of the books that I’m a big believer of is The Secret. Having this book with you at all times is almost like being in sync with the highest state of power you could posses while your are on this planet. Universe is vibrations and vibrations attract the like vibrations and as an Entrepreneur you simply need to attract enough because not everything can you do yourself. I’m only glad that this article attracted you to it and I didn’t invite you personally. Our energies are in sync at this moment and you have come this far on this line means our connection is deep and established for long term through the connect of these words that are with you on your journey now. Our roads have crossed and they will cross again. But, we didn’t plan this, it happened. It simply was meant to be. This is THE SECRET in ways I understand. So kindly make this purchase and you won’t regret it.

5. Gym Membership:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
Health is Wealth because great health can make you acquire great wealth as an entrepreneur. You work hard, think hard and focus even harder pushing yourself to limits and not working out enough can directly mean getting worked up and running out of battery for all big dreams and bigger visions that you have. So, I recommend every entrepreneur to buy a gym membership. You can counter argue that working out at home can save a deal of time and make it comfortable for an Entrepreneur but perks of having a membership are beyond this one benefit. Not only do you get to make friends there who come from your neighbourhood, it becomes a social circle that keeps you motivated to working out every single day and it’s what keeps you going back on days where staying at home you would have preferred skipping the workout. It acts as a networking platform for business owners because other business owners are likely to bump into you. Quite a few connections from my gym are my good friends today and I look forward to doing good business exchange with them in future. After all a circle of healthy people is never a loss! (Can't suggest you a name in your locality but it's best to select them based on quality of machines, training, floor area and maintenance (hygiene))

6. Mutli-Point USB Charging adapter:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
One of the things that an Entrepreneur of 21st century is going to look like is a bag of data cables and adapters. It’s best if you this multi-point USB Charger for yourself that would help you manage with one plug point because the pain to find those many plug points and have those many adapters is a challenge. The multipoint USB Charger is going to help you carry just the data cables and this device on the GO. (Leave it to your research to figure the best options)

7. Portable Hard Disk (1TB) SeaGate/Toshiba & Cloud subscription:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
Data is king for any business today and lot of data is always handy when you want to scale your business and manage it well. Portable hard disk of 1TB and a cloud subscription help you maintain two copies of your data at all times and give you access to your data bank at all times whenever you might need it. (Personally I use both the brands mentioned here. If you find quality transfer speeds in others you might be ok in going for them, these are absolutely well done to their best possible transfer speeds via the USB slot)

8. ESET NOD32 AntiVirus Or Quick Heal for MAC:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
The anti virus is certainly the best to use, quite strongly upgraded and always upto date to what your system needs are. Tonnes of eMails that have links that download viruses, multiple exchange of pen drives, huge amounts of downloads are a part of every Entrepreneur’s life today and having the best anti virus is a minimum that does its job without having to look at it ever again. (You might have another brand on mind, but am a loyal user of ESET for years and have known quick heal for years too)

9. A WiFi enabled, eMail enabled Printer:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
Though it’s mostly an e-World and print is moving to being extinct, can you deny the number of print-outs an Entrepreneur needs to take every single day. Banking documents, returns, MoUs, plans, internal memos, reports and so on. You are not always going to be able to carry this printer everywhere and can’t be near this printer all time. While, at times you might want to print your documents sitting in your conference hall or meeting room, at some other times you might want to do it from your clients’ conference hall or probably a coffee shop or an event that you are a part of. eMail enabled printer simply allows you to do that and wifi enabled printer allows all your team to sit in their location and carry out print jobs and not queue up next to the printer. Let the jobs queue up, not your team. (My suggestion here is the HP's collection. No competition here to their quality)

10. 20,000 mAH Portable Charger:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
Portable chargers are a part of our daily life like you cannot possibly imagine. They are needed almost every 6 hours because our batteries drain out so fast and of multiple devices. Some of you as entrepreneurs are used to searching for plug points more than searching for restaurants to go out with your family/friends. It’s best to buy one that has high back up possibility and be able to charge your phone(s) and all other devices multiple times before it runs out of charge and of course all you need to charge once connecting to plug point is your portable charger every single night. While your multi-point USB Charger is always there just in case you are on the MOVE. (My suggestion here is Mi 20,000 mAH charger - simply robust, durable and high quality while being cost effective).

11. Bluetooth Headset:

Must But Things For Entrepreneurs
You are always on the move and can’t hold your phone to the ears all the time, let this perfectly sitting device on the ear do the job for you. Own one quality bluetooth headset that serves the purpose of keeping you handsfree most of the time for signing agreements, typing out stuff, noting down points while being on a call and so on. I have a plantronics multi device bluetooth headset with its own portable charger and a samsung bluetooth headset. There are plenty of options and I am sure you won't fall short of a quality purchase here. All of them give a minimum talk time of 11 hours for sure. (Plantronics gives 7 hours only but that's advanced enough to take voice commands while driving).

The list can go on and on. I must conclude at these 11. Though for different entrepreneurs the things you MUST own might vary but these are 11 I feel common to success for all entrepreneurs of 21st century. If you have devices, softwares, items you believe an entrepreneur must purchase feel free to add it in comments here.

Tag the people you think must buy these things and by the way next time you are about to gift an entrepreneur this is quick list and the comments column here is going to be a good collection too for you to look up for gifting entrepreneurs. By the way - have you decided what you would like to gift me? (Watch out for comments to decide that :) because what I have listed above is something I have and am a user of, and hence a believer of. By the way, sharing this article with another entrepreneur is still the best gift you can give me now! :) (Sujit Lalwani smiles and blushes, in the eagerness of receiving gifts from his readers :))

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