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A very inspiring brief history of cricket for cricket fans worldwide
Cricket is much loved globally for the energy it brings to the audiences and has a very large scale following only next to football but it took many many centuries to come to where it is today. Here's a lovely look into the journey of this sport through decades of growth. Read ON!
Cricket is a game devoured for the valour and vigour it creates for the players and the spectators. The format is simple yet engaging. Though it has evolved from being a mostly boys game to a game of true spirit and both genders, from the 17th century until here. This piece is a very brief and focused quick look into what it was and how it came to be to...
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13th June 2019
7 Important Things to Add to Your Landscaping
Landscaping can bring value to your property and real estate like nothing else can. Planning it well and knowing what works best for the kind of property you have is pivotal. Here's what you can keep in mind. Read ON!
Landscaping transformations are always an exciting project, but if you rush into it without careful planning, the whole process easily becomes overwhelming. Ask yourself: ‘What can my yard do for me’, and you’ll have a much clearer idea on where to begin. Spend some time sitting in your backyard, thinking about functionality as well as esthetics. What exactly would you like to do outdoors? Do you need a patio or...
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13th June 2019
How to Find a Senior Housing Option Suitable For Your Parents
Once you have discovered that your parents are no longer safe living on their own, you need to explore senior housing options that will address their needs. However, finding the perfect place for your parents can be quite stressful and challenging. You need to start with assessing your parents' needs before you make the final choices. There are different types of senior housing available. You need to make sure that the...
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27th May 2019
Our Summer and Winter Spending Habits
Have you tried to understand your spending habits? They convey a lot about what your priorities are and what you believe in spending on. They do vary with seasons as we buy different things during different seasons and are habituated to different lifestyles during different seasons. Here's what would get you involved in thinking on those lines. Read ON!
Do you love to soak up the sun? Or would you rather cosy up with a blanket and a hot chocolate? From being the main topic of office small talk to controlling our weekend plans, the weather affects us all – and has a large influence on our spending too. How much we spend and what we spend it on changes drastically from season to season. While everyone does things differently,...
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23rd May 2019
Does It Benefit Couples to Have a Joint Bank Account?
The world is seeing a shift in the number of ways they are able to pull off a perfect marriage and couples have several notes available to compare for various parameters and aspects of life. When it comes to finances and accounting joint bank accounts are one things to consider. Here's what you should know if that's an option to consider and what can be done about it. Read ON!
As a couple you’ll share most things in your life – your home, holidays, interests and perhaps children. But should you share your finances with a joint bank account? Of course, joint bank accounts have advantages but there are also some benefits to keeping a personal account, too. Below, we list the pros and cons to opening a joint bank account with your partner: The Benefits of Joint Bank Accounts When you’re with someone...
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23rd May 2019
5 Things You Need To Know When Moving To A New Place
Relocation or shifting have their own price and challenges. Though this wouldn't be an easy thing to accomplish in life, it's a lot of times necessary and there's a few things you might not want to forget. Here's a quick set of them. Read ON!
Since the beginning of time, people have been on the move. People do it for a number of reasons. It could be that a career opportunity presented itself, greener pasture as what most people say. Sometimes it is a choice when you are ready to start a family, an address fit for raising your kids. For some, it is a way to start brand new, to leave shadows of the...
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9th May 2019
Should You Use Pirated version of Office 2019 Home and Student?
This is a confusion that hits most people and features are often so closely related to each other. If one version has few features the other one has other few. How to get the best out of this situation when it comes to office 2019. Here's a quick insight.
Office 2019 Home and Student serves as a standalone release of the Microsoft Office Suite. Instead of paying a yearly subscription fee, you will only buy the software suite once and use it forever. The license supports a single PC unlike that of Office 365, which supports multiple devices. While pirated software programs may be fun to use, here’s why getting a free Office 2019 version may be a bad...
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2nd May 2019
Personal Protective Equipment: The Importance of PPE
When working on a job that poses a ton of health risks and hazards, implementing the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is of utmost importance. The safety of the workers should be one of the main responsibilities of companies and employers, as stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under the Republic Act of 1970. Workers should be properly trained in regards to wearing the correct equipment...
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18th April 2019
Choosing the Best Cordless Drills
If you're a homeowner, you'll require a drill at some point, whether you like using your hands on your home projects or you periodically do some DIY(Do It Yourself) touch-ups. A good drill maintains its charge, has controls that are easy to use and can withstand a number of tasks. Read ON!
If you're a homeowner, you'll require a drill at some point, whether you like using your hands on your home projects or you periodically do some DIY(Do It Yourself) touch-ups. A good drill maintains its charge, has controls that are easy to use and can withstand a number of tasks. Since there're different drill types available including corded or cordless, second hand or not and drill-driver or both, it can get...
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11th March 2019
Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying A Sectional Sofa
Buying furniture is difficult today with the number of choices available and the increased number of factors to keep in mind. Should you rent or simply buy? Here's a list of few things to keep in mind if you are buying a sectional sofa anyways. Read on!
Looking at a sectional sofa is something that you need to do when you are trying to find a way to make your living room a much more versatile and functional place to live. The sectional sofa can do many things for you, and you will come across some lovely options that will make your life that much easier. You also have to be sure that you have selected something...
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13th February 2019