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Picxele: How One Startup is Revolutionizing the White Collar Gig Marketplace in India
Introduction of the Founder:I am Raishav Agarwal, the founder of Picxele (Bootstrapped to 750K+ Users and 8Cr+ Revenue), Investor in 50+ Startups (Jar, Crib, Tummoc, Sateeq, TrulyMadly, Zypp Electric, Vidyakul, Drinkprime, Leaf Round, VidyutTech, YourPhysio, etc.), Mentor and Growth Strategist.I was born and bought up in Asansol (WB). I completed my schooling in 2015 in my hometown itself. Post that, I got into Btech (IT) from SRM IST, Chennai. In...
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6th March 2023
7 Fast-growing Startups From Vizag
Visakhapatnam (Vizag) is not only known for its beaches, but it is also the industrial center in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Vizag has caught pace with the startup revolution going on in the country and is slowly growing to become a startup hub in the state and the initiatives by the Govt. are accelerating the same. It is already home to many startups from healthcare, eCommerce to tech solutions....
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26th February 2023
Top 5 Food Delivery Apps in Vietnam
According to a report, the food delivery market in Vietnam grew at a CAGR of 38% during 2014-2019. [Source] It is estimated to have a double-digit growth during the forecast period from 2020-2025.  The online food delivery apps make it easy for people to enjoy the food from their favorite restaurants right from their home. It has caught popularity especially among the younger generation in Vietnam. A food delivery app enables...
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1st February 2023
11 Fast-Growing Startups From Pune
Pune is traditionally known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, but it has also become a Startup hub in Maharashtra. There are 3,518 tech startups in Pune and its startup ecosystem has grown rapidly. Pune offers startups with all the required resources, infrastructure, and connections. Pune has grown to become one of the most favorable cities for investments. With thousands of revolutionary startups from Pune, here are some of them...
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18th January 2023
20 Indian Startup Facts That Will Inspire Innovation
Startups in India have been growing in every part of the country. With focus on Indian Startup ecosystem in every way possible - from media to movies to books and more, the innovation is growing by the hour and there's a new startup born every twenty minutes in India. The ideas and founders behind these ideas are all very inspiring to learn about. We have compiled a list of 20 such innovative...
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11th January 2023
Lenostube Review: We Tested 5 Services And This Is What We Think
It’s very important to understand that YouTube is more than just a video hosting platform. It also is a social networking site and an advertising platform. In other words, it's a fantastic method to establish a personal connection with your clients or find new viewers easily. For this reason, everyone is now opening a YouTube channel, which also makes channel growth harder than ever. And one of the reasons why many...
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4th December 2022
7 Inspiring and Fast Growing Startups From Nagpur
Nagpur is the third-largest city in the state of Maharashtra and is known as the “Orange City”. With the boom of the startup ecosystem across the country, Nagpur isn’t behind in turning itself into a startup hub by supporting the innovations of startup enthusiasts. The govt. initiatives and the high potential of investments and growth prospects have boosted startups to make Nagpur their base. As a result, Nagpur is home to...
Kunal Jain
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18th April 2022
Top 8 Flourishing Startups From Jaipur To Watch Out For
Rajasthan- a popular tourist destination in the country is also growing to become a hub of startups. With the state government’s initiatives and a boost to startups with several other factors, the state of Rajasthan is said to be home to more than 750 startups, and the number is growing. The state government envisions creating a robust startup infrastructure in the state to foster innovations. This has given rise to...
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24th February 2022
List Of 12 EdTech Startups From India Funded In 2021
India’s EdTech sector has witnessed a boom in the latter half of the last decade since 2015. The growth of the EdTech sector was fueled by the growing internet penetration and the affordability of smartphones & data packages. Post-2015, the adoption of online learning was gaining pace with the growth of the startups like Byju’s, Unacademy, and many others. The Covid-19 pandemic that led to the closure of institutions sent...
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8th January 2022
How to Start an Online Casino Game Business
Online gambling now serves as one of the most lucrative industries in the world. That’s why many modern-day entrepreneurs are looking to pool their funds and invest them in online gambling platforms. But it begs to ask whether starting an online casino business really would be as easy as it seems. After all, out of all the industries, online gambling has to undergo some of the strictest and most bureaucratic...
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1st December 2021