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Inspiring Story of Ms Danusha Chandrasekaran: Author of 2 Books and Founder of Serenity eMagazine

In the realm of literature, certain individuals emerge not only as authors but as beacons of inspiration, weaving tales that resonate deeply with readers and spark transformative journeys. Ms. Danusha Chandrasekaran, a prolific author of 2 books - Have You Found Your Happy Place & Who Stole Your Rainbow and the founder of Serenity, a daily positivity emagazine, stands as a testament to this notion.

Danusha Join us as we delve into the inspiring story of Ms. Danusha Chandrasekaran - she shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs, offering a glimpse into the profound impact of her literary endeavors.


Ms. Danusha, a resident of the vibrant city of Chennai, embodies a dynamic blend of academic prowess and diverse passions. Armed with a Masters in Human Development and Family Studies, she delved deeper into her interests by pursuing additional courses in Alternative therapies, including Pranic Healing, Touch Therapy, and Varman. As a mother of two boys, her innate Gemini spirit fuels her boundless energy and drive to pursue her multifaceted interests.

From culinary arts to counseling and creative writing, she leads a fulfilling life enriched by her diverse experiences. Her journey led her to work with her brother & his company called Creative Factory. Her passion for healing and writing culminated in the creation of her own Emagazine, Serenity, which celebrates three years of inspiring content.

Her brother is the one responsible for designing both her book covers and the Serenity magazine.

Unveiling the Origin of Serenity:

Ms. Danusha Chandrasekaran's journey as an author and entrepreneur began with a profound desire to channel her knowledge and experiences into a platform that could uplift and empower others.

Serenity emerged as a beacon of positivity from her earlier initiative, Seeds of Hope, a women's empowerment group. Running Seeds of Hope for over a year, she witnessed the power of encouragement and support in fostering personal growth. In 2020, amidst the lingering effects of the pandemic, she felt compelled to channel her knowledge and experiences into something more impactful.

With the backing of loved ones, Serenity was launched on December 7th, 2020. It became a platform to amalgamate her passion for literature, research, and holistic well-being, offering daily doses of inspiration and guidance. Serenity stands as her daily commitment to spreading positivity and empowerment, a testament to her dedication to making a difference in people's lives.

Innately, people are good. One can tap into their reservoir of goodness with a slight prodding. Serenity aims to do that on a daily basis by helping people be the best version of themselves. This belief serves as another driving force behind the inception of Serenity.

Danusha Perspectives on Happiness and Motivation:

Delving into her philosophy on happiness and motivation, she offers profound insights derived from her own journey. Happiness to her is something personal- she asserts, emphasizing the intrinsic nature of contentment. For Ms. Danusha, motivation serves as a guiding force, driving her pursuit of diverse passions and endeavors. For her, Motivation is her wake-up alarm, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between happiness and motivation in fueling personal growth and fulfillment.

Importance of Positivity in Life:

From her perspective, positivity is not just a state of mind but a guiding principle that shapes the very essence of existence. She believes that life presents two choices: to merely exist or to live a fulfilling, rewarding life. Merely existing entails going through the motions in a monotonous fashion, devoid of zest or enthusiasm. Conversely, embracing positivity infuses life with sparkle, transforming the mundane into moments of joy and fulfillment.

Even in the absence of extravagance or adventure, a quiet and rewarding life can be cultivated through positivity, imbuing each day with meaning and purpose. For Danusha, positivity serves as the catalyst that elevates life from an insipid routine to vibrant fulfillment, infusing every moment with a sense of zest and vitality.

Secret to Maintaining Positivity in Life:

Maintaining positivity amidst life's ups and downs is a skill that Ms. Danusha Chandrasekaran has honed with finesse. Her secret lies in avoiding drama like the plague, preferring to keep her life simple and focused on happiness. Her infectious positivity not only uplifts her own spirits but also radiates to those around her, as she delights in spreading joy and laughter.

Her wicked sense of humor serves as a steadfast anchor during turbulent times, keeping her grounded and resilient in the face of adversity. Embracing life with open arms, she approaches each day with a calm acceptance, cherishing the beauty of the present moment.

Ways to incorporate a Positive attitude in one's Life:

Incorporating a positive attitude into one's life involves not fixating excessively on the uncontrollable. One should concentrate solely on the present moment, as it is the only certainty. Taking each day as it unfolds is crucial. Remembering that for every problem, numerous solutions exist is essential.

Maintaining a calm demeanor enables clear thinking to explore these solutions. Prioritizing action over a complaint is always preferable. Expressing gratitude for the abundance of often-overlooked blessings is important. Recognizing that life is singular prompts a commitment to living it to the fullest.

Navigating Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles:

Ms. Danusha's journey as an author and entrepreneur has been punctuated by numerous challenges and obstacles, each serving as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Reflecting on her early struggles and setbacks, she shares that she lost her father when she was 15, highlighting the profound impact of loss on her trajectory. Despite facing familial opposition and societal expectations, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of writing, believing in her innate potential to effect change through her words.

The Genesis of Literary Endeavors:

For Ms. Danusha, the journey towards becoming an author was a gradual evolution rooted in a lifelong passion for reading and writing. "I always loved reading," she recalls fondly, tracing her earliest memories of holding a book to her formative years. Fueled by her father's unwavering support and encouragement, Danusha embarked on a journey of self-discovery, channeling her creative energies into crafting poignant narratives and inspirational messages.

