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The Top Ten Benefits Of Using SMS As A Marketing Channel
A robust marketing strategy is a pivotal component in any successful business plan. With the rise of social media and digital marketing, SMS (Short Message Service) has become an increasingly important tool for reaching customers efficiently and effectively. Here are the top ten benefits of using SMS marketing for ecommerce and small businesses:   1. Reach Broad AudiencesSMS marketing has the potential to reach a broad audience that other forms of marketing cannot. With...
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2nd February 2023
When Do You Give up or Quit?
Author: Amit GuptaI’ve been trying to answer that question for myself for the past few years. 1. You should always be changing: As you learn about the world and yourself, you change. You find that an old method isn’t reliable. You discover a new mindset that you want to adopt. You meet someone who changes your trajectory. As you learn more about reality, you change as a person (and you should change)....
Amit Gupta
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18th January 2023
Setting Up a Rooftop Solar System: Some Pointers
Solar is becoming increasingly popular as a way for families to save money and lessen their ecological impact. Although solar energy is growing more popular, due to a lack of knowledge and the presence of dishonest "experts," not all people have benefitted. This post will teach newcomers why adopting solar is a smart choice and how to make the change. Where can I find a competent technician? A competent solar company can help...
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15th January 2023
4 Inspiring Stories That Tell You Discipline Is The Only Way to Success
Abhishek Kumar Sharma: Abhishek Kumar Sharma is an environment & climate activist and a world traveler from India. Being a research scholar and the work of research on solid waste management did not entice him. He was passionate about creating a bigger impact towards the awareness of environmental impact. His patience reached the threshold after getting to know the launch of the ‘Swachh Bharat’ [Clean India] campaign by the Govt. of India. He...
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11th January 2023
The Opportunity Lab - OPPORTUNITIES for the Helpless
Poverty everywhere Initiatives none Programs everywhere Transformations none Fake solutions everywhere Real impact none                                               Credit mongers everywhere True philanthropists rare Millions come and go – aimlessly A few work with a goal – passionately Millions waste on useless motions A few try bringing innovative solutions A decade back I invited motivational speaker Sujit Lalwani to infuse my students with a positive spirit.  Mr. Sujit Lalwani inspired students to take up small projects for solving our common problems. He mesmerized every participant with...
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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9th January 2023
15 Self-help Courses That Will Help You Do More, And Achieve More
With the growing complexities that surround our lives, the demand for self-help content like courses and books is high, and rightly so. The emotional, attitudinal, and work challenges we may be experiencing in our lives can leave us drained and stuck. In such times, we look for people who can guide us through them. While, you may be lucky if you find a mentor, in other cases, the courses and books...
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29th December 2022
G20 Summit 2023 and G20 Presidency Both Come to India
Bookmark this page & stay updated with G20 Summit for 2023 updates leading up to the Summit. Share it with your friends, family & teams to keep them informed, inspired & updated too. #StayInspiredOnTheGo 
The announcement of India bagging the G20 presidency for 2023 and being the host of the G20 Summit 2023, has aroused keen interest among a large group of people towards this subject. If you are looking for a quick grasp on what G20 is, and its impact on the global economy; this piece is for you. Read On! What are G20 and G20 Summit? The G20 is an acronym for ‘Group of Twenty’....
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15th December 2022
How to Stay Inspired and Get Yourself Through Tough Times
Tough times don't last but tough people do and here's how they navigate through those times to get to the end of the tunnel where the light shines bright and things seem right. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
We all go through tough times. Whether it's a personal tragedy or struggle, a breakup, or simply a really bad week, there are moments when it feels like everything is against us.  However, even in the darkest days, we can find inspiration and hope if we know where to look. Here are several tips for staying inspired and getting yourself through tough times. Define what inspiration means to you  Inspiration is a powerful feeling...
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13th December 2022
OSCAR Ke Bacche, Sabse Acche!
OSCAR Foundation uses football(soccer) as a means to motivate kids in the slums to complete their schooling. Absolutely stunning isn't it? READ ON!
According to the statistics, India has over 3 Million NGOs [Non-Governmental Organisations] that are working across diverse sectors towards the betterment of society & effect social change. OSCAR Foundation ranks among very renowned organizations in India working towards the empowerment of children from underprivileged communities through sports. In some societies, Sports are often considered to be a distraction from education for kids, but OSCAR Foundation has set an example by making sports, an...
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9th December 2022
The Origins of Competitive Gaming and Esports
Competitive video gaming has come a long way from the first organized event 50 years ago to evolving into sold-out arena events with millions of dollars in prizes at stake. Cybersports has also developed into a major spectator activity that rivals some of the world's biggest sporting events. Online casino review sites today often have the Space Invaders title as one of the most popular slot games to play. The game was...
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29th November 2022