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The Power of Storytelling: How to Use Narrative to Strengthen Your Writing
Humans tell stories to make sense of the world. They bring facts to life and help humans to share emotions. Storytelling is central to every culture and is one of the most basic ways to transmit knowledge. A compelling story with an emotional trigger can have a great impact on readers. You may not be gifted with good narrative skills, but you can improve them with some guidance and practice.Read...
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1st March 2023
10 Recently Released Books To Follow & Read
The reading landscape is changing. There are more books to read than you can imagine. From Fiction- Child Fiction, Sci-Fi, YA, to even non-fiction, the bookshelves are bright with books. Statistics show that close to 689 million units of print books sold in 2019 in the USA alone. Moreover, more than 33.5 million e-books were sold in the USA in the same period.  But have you not inculcated the habit of reading in your life...
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26th February 2023
6 Exciting Tools For Writers & Authors To Boost Their Productivity
For a writer and an author, productivity is a challenging aspect. There are enough distractions to distract them from writing. While the distractions are one, writers also find it challenging to focus. Many a time, there is a lot a writer has to do, but the lack of a list can cause the day to be super chaotic, jumping from one task to another without a proper plan.  While on some...
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1st February 2023
Social Media Tips For Newly Self-Published Authors
According to the statistics, 3.6 billion people worldwide (more than 50% of the world’s population) use Social Media. There has been a drastic change in the marketing landscape and how the product outreach is created. The usage of social media is at its peak, and so it is its use for marketing. In this drastically changing scenario, it is no different for the authors and their books as well. Though social media might...
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6th January 2023
7 Tools That Help Writers Eliminate Distractions to Focus Better
As a writer, you would be able to relate to this: as easy and rosy as it sounds, it isn’t that easy after all. You decide to start writing one day, you are facing a block, you start pondering what to write [or you have just completed a few words], and you receive a notification from a social media site, and Bam! The next thing you know is that you...
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6th December 2022
The Journey of Completing Your First Book and Becoming an Author
The first step in being a published author is completing your first book. Once you write your book, is when you will go about with the work to find a publishing company to help you get it into print. You can always self-publish your book, but if you do have a good budget, we highly recommend you go with a publishing company. It’s a lot of work, but the payoff...
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20th October 2022
How To Select A Paraphraser For Rephrasing The Content?
Paraphrasing tools are the backbone of the writing process today. So, how should you pick one? Read on!
Picking a paraphrasing tool seems like a simple process. You head to google, search the right keywords and pick the one that's on the top. While it may sound simple, it's not because you need to tend to a few things. Today, we'll be exploring why selecting the right paraphrasing tools is a necessity. On...
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22nd July 2022
Do I have to get an ISBN for my eBook? 
We all have a lot of questions when it comes to self publishing and even more when it comes to getting an ISBN for an eBook. Here's the top FAQs answered for you. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo 
If you are keeping your foot in the self-publishing journey, you would have already come across several questions on ISBN for your book. Becoming an author isn’t easy, you might have myriad doubts that run through your mind, not to mention the pressure you feel from the expectations of family & friends. If you choose to go for an eBook through Amazon KDP, you might have encountered a question relating to the ISBN. Don’t...
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3rd July 2022
Why is it so Hard to Resist a Good Thriller?
Thrillers are officially one of the world's most popular fiction genres and they come in second in terms of sales behind romance and erotic fiction. Indeed, many of the world's stop crime/thriller authors have become household names. Think Agatha Christie, David Baldacci, Gillian Flynn, Stephen King, or Harlan Coben. There is something about thrillers that makes it impossible to stop turning pages. Truly well-constructed stories draw their readers in and engage their...
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17th January 2022
Most Inspirational Books for Beginning Writers
Writing, even though it seems easy, it comes with challenges. To improve your writing, you need to write and this is what every writer knows about the whole process. It takes time, effort, and dedication, but writing consistently is proven to improve your style, tone, way of exposing your ideas and thoughts in a catchy way, and so on. However, even though practice makes it perfect, you can gather more inspiration...
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5th November 2021