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What are Positive Affirmations?
Ever since the modern era saw the rise of Rhonda Byrne's Book "The Secret", positive affirmations started gaining limelight along with guided meditations across the globe. Here's Ana Sorina's perspective on positive affirmations. Read ON! 
Positive affirmations have been around since the world, but the new ones have been known to us for a long time, since social media has gained more power and has managed to happily transmit and disseminate information - to everyone who wants to embrace it.You have probably made contact with positive affirmations - either on Facebook, or meeting certain people or watching TV.What are positive affirmations?Magical words, meaningless texts and...
Ana Sorina Corneanu
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4th April 2020
The Human Race Has Been Challenged. Time to Step UP.
Each time we have been challenged as a human race we have only gotten better and come out stronger. After all, the art of survival is in our genes. Will we all be able to battle these times together equally well and come out hopeful and inspired? 
The corona virus pandemic is quite an evidence that there are forces operating way beyond our control and understanding as a civilization and that we don’t have answers for everything or haven’t yet learnt them all. With the outbreak of this virus and unclear history of its possible threats to humans we’re in no other state but to take measures like lockdowns and social distancing to ensure we stay safe,...
Sujit Lalwani
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29th March 2020
What is Meditation?
Meditation has been the subject of many a discussions lately as the awareness of it's powers for the soul & the body rises. Here's an excerpt from Savitha Hosamane's Book Erupt With Joy that throws light on this subject from a very unique angle. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
A person who is not sick needs no medicine; similarly a person who is happy needs no meditation. Meditation is medicinal. Meditation is needed only if you have chosen not to be happy. The above statement set me thinking. Was I not happy in life? Is that why I required meditation? I always thought I was happy. Everyone around me told I am a very positive person. Most of the time,...
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13th March 2020
The Truth about Half Baked Deals - Is Something really better than Nothing?
It isn't so often in life that I receive half baked deals. But despite that, I do. And how often do we accept some ridiculously stupid deals - A job that we don't love but has a great pay, a relationship that has evidently no future but is currently satisfying, a person who is just so wrong for us but is currently pursuing us, a family member who puts us in tough spots but we don't call it out since they're family, a friend who only brings us down but we're doing social service to the world and so it's okay, right? We accept these half baked deals half heartedly, thinking something is better...
Sandhya Nagaraj
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8th March 2020
Do I Follow my Heart or Continue my Present Career Path?
This is the most intriguing question for most youngsters today. There's no doubt either as to why it is such a pressing question on their mind. When it comes to taking a decision about career with complete conviction we're internally opposed by the several mindsets, prejudices and words of wisdom we borrowed while growing up that it becomes absolutely impossible to arrive at the answer to it without confusion that lingers for long. This excerpt from the coffee table read "Life Simplified!" is a sure help. Read on.
The name of this book is Life Simplified and hence I do not want to take pages together to answer this one, though you would love it for the price you have paid. But then the additional price that you would end up paying is for the amount of time you would lose reading redundant stuff added to increase the mass of this book, which is clearly not my goal....
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4th March 2020
Do You Know What Your Strongest Emotion is?
Self awareness is one of the key strengths of truly successful people and those that live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. Are you one of those? Are you aware what your strongest emotion is? Read ON!
For the beginning, I would like to talk about positivity, our thoughts, our dreams and how we can live the life we want. Yes, I know, you will maybe say ”Ok, I’ve heard it all before. But, if you are still here, it means you are still looking for happiness and a beautiful life. So I won’t tell you words, I will share with you my experiences and emotions. The most common...
Ana Sorina Corneanu
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21st January 2020
What is the Purpose of Our Life?
An excerpt from Life Simplified Book on the purpose of LIFE. In this article the author shares his insights on what he thinks is the purpose of life and how he rationalizes it. Read ON!
Most people who meet me after my sessions/talks bring to my notice a never-ending list of problems in their life that they feel are possibly the toughest ones relative to any of their peers’ problems. All others in their life seem to have a justification for what they are going through, except them. All of us feel this at some point of our life or rather pretty often when we...
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10th January 2020
What Are Goals And Why Are They So Vital?
Your goals are yours and none can alter your decision to reach it. Though there are enough people in the market to make your visions get blurred as you walk along the path of making your dreams happen, if you stick long enough, they are bound to materialize into realities of your life. Here's why they are so vital for a quality life. Read ON! 
A football match between Liverpool & Manchester United would be breath-taking any day but would be the most futile one if there were no goalposts on either side. Teams would go on playing forever to no conclusion aimlessly. Hence, a life without goals is like a football game without goalposts, a race without an end, a journey without a destination, a word without definition& overall it’s a LIFE without any...
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10th January 2020
Brief History of the Video Game Industry
While the various industry analysts come up with different numbers for the video game industry, one thing they all have in common is that the video game industry is predicted to become worth triple-digit billions of dollars by 2025. In 2019, the video game industry as a whole generated over $138.7 billion USD. This is quite amazing because the video game industry went through so many hurdles in its early years,...
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9th January 2020
How to Purify Your Mind? The Mind Purification process
Sound body hosts a sound mind and a sound mind makes way for a truly fulfilling LIFE. Here's an excerpt from Savitha Hosamane's Book Erupt With Joy that leads you to clarity on purifying your mind. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
The mind is a powerful mechanism. It has to be employed intelligently. The mind is just a process. In fact, the mind doesn’t exist – only thoughts, thoughts moving so fast that you barely get a chance to reckon if there is a void between the continuity. Thoughts are like clouds in the sky. Thoughts are spawning and vanishing since the sky within you is anchored to infinite space. Thoughts...
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4th January 2020