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5 Reasons to Take a Manual Handling Awareness Course
Manual handling isn’t just reserved for industries such as construction, it can also apply in the care industry, hospitality and retail amongst many more. Read ON!
A manual handling awareness course should be a fundamental part of employee learning and development, particularly if you have a business that involves lifting, carrying, pulling or pushing items which could cause injury. A significant number of employees are affected by manual handling so good practice should be promoted and encouraged as widely as possible. Manual handling is a practice used in many workplaces; moving equipment in industry, handling supplies or...
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23rd November 2018
Benefits of A Healthy Workplace and Inspiration to Maintain One
Inspiration to maintain a healthy workspace can come from within for most entrepreneurs with healthy lifestyle and choices. For others, here's a list of inspiring reasons to achieve it. Read ON!
We all care about our own health and well-being, that’s a given. But what about the health of your employees? Of course you care about them as people, but their health and wellness should actually be one of the most important concerns when creating a successful workplace. After all, healthy workers are happy workers!Productive Employees Employees who are healthy are statistically more productive at work - it’s a fact. Feeling better...
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26th October 2018
The power of procrastination. The I will do it later syndrome
"I will do it later" - Who doesn't relate to this phrase? All of us do. None must continue relating forever though. Of course, this is easy said than done but inevitably needed for a quality life. Read ON!
 How often do you say this one phrase can literally decide your bank balance, relationship strengths, credibility, status in society, experiences in life, Education levels, your position in life, your skills, talents, abilities & so much more. One powerful phrase that can literally make or break your fate in almost everything.  You have an issue or a problem at hand & you say, "I will do it later" or "what's the...
Sujit Lalwani
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14th October 2018
What are the Qualities of a Successful Public Administrator?
According to Victor Lipman, good employees may leave leaders and managers, but not organizations. We can back this up with what we mean. Read ON!
The idea behind this saying is that a bad manager can create a catastrophic impact on employee turnover, morale, and the overall productivity of the organization. And if the manager is good, then effects can be great! In the public sector, administrators can play a more significant role than in corporate organizations. Better benefits and high salary always attract great employees to the corporate organizations and the organization’s strength is leadership...
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4th October 2018
There is no place for religion in education
What is the role of religion and church in modern society and, in particular, in education? Can society be considered modern if religion reigns in it?
It's very hard to shoot cartoonists, blow up skyscrapers, kill teenage homosexuals and imprison young singers if you do not believe that you do it for God. But if you do it for the Almighty, then everything is fine. God is the best way to avoid responsibility. Religion is ignorance It is impossible to believe in what you know exactly, for example, in the fact that two times two is four. But...
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28th September 2018
The Loser
The best way to lose yourself is to lose yourself in the lines of a good writer. Here are a few set of lines that will get you lost in them. Thanks to Dr Rajiva Ranjan. Read ON!
Although it was not late, it was a dark and drizzling night. Cold wind was shrieking and it was shivering to stand outside in the balcony where her telephone set was kept. In that cold weather she was standing and talking to someone on phone impatiently: sometimes appealing, sometimes annoying and sometimes accusing. She was restless and wanted her son back home. The weather was such that no mother would...
Dr. Rajiva Ranjan
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24th September 2018
The Captive
Anecdote or fullest in meaning is left to you to derive from this set of deep meaning lines.
That day her facial expressions were different. She had revealed her whole mind on her little face. It gave me the feelings of a captive who had been incarcerated and kept for the service of her in-laws.  She came from an average middle class family with a few siblings; the eldest one with a lot of love from parents and grandparents. She had the freedom to play or read, work or...
Dr. Rajiva Ranjan
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24th September 2018
Train Them in Self-Resilience
In the direct words of Dr Trilok Kumar Jain, who is currently the director for ecosystem for innovations and entrepreneurship at Suresh Gyan Vihar University.
We all need to learn and practice resilience. We all need some training in resilience.  There are some among us, who are finding it difficult to adapt to failures in life. Success and failures are two parts of life, which everyone of us face at some point of time. However, there are cases where we find the adults or youth getting frustrated after failures. Due to rising number of nuclear...
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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24th September 2018
Could Weekends be a License to Mediocrity?
Few months back in course of having a substantive tedious week in the college, a friend of mine was all of a sudden excited to know that it was Friday amid all the hardships of the academic year. “I can’t just wait for the weekends”, he shouted. It wasn’t unfamiliar for me though as I had heard it multiple times from him. He was a mediocre at studies and work...
Anish Dhakal
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24th September 2018
Flavours of Independence - Seventy Two years for India!
Something that every child craves for, something that every trapped soul wishes for. Something that every prisoner prays for, something that every generation unanimously has asked for. That is. Read ON!
Independence. Whether we realise it or not, every single one of us craves for a little more independence than what we have today - be it in the tasks we do, or the lives we live- It is the single most important thing, that gives us happiness, like no other. Except for maybe love, which might sound like contradictory, but there’s a famous quote which says, Love in such a way...
Sandhya Nagaraj
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15th August 2018