We at iUeMagazine believe "We are what we feed our minds with!". With rise (steep rise) in production of digital content and even steeper rise in no. of people producing and broadcasting content it is definitely a very important juncture for the digital consumer, to be extremely prudent in what content he/she consumes. After all, you are what you feed your minds with.

#DigiWise Negative news/information, subtle value information, gossip, politics, rumours or negatively framed content ends up attracting more eyes and stops more neurons for consumption than inspiring, positive, enriching, empowering and constructive content on the internet. It doesn't take a genius to conclude that relatively gaming apps get more downloads than information/news/productivity apps, gossip sites are more visited than information rich sites, songs get more views than classroom lesson videos, coaching tips are less viewed than prank videos, fake news hits more eyes than news of importance, last but not the least there are more comments to pull down people than there are to appreciate & encourage others.

In such a scenario, we at iUeMagazine have come up with this initiative called DigiWise to spread awareness about this absolute universal truth "We are what we feed our minds with!" which shall/must achieve the objective to be able to encourage increased consumption of serious (relatively mature) content. While, it is important for us to ease our mind, stay relaxed, catch up on latest releases of great music, follow fun content, bust stress, we must never forget in this scenario of ever growing content that there is enough content that is capable of diverting us from our mainstream goals, dilute our strong attitudes, abate the strength of our sound principles due to weakening influences, waste our mental energy on absolute filth at times and above all consume our valuable time of life that is one time asset.

If you believe in the same vision and wish to encourage more and more people to get DigiWise in every way possible for a better tomorrow, stronger minds, brighter beliefs, richer characters, and a well informed generation. It's in our hands to be able to make a dent in the world with small steps that we can and must take today. Let's influence the minds to consume right, inspire them to use their time and mental energy to consume enriching content and impact their lives for a brighter tomorrow. Being DigiWise doesn't make you more conservative, it just makes you more competitive!

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