Insights into the book 'Have You Found Your Happy Place':

Ms. Danusha's debut book, "Have You Found Your Happy Place" offers readers a refreshing and uplifting journey through the power of quotations and insightful interpretations. Designed as a compact volume, this book serves as a convenient companion for those seeking a pick-me-up amidst life's challenges.

With its diverse array of topics, ranging from accountability to forgiveness and from motivation to strength, each quotation invites readers to pause, reflect, and internalize its wisdom.

Her interpretations add depth and resonance to these timeless words, encouraging readers to revisit them repeatedly until they glean a deeper understanding. By providing a source of light and inspiration, "Have You Found Your Happy Place" aims to empower readers with a renewed perspective on life's journey.

Danusha Insights into the book 'Who Stole Your Rainbow':

In "Who Stole Your Rainbow," Ms. Danusha presents a collection of standalone thoughts on various topics, offering readers a deeper exploration of issues that resonate with their lives. With beautiful quotes, motivational poems, and dedicated chapters to meaningful quotations, this book invites readers on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Whether tackling struggles or celebrating victories, "Who Stole Your Rainbow" encourages readers to overcome challenges with resilience and embrace the richness of life.

Takeaways for Readers:

Through her books, she aims to instill in readers the belief that nothing is impossible and that they deserve a fulfilling life. She encourages readers to navigate life's ups and downs with the right mindset, recognizing that success, failure, happiness, and sorrow are all part of the human experience. Ultimately, she hopes her books inspire readers to find balance, meaning, and purpose in their own unique journeys.

Inspiration behind Writing:

Her inspiration to write stems from her father, who nurtured her love for reading from a young age. By witnessing her father's passion for writing and self-publishing, she found the motivation to fulfill his dream of seeing her become a writer. Drawing strength from her father's legacy, she embarked on her writing journey with determination and purpose.

Significant Supporters:

Ms. Danusha credits her journey as an author to the unwavering support of friends, loved ones, and her parents. From Inez, whose trust in her led to the creation of Serenity magazine, to lifelong friend Anitha, whose steadfast support has been invaluable, she acknowledges the pivotal roles these individuals have played in her writing career.

Additionally, her spiritual mentor, Dimple Ma, guided her towards leading a life of righteousness and self-kindness. Her Serenity Family and friends have also been instrumental in her success.

Moreover, Ms. Danusha draws inspiration from her sons, Adhiinthran and Dheexshan, as she strives to set a positive example for them. As the primary caregiver for her mother, a cancer warrior, she has learned empathy and resilience, recognizing their transformative power in her life.

She also expresses gratitude for her parents, Mr. N.P. Shanmugam and Mrs. Bhavani, for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout her journey. Additionally, she appreciates the support and encouragement from her friends Soundar and Bharathi, who have provided both financial assistance and emotional backing throughout her journey.

Reflecting on her earliest memories:

Her earliest memories are steeped in a love for reading and writing, manifesting as early as grade 8 when she began crafting poems and participating in school competitions. Recalling her childhood endeavors, she reminisces - she signed her 12th-grade slam book as a journalist. These formative experiences planted the seeds of her literary aspirations, laying the foundation for a lifelong journey of self-expression and creativity.

Reading and writing used to be a fun pastime. She would often create personalized greeting cards during her school days, once dreaming of a career as a Hallmark card writer. Additionally, she formed a writer's club with two other girls in school, utilizing the platform to express their creativity in various school programs. These early ventures into creative expression further fueled her passion for storytelling and communication.

Having completed her schooling in a convent, she credits the nuns for instilling discipline in her life. It was during this time that her love for books blossomed, with her favorite period being library time. Excelling in English, it became her favorite subject throughout school, nurturing her passion for language and literature.

Danusha Notable Changes after Transitioning into Authorship:

Transitioning into the role of an author brought about significant changes in her life, empowering her with a newfound sense of purpose and authority. Reflecting on this transformation, she shares that being an Author has empowered her. She feels there's more purpose and drive towards where she is headed. Moreover, the recognition afforded to authors imbued her words with a newfound gravitas, commanding respect and validation for her literary endeavors.

Inspirational Quote:

One of her cherished quotes from her own work is, "You are the choices you make. You need to remember that no one is coming to save you. You need to work on yourself day by day and put in the effort because deep down you know that you are enough".

She also finds inspiration in another excerpt, "I like knowing I tried before I gave up. If I am always going to let the opinions of others be my benchmark for wanting to succeed, I will be like a bird with clipped wings. I would rather break my wings dashing them against the mountains I try soaring above from, rather than handing someone a pair of scissors to clip them before I fly".

Elaborating on Routines and Schedules:

Amidst the demands of a busy household and the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms. Danusha adhered to a flexible writing schedule, capitalizing on her mornings to immerse herself in the creative process. "I’m a morning person" she reveals, detailing her routine of waking up early to engage in writing, editing, and proofreading. Despite the inherent unpredictability of her schedule, she remained committed to her craft, dedicating herself wholeheartedly to the pursuit of literary excellence.

A Message of Resilience and Empowerment:

Ms. Danusha leaves readers with a poignant message of resilience and empowerment, urging them to embrace their dreams and aspirations with unwavering determination. "Do what you love, love what you do", she advises, encapsulating the essence of her own journey as an author and entrepreneur. Through her words and deeds, she continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape and beyond. In the captivating tapestry of her life, every setback becomes a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and every triumph resonates with the sweet melody of dreams fulfilled. As she continues to chart new horizons and inspire others along the way, Her legacy serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

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