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Watching Football Abroad: How Can a VPN Help You?
Sometimes most important events globally don't get access in some nations due to certain restrictions. These can be over come by using proxy servers / VPN. This can come handy for football fans globally to get LIVE updates of matches. Read ON!
Football fans around the globe understand the frustration of not being able to tune in to watch a big match. From the World Cup to league matches, football fans could have difficulty finding their favorite club on television.   Fortunately, many streaming channels allow viewers to see almost any football match in the world. Some channels in Europe allow access to virtually any level and league of play.  Now, for the less positive...
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4th February 2019
Top Seven Water Sports Non-Swimmers Can Enjoy In Dubai
Non-Swimmers must have fun with water sports too. Who wouldn't love it? Here are 7 water sports you wouldn't want to miss. Read ON!
Dubai is not only famous for its water sports and perfect beaches; it is full of surprises for everyone with a different set of interests! Swimmers have nothing to worry about enjoying water sports in Dubai instead non-swimmers will also get to enjoy these amazing water sports that don't require swimming skills. But the question arises that what watersports Dubai has to offer to the non-swimmers? There are so many...
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14th March 2018
6 Epic & Inspiring Winter Treks in Nepal
Treks in Nepal are globally renowned, for, 7 of top 10 world's tallest peaks belong to Nepal region. This region boasts of sceneries that not many mountain regions can offer. Picturesque views, vast mountain ranges and epic climbs are a part of these treks in Nepal. Read ON!
A time for sleep ins, hot chocolates and donning those comfortable pajamas that have seen much better days, the depths of winter is not usually when you’d opt for trekking in Nepal. But opt you should. With fewer crowds, clearer views and striking frosty scenery, Nepal in winter is well worth getting out of bed for. Here’s the six winter treks that should be at the top of your Nepal...
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19th December 2017
Five Of The Best Football Teams Of Years Gone By
Football holds a long history and here's a quick inspiring sneak peak into this world of adrenaline. If you aren't a football lover, you would fall in love once you dive deep into every aspect of what's written here. Read ON!
There have been many great, great football teams throughout the long and colourful history of the beautiful game. From international teams such as the great Ferenc Puskas Hungary outfit of the 1950's to the Total Football genius of Johan Cruyff and his fellow Dutch masters of the 1970's. Then of course there's the club scene. Where to start there? How about Alfredo Di Stefano and the all-conquering Real Madrid vintage of the sixties?...
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21st November 2017
7 Football Tips For Beginners
Tips to better your game at American football. Who wouldn't love to have a chance to experience the thrill this game can offer? After reading this piece you would get on the ground and get throwing!
American football is a difficult game which requires the maximum of your physical abilities, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Here we have collected some tips to help you in becoming a better football player when you are only starting. 1. Nothing Can Make You Perfect But Practice The best way to improve your skills is to practice. No matter if you play football, teach kids or write novels. The more time you spend...
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10th November 2017
5 Adventure Activities That You Must Try In Singapore
Singapore might be one of the smallest countries in the world but it offers endless opportunities for adventures to its travellers. If you are planning a vacation or your friend is, here's what you need to take a quick look at. Read ON!
If you are an adventure seeker, you should try the follow adventures in your trip to Singapore: 1. Night Safari Singapore night safari can be a unique adventure whatever kind of traveler you are. A night safari lasts around 40 minutes as a tram takes you through habitats of various unique animals. The area beautifully shows various attributes of 7 of the world’s geographical regions that include Burmese River Valley, Nepalese River...
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13th September 2017
Naresh Raju's Tryst with the Mountains
“The mountain is calling and I MUST go!” goes the saying. This statement would definitely resonate with this amazing man, who has made mountaineering his career; a man who seems to be never low on morale; a man who can never be bogged down by botheration; a man who does something which he firmly believes in.
Naresh Raju, a hard-core mountaineering enthusiast, is a bundle of energy. As we start the conversation, he gives glimpses of his notorious childhood and talks about him having always been the ‘outdoor’ kid. He has actively been part of many a trek to mountains. He also takes part in long walkathons for causes and also for self. A firm believer of the theory-everything has a purpose- he also has set...
Sathwik R
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25th July 2017
How to buy sports gear that's right for your game
If you are sporty and athletic, obviously you have the right gear to take you this far. Whether you play for fun or professionally, you need to have the best sports equipment.
When buying sports gear, you should remember to buy only what is absolutely essential to your game and that they are of the best quality. So, don't go by the sales talk of a sports shop where they only want you to buy much more than you actually need. You also need to stand back and check which are the standard accessories for your sport and set them aside since...
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25th July 2017
Divya Guruswamy: Swimming to Shores of Success
“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get”, Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, had said. In the following words, unfurls the story of a swimmer, who has swam her way to shores of glory and has made quite a name for herself. She has in her collection, about 97 gold medals, 90 silver medals and 36 bronze medals, until now, and the numbers are only to increase further.
Three shelves replete with medals welcome me to the house of Divya Guruswamy. There also is a cabinet carrying pictures of her in action, as a backdrop to the many trophies adorning the stand. As any other kid in India, Divya too first took up swimming during the vacations of summer; it was also due to the mere recommendation of the doctors for her migraine...
Sathwik R
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24th July 2017
7 Best Motorcycle Camping Destinations in the US
More often, motorcycle riders prefer to visit the countryside and commune with nature thru camping. Visiting the camping sites of each national park is ideal if the riders live within the state where the campgrounds are located. Minimal travel time is perfect for bikers, so they won’t waste time traveling. Check out these seven best camping destinations in the US ideal for riders to visit:
1) Yosemite National Park, California  The Yosemite National Park in California is well-known for its serenity and natural simplicity. You won’t see cars, nor roads and electricity.  You have a wide range of campgrounds to choose from within the park wilderness. Reservations may be required though some are on first-come, first-serve basis, so you better arrive early. You are required to secure a wilderness permit but no need to worry since it is...
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19th July 2017