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Online Casino And Gaming risks are being tackled by the Green Gaming Predictive Tool
With rising growth come risks that need to be taken care, dealt with and handled for better experience of a community in any sector and so is the case with online casino, gaming and gambling sector. This tool here is going green for better gaming experience. Read ON!
Since the first online casino platform InterCasino was ever launched in Antigua in 1996 there has been great advancement in this industry to date. In brief history of time this industry has grown leaps and bounds and seen all phases through to fruition and trust from consumers and players. While a lot of nations have approval for this industry there are few that still ban this due to lack of...
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21st April 2019
Important strategies to cover JEE main syllabus: How it is easier than expected
Cracking tough exams gets even tougher without the right technique and the thought reinforcement that they are really hard to crack. If you have the right resources, strategies and mindsets you can surely crack exams like JEE with much more ease than you thought possible. Read ON!
The JEE Main syllabus requires a comprehensive understanding of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and its application studied from Class VI onwards. An engineering aspirant who wishes to crack the JEE Mains must be thorough with their concepts and must focus on a practical and problem-solving approach rather than rote learning. If the concepts of science are dealt like this from the beginning, clearing JEE or any other engineering entrance exam...
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18th April 2019
Top Woodworking Skills You Should Know
Woodworking comes in handy when you want to give yourself some touch of class of your own talent with design, redefine your furniture or simply get things fixed at home or work. Here's a quick set of things you must know for that. Read on!
Though woodworking is not taught in schools as much as it once was, there are some basic woodwork skills everyone should know. Learning to work with wood is handy for fixing things around the home, and it enables you to connect with a long heritage of craftsmanship. Fortunately, even if you weren't lucky enough to learn basic skills in school, it's never too late to learn. Here's a list of...
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19th February 2019
Pairing Education With Crucial Life Skills
Indian students are some of the world’s brightest, and are capable of taking on the challenge of a huge range of subjects. Despite this, vital life skills are often lacking – when it comes to financial skills, for example, students are creating a 142% increase in student loan defaults year on year. Schools and higher education facilities need to do more to help students tie in crucial life skills to their studies,...
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13th February 2019
4 Secrets of Perfect Motivational Speech
Motivational speeches impact masses to action, to clarity, to higher purpose and sometimes trigger the spark they needed. Hence, it's important to deliver a quality speech. If you haven't been a speaker yourself, but intend on giving a motivational speech sometime in near future, here are 4 things you need to keep in mind the most. Read ON!
Almost everyone has two sides, like a coin, one that you see and one that needs a push to reveal itself, that is, your dreams. Many motivational speakers and social media influencers have tried to give that push to the people who lack motivation, inspiration and a vision to what they want in life. A truly optimistic person will always try to spread the nature of being positive among the...
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1st February 2019
Why Early Development is Important
Based on developmental theories, the most rapid development occur in the first five years of life. Even in the acquisition of language, children who are exposed to multiple languages are able to learn a new language easily before he/she is seven years old. Read ON!
Psychologists have espoused the importance of early development as opposed to later development. Some even as far to say that whatever experiences a child has early in life will determine what he/she will be in the future. It is important to provide children with an environment that would support his/her curiosity, exploration and learning. We often take for granted young children’s need for stimulation and to be able to explore...
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1st February 2019
STRATEGY is the Watchword for Business Leaders of Tomorrow
Dr. Nitin Parab has achieved his Doctorate in the field of Human Psychology and Life Coaching and is actively involved with the corporates in various areas of Strategic Management. He is an Author of 3 Leadership Books and Chairman Of MSME Council – Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. His views on strategy are inevitable for today's business leaders. Read ON!
STRATEGY is the watch word on which the Business Leader builds his/her enterprise In the new world of Business shaping up right in front of our very eyes . It is Strategy that will sustain and drive the businesses to extraordinary heights where the forces of competition will never be able to reach and one can navigate the enterprise to the shores of success even in these turbulent times. The Word...
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28th January 2019
25 Basic Yet Essential Life Skills You Need to Know
What we think we already know most often doesn't come to our use just when we need it, not because we do not know it but because it misses sufficient reinforcements. Here's a quick list of basic and essential life skills for you. Which ones are most important to you?
Learning life skills is an important part of growing up, of learning how to be a functional person, and of learning how to keep your life organized. Each the 25 tips listed below will make it easier for you to protect your family, be happy, and stay out of trouble. 1. Roadside Assistance This emergency towing info could come in handy when you are stranded on the side of the road. Join...
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28th January 2019
Is there a way we can be healthier, richer and make the world a better place, through a single habit?
Sousthav chakrabarty, the co-founder and CEO at Capital Quotient from his personal experience has figured that this one habit can truly impact your life in various ways to make you healthier, richer and help you impact the world too in your little ways. We were intrigued and went on to figure how and here's what he wrote for the column. Read ON!
What does it mean being healthy? When we say a person is healthy, it usually means that there is a balance of various chemicals and hormones in their body, a balance between their muscle and fat composition (yes, we all need some fat!), proper functioning of their organs, and a better than average stamina. An extended definition also includes having an emotional balance, so we don’t lose it at the drop of...
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18th January 2019
So what's a financial plan and why do we all need one?
Financial planning is an aspect of life that can come handy to make all those dreams come true, from travelling to your favourite destinations to gifting your loved ones the life they dream. Here's Sousthav Chakrabarty, Co-founder of sharing his views on the same. Read ON!
If we go back to our school or college days, we all have, at one point of time or the other, submitted projects. At least once we would have submitted business or project plans for a new product, a project or a company. We had no limitation on the use of creative license, made bold assumptions, showcased phenomenal numbers and crazy growth plans. At the time though we did this for...
Sousthav Chakrabarty
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17th January 2019