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Smartwatch Security Threats You Should Know About
With wearable tech getting all the attention a smart watch is a companion comparable to a mobile phone. This brings a need for us to discuss about the threats possible & how awareness can help you avoid them. Read ON!
Smartwatches may seem like secure devices that no one would ever want to hack. However, they pose a security threat to the smartphones and computers they connect to. Cybercriminals can use smartwatches to gain access to your sensitive data. That’s why you should be aware of the common smartwatch security threats and know how to protect yourself from them. Here’s how potential hackers could exploit your smartwatch. Gaining Access to Your Usernames...
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7th March 2019
How IOT Will Drive The Future of Smart City Development
Internet of Things and smart cities are being considered as the future of urban living and development. Here's Why and How..
The two are seen as the best options for making urban dwelling safer, reducing the levels of pollution and increasing energy efficiency for a better quality of life.    The benefits of using IoT for planning and managing cities are immense and could be easily tapped by city planners and policymakers to consider a holistic approach in making life easy and convenient for future city dwellers.   However, not everyone understands just how the two...
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16th January 2019
How Is The Mining Industry Utilising Artificial Intelligence?
An industry whose reference reminds us of large spaces and difficult machining and manpower works, doesn't relate to being able to use AI and it feels it wouldn't make it to the list of the industries that hover the latest buzz word. But it's a different thing out there. Read ON!
The mining industry is all about quality and efficiency, so there is little wonder that artificial intelligence is starting to have a real influence on the way people operate within their specific roles. For example, the commonly used rock drill has undertaken some incredible changes over the last few years, and many more pieces of equipment are likely to follow suit. Given the significant importance that comes with the mining industry,...
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16th January 2019
Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important for Businesses Today
Artificial Intelligence is jumping into the lives of everyone much faster than one can comprehend, analyze and understand. The next generation of intelligence is slowly a part of us and more so in business and here's why it's important in business today. Read ON!
You studied the Industrial Revolution in your school history classes. If you think back, you'll realize that the technology available during this span of time completely re-framed the way products were created and, in turn, the way people worked and lived. It's hard to imagine a world before industrialization. But the truth is that there was little change in the mechanics of the economy, movement of classes, or technological advancements...
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27th April 2018
How Technology Has Changed Our Life
Technology has certainly changed our lives in many many ways. While change is always for the good and it's the only constant here's a quick look at how technology has certainly had a deep impact on many spheres of our lives and changed things forever. Read ON!
Dubious Impact of Technology   Personally for me, the technology serves as a powerful source of productivity, inspiration, and comfort for me, making communication, traveling, work, and studies more effective and productive. Moreover, almost all industries and all spheres of life have been significantly affected by technology, and this point is reinforced by numerous science essays. However, we cannot imagine our life with a wide range of diverse modern gadgets but, at...
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20th April 2018
How to Keep Your PCB Design Within Budget
A big part of completing a successful PCB design is making sure the project comes in on budget. Here's how you achieve it! Read ON
Sure, you can create something incredible, but if you’ve gone way over budget then there is that much more riding on the success of the design. Not only that, but the client it has been created for is going to be less than happy at the final cost. So how can you manage to keep your PCB design on budget without having to make any sacrifices to quality? Here are...
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20th November 2017
Inspiration For Gaming Mice: Best Gaming Mice Products At Cheap Prices
For a great gaming experience there are gaming mice designed to ensure you have the best gaming experience while playing your favourite games. It's generally thought that these are expensive but here's a piece of insight that would help you grab them in budget. Read ON!
Are you looking to enhance the overall quality of your gaming experience? Then you should probably invest in getting yourself a top notch gaming mouse that can offer greater control over the game itself. Gaming mice are designed specifically for the purpose of playing different types of games. They are often equipped with special buttons and controls that allow in performing definite tasks. With the right kind of gaming mice,...
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20th November 2017
Here's Why New Metrology Software Demands Training Updates
Advances of metrology software are speeding up in the recent past and the updates expected in near future shall demand for skills upliftment to bridge the gap. Is the industry prepared? Read ON.
This past year has seen the launch of a number of new metrology software programs, including big updates from one of the world’s most popular software programs, PC-DMIS, as well as a ground-breaking update to PolyWorks that’s set to help manufacturers achieve higher rates of automation and faster data collection. But with the advance of metrology software speeding up, many shops struggle to bridge the skills gap produced by more...
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10th November 2017
Robotic Process Automation: Introduction, Applications & The Future
Robotic Process Automation is a simple software infrastructure that interacts with existing databases, structures and transactions to ease operational activities without really involving excessive software and IT requirements during the runtime to maintain and use it. Learn & spread the know-how of RPA.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is picking up rapidly in it importance worldwide across industries and verticals. So much is being spoken about robotic process automation globally that it’s imperative for us to elucidate and highlight the basic understanding of RPA, it’s impact and how this shall drive the future productivity and efficiency in workplaces. What is Robotic Process Automation?RPA in its simplest understood form is the automation of the clerical and operational...
iU eMagazine
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17th August 2017
Learn about how to beat the fraudsters at the Security IT Summit
How better to learn about how to beat the fraudsters than from an ex-con who scammed from call centres and individuals? You can do just that at the Security IT Summit.
The event takes place on July 4th at the Hilton London Canary Wharf and is free for security professionals to attend. Delegates will be given the opportunity to meet with solution providers for a series of face-to-face meetings based on their own individual requirements. No hard sell and no time wasted.  In addition, these security professionals will have access to a series of inspiring and educational seminar sessions. For a start...
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21st June 2017