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Video Conferencing Made Proficient by ProfiConf
PROFICONF is the professional real-time video conferencing platform that allows hosting video conferences without any downloads or installations. A solution that you might have been looking for all this while and you finally have it. You might need this for your next meeting. Read ON!
Can we get introduced to the Founder/s of Proficonf?Alexey is an experienced web developer with a strong web-engineering educational background and over 7 years of work experience in the industry. What is the Vision behind the idea? What led to its origination? Alexey Kuznetsov, Founding CEO of Proficonf, says, “Proficonf started out as a solution to a problem. The extreme lack of accessible specialists in a variety of fields prompted us to...
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19th June 2019
AirCTO- Human & AI Powered Solution to the Problem of Technical Recruitment in India
If you think finding the right tech team is really hard, it really is. But, until you realize you have a platform that just helps you get the right person and help you realize your tech venture dreams. Read ON! #DFTHM
1. Can we get introduced to the Founders of AirCTO? (with their Education & Work backgrounds) Atif Haider is the Founder of AirCTO. He is a computer science engineering graduate. He has worked with companies like Cleartrip, oCricket/Infinitely Beta, Studiomarch writing Common Lisp, Clojure, Scala, Python programs for them in his previous avatar. He started LaunchYard in 2013, have worked with some of the famous Y Combinator backed companies like
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9th May 2019
Getting a Personal Loan in India is just a Tap-away with MoneyTap
With over 500 Million smartphones & only 40 Million credit cards, there is a big opportunity in the market for a credit-card-like product on the smartphone. Hence MoneyTap was born. Here's the story of this venture in the words of the founding team. Read ON! #DFTHM
Can we get introduced to the Founders of MoneyTap?  Bala Parthasarathy  is the Chairman & Co-founder of MoneyTap, India's fastest growing consumer lending platform. After graduating from IIT Madras, he went to the Silicon Valley where he co-founded multiple startups including Snapfish (sold to HP for $300M). After moving back to India in 2007, he volunteered for Aadhaar under Nandan Nilekani & co-founded Prime Ventures, India’s largest Seed Stage Technology Fund that has...
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9th May 2019
If You're Looking For Economical & Fulfilling Homes on Rent in Bengaluru(India), StayAbode Makes it Possible For You!
Startup Stories that read directly from the minds of the achievers. A unique initiative by iU to bring to you the words of the team/people behind the accomplishments in their tone without giving the touch of how we interpret their glory and story. Our Questions & Their Answers. #DFTHMStories
Can we get introduced to the Founder/s of StayAbode?  Our 3 co-founders at StayAbode come from varying backgrounds and different expertise which allows for great balance across all the functions of the business. Viral Chhajer (Co-founder & CEO, StayAbode) At StayAbode is responsible for Business Development and Growth.  Prior to StayAbode, Viral headed Marketing at food ordering and delivery platform Runnr. He has also co-founded Bribe Me, a flash sale marketplace for the...
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25th April 2019
Want to get a Bike in Bangalore for monthly rental? Ontrack does it for you!
1. Can we get introduced to the Founders of Ontrack? (with their Education & Work backgrounds) Harshit, impassioned by his entrepreneurial spirit, designed Ontrack’s first business model. He aims to drive the business forward by offering an alternate mode of ‘vehicle ownership’. His underlying passion for problem solving enables him to design the most effective business strategies. Vansh, joined Harshit in April 2016. He is a potential lighter coaching the talents he...
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21st February 2019
Feely Piano is Revolutionizing the Music Learning Industry. Here is How!
"When young people take on arduous tasks with their positive energy, initiative to act & spirit of innovation, terrific startups happen!" is aptly told. This is yet again proven by the journey of Feely Piano from Canada that is able to impart Piano skills to people & yet enable them to connect & learn from one another. Read ON!
1. What is the Vision of Feely Piano? Our vision is to create opportunities for people to learn, connect, and create stories of themselves through our online social community and in home lessons. We reach to provide lessons in homes within multiple instruments throughout Canada.2. How did you get this thought of enabling Music lessons with Technology? I began teaching music lessons in my students home when I started dating out of...
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4th February 2019
Dr Shubhalaxmi Acharya is Redefining Personality Test Through COBS
An Interview with Dr. Shubhalaxmi Acharya who is a Behavioral Scientist, Founder – Mind Elements (, Creator of COBS, Core Mindset Mapping © behavioral test, Author of Core Mindsets @ Work. She writes on “Talent and Behaviour” for various Chamber of Commerce magazines and is on Expert Panels for Leadership Audit
1)      How did you get the idea of COBS? What were the key problems that moved you to arrive at this?During my tenure as a...
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22nd January 2019
Here are the reasons for choosing a CoWorking Space
Who doesn't want the advantages of flexibility, speed, cost control, control over time and mobility and cost effectiveness with better image to your workspace which you wouldn't have to maintain. That's coworking for you and see how it can for you.
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26th October 2018
Top tips for the first-time investor in Singapore
If you are thinking of using investment as a means to raise more capital or add another string to your entrepreneurial portfolio then it is a smart choice. Here's a quick set of things you can bear in mind. Read ON!
If you are a Singapore based entrepreneur, then the thriving local business community is a great place to call home. As a global hub for business with a GDP around the $350 billion mark, Singapore is a vibrant place in which to operate. If you are thinking of using investment as a means to raise more capital or add another string to your entrepreneurial portfolio then it is a smart choice....
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4th October 2018
Tips to Remember When Planning to Start an Online Business
In the world that's only increasing its appetite for online growth it feels like it's never going to get late for starting yet another online business. If you ever plan to or know someone who is planning, here's a quick brush up on the tips that might matter the most while taking this path. Read ON!
In this digital era, starting an online business is no more difficult. There are ample sources provided that can help you set up your business online. Not only that, you will get to learn plenty of new things every day. Here are some tips you should check out while starting an online business. Make Your Choice Evident If you are planning to start your business online, then stick to your choice. Don’t get...
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12th September 2018