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7 Steps To Start Your Fitness Journey?
There is this very famous saying about fitness which goes like - 'Fitness is not a destination, but a journey.’ And well, there is just no seconding this - fitness really is a journey that never comes to a halt. In fact, it never should, owing to the list of benefits it has in store for you and your health. As per research, it was found that people who indulge themselves in...
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23rd March 2021
Planning to Buy Maternity Insurance? Look for 5 Benefits
Getting quality prenatal and postnatal care in India is quite expensive. Thus, every woman must consider investing in health insurance with maternity cover before planning her motherhood journey. Notable health insurers, like Care Health Insurance, offer customized maternity covers. Maternity health insurance plans provide a vital financial cover when a family’s expenses are expected to rise during pregnancy. Financial planning for this phase of life should start with assessing your healthcare needs....
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21st February 2021
Fitness Exercises You Can Do To Prepare For Your Move
Realistically speaking, the entire moving process can be a dreadful undertaking. With all the packing, lifting, and unpacking activities, you need to be physically fit and healthy so you have the right amount of energy for all these tasks. The physical exertion required to relocate a whole household can cause so much strain to your body, which in turn can cause injuries. Fortunately, there are plenty of fitness exercises you can...
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18th February 2021
Common Injuries to Avoid While Exercising During Lockdown
In the UK, the third period of lockdown has forced would-be exercisers across the country to reconsider their habits. To be sure, we’re still allowed to go outside for a...
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12th January 2021
Essential Tips For Sleeping Better
Are you the kind of person who keeps on tossing and turning at night, dreaming of a proper night’s sleep? This is a must-read for you then.
We all know the importance of sleep for our day to day functioning. Yet the data from the American Sleep Association (ASA) suggests that 50-70 million adults in the USA suffer from a sleep disorder. Close to 25 million U.S adults have obstructive sleep apnea. Let’s take a...
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5th January 2021
The What, Why & How of COVID-19 & Novel CORONA Virus
A complete information set that every individual might need to know and understand to stay aware of this virus and disease to take wise decisions or advise anyone else, when someone in the circles has contracted COVID-19. It's never a loss to stay informed. READ ON!
This article is a well-researched piece brought together to give every reader the clarity on everything there is, currently, to COVID-19, in as much depth as possible. More than being a technical presentation on what the novel coronavirus is, this piece is all about bringing the much-needed info at hand for every one of us to deal with a COVID-19 patient within a family or understand our own position better....
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26th August 2020
How to Choose a Diet that's Right for You
Obesity is a leading health concern in many countries. Doctors classify people with a body mass index of more than 30 as obese. Over 30 percent of adults in the United States are obese, according to WebMD. Many people are changing their diets due to an increase in lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. But some of them pick the wrong diets. Here is a guide on how to...
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11th August 2020
Outdoors Beckon: Need of the Era
Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach of us more than we can ever learn from books. With this robust notion as the cornerstone, was formed the startup, Outdoors Beckon. The brainchild of passionate mountaineer Naresh Raju, the perpetual calling for the nature in him drove him to create a platform for learning through Mother Earth. Naresh, I had...
Sathwik R
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6th August 2020
Had a life-changing injury? Here’s what to do next to improve your situation
At some point in our lives, we will almost certainly experience an injury and have to go to the hospital. What that injury is and when it will occur is a mystery - life has a way of surprising us. You could be minding your own business, sprinting up the stairs, only to miss your footing and go tumbling back down, resulting in a debilitating head injury or broken bone....
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30th July 2020
Why Mental Health Should Be a Focus for Children
Many people like to look back on their childhood nostalgically. There's this underlying thought that childhood is the happiest part of our lives, and unfortunately, that colors many people's perceptions of children's mental health. Read ON
Many people like to look back on their childhood nostalgically. There's this underlying thought that childhood is the happiest part of our lives, and unfortunately, that colors many people's perceptions of children's mental health. For many children, daily life isn't that easy. Many struggle with anxiety, depression, or disorders like ADHD and Autism. All children must get the chance to learn about mental health. Here are the main reasons why.Learn How...
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8th July 2020