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At iU Our readership is majorly from 10 countries -India, US, UK, Australia, Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Nepal and Canada. This list is not in any order of visit count but gives the idea of regions that love the content we publish.

The language of publication is currently English only. Our vision is to empower Authors, Businesses and Summits via our platform. Inspiration Unlimited has been a perfect platform for our readers to learn about new and upcoming innovations/ideas, authors/books and conferences/summits from across the globe. A go-to inspiration through information site, platform for authors to promote their books and share their ideas and a perfect home for summits and conferences to reach their attendees is what summarizes iU. This is also why you can advertise with us too.

C-Level Audiences, Engaged Intellectual Audiences, Corporate Professionals, Inspired Youth, Pro-Networking and Pro-Opportunity groups are the kinds that form a mix of our audience. Once again, this makes up for a perfect reason for you to get featured with us or consider our advertising options to reach our audiences.

Inspiration Unlimited [iU] eMagazine distributes its content through various channels:

  • 1. Facebook [81,000+ Followers]
  • 2. Twitter[18,000+ Followers]]
  • 3. Distribution partners[Google News & other aggregators]
  • 4. Inspiration Unlimited Widget on Blog Sites[30+ installations currently]
  • 5. Subscribers[10,000+ eMail Subscribers]
  • 6. Subscribers[1,000+ Whatsapp Subscribers]

With these channels in place we are in best position to serve your advertising interests and help you achieve your PR and Marketing campaign goals.

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