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Why London is a Great City for Starting a Business
London is one of the world’s biggest cities. It’s position on the edge of Europe and the Atlantic Ocean that makes it easily accessible for billions of people around the world, making it a hub for doing business. 
London is one of the world’s biggest cities. It’s position on the edge of Europe and the Atlantic Ocean that makes it easily accessible for billions of people around the world, making it a hub for doing business.  Within the UK itself, London is streets ahead in terms of investment and job opportunities. It has a larger and more diverse talent pool, better connections to the world, and is home to the...
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18th March 2020
Benefits of Business Going Green
Climate Change and Global Warming. These two terms have been thrown around by scientists since the start of the 21st century. Because of the amount of evidence showing the planet’s deteriorating health, there is now a rising demand for everyone to go green. Green living is not necessarily exclusive to the private lives of individuals. Businesses and corporations are actually the ones who have to make a significant change with their processes...
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3rd March 2020
Different Struggles & Triumphs in E-commerce
E-commerce is on the upsurge across the globe today. With progressively more consumers shopping online every year, there's sufficiently enough space for e-commerce industries of all sizes. Nonetheless, it's more crucial than ever for e-commerce businesses to understand their brand deeply, viciously make themselves known, surpass their rivals, and keep their customers convinced. Developing a thriving e-commerce business has not once been simple. Considering the competition these days, it becomes more...
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2nd March 2020
Texting Tips for Dealership Salespeople
Now that dealerships are learning about the enormous advantages that are available with the newest generation of digital marketing and sales software, some aspects of the sales process need to be reviewed as well. One of the best new services that you can give you sales team is the ability to use SMS text messaging to keep in contact with potential customers in order to develop deals to fruition. When...
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25th February 2020
Social Entrepreneurship as an Option for the Youth
One of the best ways to groom leaders and empower youth towards greater practical experience is through engagement of youth in activities to solve the problems of the community & society at large. Dr TK Jain shares his perspectives on empowering youth via social entrepreneurship. Read ON!
Youth are synonyms of solutions to world problems. When we find any problem, we get a solution from some young people. The wiliness to experiment and innovate is crucial in fighting with the problems of our times. Youth is a symbol of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. When Red Cross was started by Dunant, he was just 31. When Sulabh Sochayal was started by Bindeshwar Pathak, he was just 26, when...
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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16th February 2020
Understanding the Wage Increase in April 2020
April 2020 will see the National Living Wage increase, resulting in low-paid workers earning almost a thousand pounds more each year. The new rate will come into effect on 1 April 2020, rising from the current rate of £8.21 to £8.72 for workers over the age of 25. The rise will mark an increase of 6.2% for employees. But how does the wage increase impact businesses and why is the National...
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10th February 2020
Best Ways to Make Sure Your Business Is Successful
We live in rough times, where every new business deals with a lot of competition, and it is hard to swim up to the surface. However, even though there is a lot of competition, there are also a lot of opportunities to invest in and modern technologies that will help you launch your business. Starting a business is a process where you must do every step cautiously in order to succeed....
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10th January 2020
How to Pick the Perfect Business Car
As much as you can say that it matters less of what material you own, it's all about your personality & what value you bring to table, there's much importance that your first impression holds in several ways & you can't ignore this forever. If you're a business person here's how you choose the right car at least. Read on! 
A significant part of any business image is the car you drive. Pull up to a client meeting in a beaten up, old car and it delivers the wrong message – it tells people that you’re either indifferent or, worse, unsuccessful. Like it or not, the car you drive is a key component in making a good impression. But looks are only half of the equation. You also need a car...
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15th December 2019
How Feedback Loops Develop Creative Workspaces and Contribute to Vulnerability
Developing and implementing feedback loops in your organization can help contribute to the creativity and exploration of your employees, which, in turn, leads to more success for your organization. Read ON!
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15th December 2019
3 Ways to Encourage Your Small Business Team to Work Together Better
Small coordinated teams can do more than a large group of people on a task. It's a well known fact but very difficult to achieve. Here's a quick set of tips to help you build a more coordinated & motivated team for your small business. Read on!
Modern office workers thrive when they are provided with plenty of opportunities for collaboration and creative thinking. Not all employees enter the workforce with the training and social skills they need to engage in meaningful collaboration with their colleagues, though. Small business owners can read on to find some helpful tips for encouraging employees to put their unique skills and perspectives together to create a more collaborative work environment. Foster Group...
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14th December 2019