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Evolving Duties and Responsibilities of Healthcare Administrators
Healthcare facilities, hospitals, and clinics run on profit-driven business models to maintain patient care quality without running into losses. These facilities are managed and overseen by a competent team of highly skilled administrators and executives. Healthcare administrators regulate and control expenses, maintain supply chain relations, and monitor quality controls. It’s no exaggeration to say that healthcare administrators are vital to the success and profitability of healthcare facilities and their business models....
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19th January 2022
6 Ways To Build A More Diverse Nursing Squad
This post will explore the benefits of building a more diverse nursing squad and provide helpful tips on how to get started. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Why do nursing squads seem so homogeneous? Maybe it is because they wear the same scrubs and do the same chores all day. However, they aren't merely identical robots, nor should they be. They come from different backgrounds and bring a variety of life experiences and skills that make them uniquely qualified to assist patients in their specific situations. This blog post will explore the benefits of building a more...
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19th January 2022
What Do Family Nurse Practitioners Actually Do?
To stay a cut above the rest, nurses have to constantly upskill and, therefore, they will enroll in higher-degree programs. The investment that goes into pursuing studies helps them find more opportunities for employment later on. A family nurse practitioner, or FNP, is no different. These professionals have highly sought-after specialized skills that enable them to charge more. Education plays a huge role in a nurse’s ability to attract more work....
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15th December 2021
6 Things We Should Talk About When Discussing Public Health
The public health sector dedicates itself to community wellness and care through education and research. The focus on healthcare outcomes helps the community stay healthy and active. It also helps the population curtail the spread of infections. Apart from caring for the community's needs, the sector also dedicates itself to policymaking to help improve the environment. These factors work in unison, ensuring socio-economic development. This is why it's essential to sort...
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12th December 2021
How to Start Planning for End of Life Care 
Serious or terminal medical conditions are never planned for but will certainly change everything in your life.  It can lead to a very intense and tough conversation about end-of-life care and what treatment you may want if you become impaired. While difficult, planning now will ensure your wishes are followed if you become incapacitated later.  This quick guide can start you on the journey to forming this plan. Continue reading to learn...
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15th November 2021
A Guide to Spotting the Symptoms of Aneurysms and Strokes Early On
Both aneurysms and strokes have controllable and uncontrollable risk factors. Controllable risk factors involve lifestyle choices that we have control and agency over such as not smoking, eating a healthy and balanced diet to maintain healthy body weight, doing sufficient exercise to stay physically active, reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and managing or preventing diabetes. Whereas uncontrollable risk factors include genetic causes of aneurysms and strokes, a history...
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22nd October 2021
How Can Medical Errors Be Prevented? 8 Ways to Prevent Them
Medical errors are one of the top leading causes of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer. According to statistics, nearly 250,000 people die from medical errors. These findings are based on years of conducting studies and statistical analysis and highlight a very important public concern. There are two main types of medical errors, including errors of omission, which occur because nurses or doctors fail to follow...
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16th October 2021
How to Deal With Hearing Aid Feedback
Hearing aids are meant to give us a better listening experience. However, oftentimes, feedback from the device becomes an issue. Read on to know more.
When someone gets a hearing aid, the objective is pretty obvious- you want to be able to hear a lot better. However, sometimes, you start getting feedback from your hearing aid device. This can sound like buzzing or even like whistling sounds. This feedback can be just a bit annoying or it can also be absolutely painful. Provided that you have thoroughly checked the batteries of the device and that they...
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13th September 2021
This TB Vaccine Has The Potential To Treat MS and Type-1 Diabetes
Originally used as a vaccination for Tuberculosis (TB), the bacteria Bacillus Calmet-Geurin (BCG) has been making headway for its potential to treat more than just TB. BCG's immune-enhancing properties are complemented with immune-suppressing capabilities that can treat various autoimmune conditions such as Type 1 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and potentially Alzheimer's. With 1.6 million Americans alone coping with Type 1 Diabetes, and millions more living with various autoimmune disorders, BCG's immune-modifying...
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4th September 2021
Six Ways to Positively Enhance Environmental Care Experience for Terminal Patients
To improve healthcare and extend the lifespan of terminally ill patients, augmenting and facilitating their environment is crucial. Effective palliative care is not only necessary for a patient’s well-being; it is the only viable option at incurable stages. Establishing and enhancing a palliative care environment depends upon the prevailing disease, patient condition, and everyday challenges. In addition, patients’ condition may necessitate support from immediate family, friends, trained nursing staff, or a...
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1st September 2021