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Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying A Sectional Sofa
Buying furniture is difficult today with the number of choices available and the increased number of factors to keep in mind. Should you rent or simply buy? Here's a list of few things to keep in mind if you are buying a sectional sofa anyways. Read on!
Looking at a sectional sofa is something that you need to do when you are trying to find a way to make your living room a much more versatile and functional place to live. The sectional sofa can do many things for you, and you will come across some lovely options that will make your life that much easier. You also have to be sure that you have selected something...
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13th February 2019
EmTech Asia delves into the impact of technology on life and the world around us
1 February 2019 (SINGAPORE) – Co-organised by MIT Technology Review and Koelnmesse Pte Ltd, the sixth edition of EmTech Asia was held on 22 and 23 January 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. The two-day conference was attended by over 700 industry professionals from 30 countries. The event showcased a curated list of 50 of the world’s most influential leaders and innovators who discussed how emerging...
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12th February 2019
Still Looking For Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Wife? We Have Got The Perfect Ones Here!
Instead of waiting for the day to come and then hurry up with some random purchases of gifts for your wife/girlfriend, here's a quick set of guidelines to buy the right things. Read ON!
“That’s what a good wife does, keeps your dreams alive even when you don’t believe anymore.” ? Michael J. Sullivan, Age of Myth Need we say more? You may fight like a cat and dog but by the end of the day, you find a home in each other's arms. While women are (in) famous for being a non-stop chatterbox but it is a fact when it comes to love, they just...
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12th February 2019
Men's Shaving Tips & Secrets: What Other Sites Don't Tell You
Shaving is an aspect of men's life that needs attention and some due inspiration besides tips and secrets. Here are set of tips which you would appreciate having learnt either for yourself or for the men you know and wish to share it ahead with. Read ON!
When it comes to shaving, most websites you go to will not only constantly include links to buy “their recommended product”, which is one of the last things you need to do in order to have the best and closest shave possible. Another thing they do is use their own opinions rather than having the medical science to back it up. For instance, most websites that you go to will tell...
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25th January 2019
Latest Inspiring Trends in Smart Home Design
Homes are getting smarter by the day. To have the ease of operating your lighting, air conditioning at the click of buttons either on your phone or tabs installed near your furniture or be it the electronic and smart operation of your kitchen and living room appliances, smart home design has taken over. Here are the latest trends for you. Read ON!
Image Credits: LendiThe annual growth rate of the smart home industry is staggering, currently sitting at 31%. With 16.3% of homes falling under the ‘smart’ bracket, this figure is only expected to increase in the coming years. Starting to feel the FOMO and thinking of joining the smart home bandwagon? Here are the latest trends you should be aware of. Smart Products Galore Smart products, from appliances to entertainment units, are now capable...
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23rd January 2019
List Of Gifts To Send Your Business Contacts After The Holidays
The question is: How do you show your clients just how much you care about their business? Well, other than the fantastic products and excellent services you provide, the answer is a gift, of course.
List Of Gifts To Send Your Business Contacts After The Holidays Customer retention is crucial in order to have a sustainable company growth. The question is: How do you show your clients just how much you care about their business? Well, other than the fantastic products and excellent services you provide, the answer is a gift, of course. And even though the holiday season just passed, it does not mean that gift-giving should also be...
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22nd January 2019
Things You Need to Check When Vaping Abroad
Vaping is a hobby that is quickly picking up speed, in terms of its popularity. After all, long-term vaping has been said to be far safer than smoking, and these health studies attract new customers to the pastime, all the time. It’s now engrained into many people’s routines and being enjoyed the world over. But are the rules the same everywhere?  While vaping might be healthier than smoking, it’s still slapped...
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20th November 2018
Fresh Party Ideas for Your Russian Girlfriend's Birthday
Who wouldn't love to be surprised or given presents on their birthday and especially who wouldn't have the inspiration to do it for their girlfriend? But, at times people run out of ideas. Here are 3 quick things you could actually do. Get inspired to spread some party love for your partner. Read ON
Planning a birthday party for someone is a painstaking work, especially when you are planning a birthday party for your girlfriend. No matter how good you know her, you find it extremely difficult to figure out what to do. You always feel frustrated and unsure whether she would like it or not. Considering everything above-mentioned, it comes as no surprise when you are planning a surprise party for someone whom you've...
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28th September 2018
4 Ways to Capitalise on Bitcoin
Bitcoin has been around for long now (though relatively short but for this kind of growth it's long enough). If you haven't still made benefits for yourself already. Here's a quick look on how you can. Read ON!
Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most successful of all the cryptocurrencies. It’s a form of digital currency where techniques of encryption are used to control the creation of bitcoins, as well as to verify transactions.  Enthusiasts include Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt., and ex-vice president turned environmentalist Al Gore.      Here are four ways to take part in this century’s most significant financial revolution. 1....
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21st September 2018
Top 5 Antivirus Software for Mac in 2019
If you own a mac or your friend does, then to protect it is something you wouldn't want to miss. Here's a list that would help you well with it. Read ON!
Are you wondering what antivirus software will perfectly match in your Mac device? Well, you’re just one step closer to the best security suite you can ever had. You can choose from a variety of antivirus products that you can use and it will definitely give your device a fantastic booster shot. Best Antivirus for Mac 2019 Listed below are the top 5 most used and well–known antivirus software for Mac:1. Intego...
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19th September 2018