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The Pandemic Caused IT Sector Disruptions in Q1 of 2020
In May, advisory company Gartner predicted that global IT spending would decline by 8% in 2020. In October, Gartner revised its initial prediction, claiming that the fall would be only 5.4% compared to the $3.8 trillion spent on IT products and services in 2019. In India, before the summer, industry experts predicted that most IT companies would see a drop in revenues ranging between 5-10%. As the main contributing factor for...
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24th January 2021
SiGMA Recruits Nicole Fields To US team
Fields will take on the role of VP Growth and Strategy for the US Markets. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
APL: Fields will take on the role of VP Growth and Strategy for the US markets SiGMA is excited to announce that it will welcome Nicole Fields as VP Growth and Strategy for the US markets. Fields will be the first addition to SiGMA's US-based team, bringing a wealth of expertise in the gaming industry to the table. Ms. Fields, a 40 Under 40 recipient who has previously worked with a number...
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20th January 2021
Your Options for Specialized Care for the Elderly
As people grow older, they're more prone to health issues. It's important to ensure that seniors are able to receive the care that they need. With specialized care for the elderly, seniors can receive care and companionship that's tailored to fit their needs. Learn more here: https://homecareassistance.com/caregiving-services/specialized-care/senior-elderly. Care for Seniors With Specialized Health Conditions Some seniors suffer from health conditions that require extensive care. Some of these conditions include:  * Strokes * Dementia * Brain...
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20th January 2021
Inspiring New RTI 4K Video Over IP Platform Enables Seamless Control Integration
Simple to install, flexible system can scale to a virtually unlimited number of endpoints, natively controlled within the RTI ecosystem for an exceptional user experience. Read on!
Simple to install, flexible system can scale to a virtually unlimited number of endpoints, natively controlled within the RTI ecosystem for an exceptional user experience SHAKOPEE, Minn. — Jan. 7, 2021...
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12th January 2021
How Insurers Determine the Cost of No Exam Life Insurance
No exam life insurance allows you to skip the medical exam and get life insurance quickly. Plus, prices are more competitive than ever. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo & #StayInsuredOnTheGo 
No exam life insurance has been getting a lot of hype over the past few years, and specifically since the onset of COVID-19.  The reason for its growing popularity over the past few years is due to the sheer convenience of the product. No exam life insurance allows you to get life insurance coverage immediately or within a few days, unlike traditional life insurance that can take between four to eight weeks...
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10th January 2021
Nissho Electronics USA partners with U First Capital for venture capital investments and M&A to expand into new markets
Global leader in DataCenter Technology taps Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm to drive global strategic investments tied to new growth areas   Santa Clara, California, December 9, 2020   Nissho Electronics USA Corporation has partnered with U First Capital (www.UFirstCapital.com) to invest in cutting-edge opportunities in Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, and other emerging areas in the US. Their strategy is to identify new growth areas, accelerate product innovation, and extend market reach by investing...
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6th January 2021
If You Get Injured While in Vegas
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Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many people who visit this exciting city stay in a hotel. City statistics show there were 48 million hotel room nights occupied in Las Vegas in 2016 alone! For most people, staying in Las Vegas is a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do occur, and people get injured while visiting Las Vegas. Some of those accidents occur in...
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25th December 2020
How to Save for Retirement in Your 20s and 30s
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Depending on what your goals are, the level of your income, your spending level, and how much you’re willing to sacrifice, it’s possible to retire early. Even if you don’t quite make it to your target nest egg amount, the money already invested can happily compound for longer while adding more contributions to reach your target number. In this article, we’ll lay out some strategies that you can deploy to save...
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21st December 2020
It's Trending! Psychology Bags a Spot in the Top 5 Popular Majors
With COVID-19 hitting us hard, no one got a chance to shield themselves from the impact of this pandemic. Undoubtedly, such unprecedented circumstances affected the physical and mental health of millions of people worldwide. Further, with depression, suicide, alcoholism, and anxiety are tremendously increasing, expert solutions are of paramount importance for societies and organizations. As a result, psychology degrees are trending now more than ever. So, what's changing exactly? Let's find out. More...
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19th December 2020
Auto Proctoring – The Future of Assessments
Approximately 60-70% of the college students are dependent upon cheating systems at the time of clearing the examinations and they very well admit this particular thing. To deal with all these kinds of unethical practices being undertaken throughout the examinations several kinds of universities and organizations are adopting the concept of auto proctoring because it comes with multiple advantages in the long run. This particular system is very much successful in conducting...
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15th December 2020