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How to Choose the Right Career Certifications
Are you wondering what career certifications you should pursue?Sometimes, we feel disconnected from a perfect career fit. Career certifications can be the key to boosting your skills and value to employers.In our fast-paced world, you need to update your resume as new technologies arise. Not only does this show experience with current trends, but it also shows your commitment to continued education and skill growth.Not sure how to choose the...
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7th June 2023
Secrets To A Balanced And Happy Life
Living a balanced life may give a sense of happiness and meaning. Prioritizing your time and maintaining an optimistic outlook can help you obtain happiness and balance. Engage in activities that are both healthy and helpful to you, as well as ones that bring meaning to your life. Everyone wishes to be healthy and satisfied. But why should we try to live a long and healthy life if we can't...
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25th April 2023
The Power of Positive Self-Talk: How to Boost Your Confidence and Achieve Your Goals
Did you know that on average, we have about 6,000 thoughts per day? Unfortunately, studies show that around 80% of those thoughts are negative, leading to a lack of confidence and self-doubt. The good news is that you have the power to change this through positive self-talk. In fact, according to a study by the University of Zurich, individuals who used positive self-talk showed increased neural activity in the brain's...
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3rd April 2023
The Best Study Apps For College Students To Concentrate And Focus
You can improve your knowledge of various topics by studying. This helps you prepare for exams and complete assignments - no matter if you are starting inexperienced freshman presentation doers or ripe law dissertation writers. Low motivation and concentration are two of the most common problems with studying. It is becoming harder to focus when there are so many distractions.Study apps can help you focus and improve your concentration. Study...
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1st April 2023
Becoming An NHS Physical Therapist and Rising Through the Ranks: What You Need to Consider
The NHS is one of the biggest employers in the world, with a whopping 1.2 million workers across Europe, ranging from healthcare assistants, ambulance service team members, doctors, midwives, physical therapists, and much more. Especially if you’re considering a career in the latter profession, it’s no surprise you’d choose to pursue it through the NHS, known for its career progression opportunities and unique worker benefits like the Blue Light Card discount...
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8th March 2023
Will You Stand to Save Holi?
Vanishing Great CivilizationSpoiling Ageold FestivalsDepreciating Human ValuesDepleting Responsible ConductReplacing Joy with HooliganismMissing Holy elements?What to do?Wanted Holi Champions!Wanted Culture Ambassadors!Wanted Courtesy Protectors!Spraying Harmful Colours?Wasting Scarce Water?Using Abusive Language?Burning Tree Wood?Shouting Obscene Slogans?Teasing Without Concern?Let's return to the rootsLet's return to natureLet's revive heritageLet's remove evilsMake Holi true-HolyOur colorful cultural heritage is wonderful and unique. Our ancient cultural heritage is really praiseworthy. Our value of life and our respect for nature...
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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2nd March 2023
Challenges Posed by Artificial Intelligence
So, there’s been much chatter & commentary on the implications of AI, exacerbated by the use cases of conversational models like ChatGPT and DALLE2 Creates. While the benefits of AI are many, including increased efficiency & cost savings, the technology also poses significant challenges for humanity. One of the most pressing concerns is the potential for mass layoffs & unemployment as a result of the adoption of machine learning...
Amit Gupta
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23rd February 2023
The Top Ten Benefits Of Using SMS As A Marketing Channel
A robust marketing strategy is a pivotal component in any successful business plan. With the rise of social media and digital marketing, SMS (Short Message Service) has become an increasingly important tool for reaching customers efficiently and effectively. Here are the top ten benefits of using SMS marketing for ecommerce and small businesses:   1. Reach Broad AudiencesSMS marketing has the potential to reach a broad audience that other forms of marketing cannot. With...
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2nd February 2023
When Do You Give up or Quit?
Author: Amit GuptaI’ve been trying to answer that question for myself for the past few years. 1. You should always be changing: As you learn about the world and yourself, you change. You find that an old method isn’t reliable. You discover a new mindset that you want to adopt. You meet someone who changes your trajectory. As you learn more about reality, you change as a person (and you should change)....
Amit Gupta
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18th January 2023
Setting Up a Rooftop Solar System: Some Pointers
Solar is becoming increasingly popular as a way for families to save money and lessen their ecological impact. Although solar energy is growing more popular, due to a lack of knowledge and the presence of dishonest "experts," not all people have benefitted. This post will teach newcomers why adopting solar is a smart choice and how to make the change. Where can I find a competent technician? A competent solar company can help...
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15th January 2023