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Footloose - In Quick Sand
Empathy isn't always everyone's cup of tea. It takes a great deal of experiences in life plus a genuine bent of mind to want to empathise and touch of humanity to do it all the more meaningfully. Here's a piece from Sandhya Nagaraj that highlights the importance of empathising with others and how it could go a long way personally and professionally. Read ON!
Talking about his Hampi trip, Sujit sir was narrating one incident where his car got stuck in fine sand, and how it took a whole lot of men, a sand storm and a lot of smoke by the car, to get the car out of the sand after it had sunk in… and then came the thought of this piece. Responsibility.  What you are supposed to feel at your job, every goddamn...
Sandhya Nagaraj
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26th June 2019
14 Great Websites to Learn Video Editing and Production
With video content becoming mainstream it's only becoming more & more imperative for everyone to have those skills alongside other skill sets. Here are quality sources to learn from. Read ON!
It’s very challenging and it takes guts to learn video editing and producing. You can use a lot of programs in your workflow, you can use them for your production/post-production purposes as they are updating along with cameras and other equipment. You can build up your knowledge and master your skills once you get a good baseline in the programs you need to use. Today, in this article, we are here...
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23rd June 2019
How Kids Acquire Money Habits passed on to them as Beliefs and Attitudes
Children copy what their parents do. In fact, most of them want to be like their parents when they grow up and this extends to their beliefs and attitude about money. Any money habits you have right now are as a result of what your parents shared about it.
Children copy what their parents do. In fact, most of them want to be like their parents when they grow up and this extends to their beliefs and attitude about money. Any money habits you have right now are as a result of what your parents shared about it. According to financial planners, kids know when parents enter turbulent financial times and the behaviors portrayed by the parents have significant effects...
Pub Engine
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2nd June 2019
5 Ways to Fund Your Dream Wedding
Wedding itself is a dream and to top it, dream weddings are a true icing on the cake and need finances and planning to make them happen. Here's what would help you get there hassle-free. Read ON!
For most people, a wedding is the most exciting part of their lives. It is an occasion where two people who love one another tie themselves in holy matrimony – so naturally you would want it to be perfect. However, a dream wedding can be expensive. There is a big dinner with all your family and friends, expensive venue, decorations, and an abroad honeymoon. All these can be costly, and...
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9th May 2019
How can I Pass a Background Check
Background checks are pivotal for ensuring the authenticity of employees and avoiding hassles of situations at work place that arise due to incorrect unverified hires. Here's what could be done to get this right. Read on!
Background checks are much more than criminal or credit card history check. Employers undergo background checks to ascertain the best candidate for the job. This way, they'd make an informed decision in the selection of the best candidate based on the employment history, education, and criminal records. If you're an active job seeker, the kind of background check you undergo would be dependent on the position you're applying for. Accounting/financial positions would...
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9th May 2019
Real Reasons Why You Should Go to College
Attending college must not be a task to do out of compulsion instead it must be done out of reason strong enough to drive one to do it. Here are few reasons we think you will be able to connect with and make the most of your college. Read ON!
My name is Erica Fleming. I support the effective adoption of new technologies or ways of working within writing by communicating complex information in an informative and inspiring way. My works you can find on my blog. I’m fond of writing articles for students, helping with essays.It is said that knowledge is power, and a college education is structured to impart knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to students, but is...
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2nd May 2019
Online Casino And Gaming risks are being tackled by the Green Gaming Predictive Tool
With rising growth come risks that need to be taken care, dealt with and handled for better experience of a community in any sector and so is the case with online casino, gaming and gambling sector. This tool here is going green for better gaming experience. Read ON!
Since the first online casino platform InterCasino was ever launched in Antigua in 1996 there has been great advancement in this industry to date. In brief history of time this industry has grown leaps and bounds and seen all phases through to fruition and trust from consumers and players. While a lot of nations have approval for this industry there are few that still ban this due to lack of...
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21st April 2019
Important strategies to cover JEE main syllabus: How it is easier than expected
Cracking tough exams gets even tougher without the right technique and the thought reinforcement that they are really hard to crack. If you have the right resources, strategies and mindsets you can surely crack exams like JEE with much more ease than you thought possible. Read ON!
The JEE Main syllabus requires a comprehensive understanding of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and its application studied from Class VI onwards. An engineering aspirant who wishes to crack the JEE Mains must be thorough with their concepts and must focus on a practical and problem-solving approach rather than rote learning. If the concepts of science are dealt like this from the beginning, clearing JEE or any other engineering entrance exam...
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18th April 2019
Top Woodworking Skills You Should Know
Woodworking comes in handy when you want to give yourself some touch of class of your own talent with design, redefine your furniture or simply get things fixed at home or work. Here's a quick set of things you must know for that. Read on!
Though woodworking is not taught in schools as much as it once was, there are some basic woodwork skills everyone should know. Learning to work with wood is handy for fixing things around the home, and it enables you to connect with a long heritage of craftsmanship. Fortunately, even if you weren't lucky enough to learn basic skills in school, it's never too late to learn. Here's a list of...
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19th February 2019
Pairing Education With Crucial Life Skills
Indian students are some of the world’s brightest, and are capable of taking on the challenge of a huge range of subjects. Despite this, vital life skills are often lacking – when it comes to financial skills, for example, students are creating a 142% increase in student loan defaults year on year. Schools and higher education facilities need to do more to help students tie in crucial life skills to their studies,...
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13th February 2019