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Effective Ways to Be Stress-Free During Exams
When you are a student, stress and tension are constant companions of exams. And it is vital to take extra care of yourself to eliminate possible burnout. Dealing with stress during the exam season is a difficult thing to do. Exams are challenging for both young and adults. It is challenging to cope with such emotional stress alone. Have the same problem? You shake and sweat every time exams are coming?...
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6th March 2021
What is The Good Life Manifesto
There’s a day I remember from when I was 17. My mom was in the kitchen and I was just wandering around the house aimlessly. I went up to her and told her that I wanted someone to simply tell me what to do, which decisions to make, etc. She looked at me, smiled and said “I understand. We all want to have the answers to everything. But that’s not...
Ludovic Vuillier
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22nd February 2021
6 Things That Will Help You Stay Productive in The Office
Every day in the office is different. However, you still have to fulfill the deadlines and meet your clients for the day. Keeping yourself productive in itself can be a daunting task, even to those that enjoy their jobs. It is a struggle at times to get that productive rhythm. What can you do to help you keep on top of your work without stress building up? It is in...
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18th February 2021
A Day Without Internet
With over 6 WhatsApp groups and over 25 close contacts Roy was getting irritated quite often as messages after messages keep pouring into his mobile phone. Since he has sales team to manage and requires close follow up he was not able to put away his mobile. Even though he has muted many of the groups and Individuals in-order to look at his team’s message he opens the phone and...
Easwaran Raj
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30th January 2021
11 Timeless Gift Ideas for Your Other Half
No matter the occasion, your loved one deserves a little something every now and then. If you’re having a hard time thinking about the perfect gift for your other half, consider these 11 timeless gifts that your loved one is bound to enjoy. Flowers Flowers are always an excellent choice for your loved ones because everyone has a preference for these beautiful smelling plants! If you’re strapped for time, you can send...
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30th January 2021
10 Insightful Ideas To Win Over Your Boss
Believe it or not, it’s not tricky or hectic at all to impress your boss. It is suggested to perform your duties as assigned, and it’ll be more than sufficient to pace yourself into your boss’s good books. But you can do something extra to differentiate yourself from the rest of that staff to become your boss’s dream employee. However, different organizations have different bosses, and you have to modify yourself...
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18th January 2021
Life-Altering Reasons to Become a Speech Therapist
Many believe speech therapy to be a branch of psychology that only deals with your speech improvement. Perhaps, due to a common misbelief that it majorly focuses on the speech development of children. However, this could not be farther from the truth. A speech therapist works with all groups of people as efficiently as they work with children. Speech therapists can assist their patients, including many more skills concerning communication, both...
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16th January 2021
3 Steps Towards Conquering Your Phobias
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It is estimated that around 10% of people have specific phobias, while 7.1% have social phobias. Phobias can cause very severe anxiety, terror, depression, and physical symptoms such as nausea, shaking, and panic attacks. Some people also have agoraphobia; a fear of being alone in public spaces. Phobias and fears can adversely affect your ability to carry out everyday tasks or to take part in very specific activities like bungee jumping, climbing,...
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8th January 2021
Be An Electrician: Say “Hi” To A Lasting Career Opportunity
Are you looking for a career that could be affordable and have wide opportunities? If yes, you are reading the right blog and getting knowledge about the most demanding job career i.e. “electrical field”. These days, electricians are one of the most demanding in every sector of business. The most obvious reason is, one cannot imagine a place without power, whether it is public parks, bus stands, houses, or businesses. Therefore, no...
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19th December 2020
Reasons To Use Studio Backdrops By Kate Backdrop For Your Photography
For a professional Photographer, the backdrops are as important as a canvas for a painter. Isn't it? 
For a professional Photographer, the backdrops are as important as a canvas for a painter. The way a Painter can bring out a beautiful portrait on the canvas, a photographer brings out a story in every photo using just a few pieces of equipment like Backdrop and foreground. A backdrop adds personality and style to the photos. Of course, needless to mention the subject is at the heart of the...
Kunal Jain
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8th December 2020