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4 Marketing Tips for New Businesses
Marketing trends can change like the wind, leaving many existing companies nervous aboutbeing out of touch, and new companies overwhelmed by what they need to do to start on theright foot. While things may change, there are certain areas you can check off your list rightaway. Here are four marketing tips for new businesses that cannot fail.Go MobileMore and more businesses are focusing their marketing efforts towards mobile. The majority...
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26th April 2018
Lose and Find
Finiteness, I know is a myth. This world is a symmetry of open brackets. Connecting millions of points in a closed 3D figure to create an illusion.  An illusion like the probabilities creates, when they contain too many elements. Contradictory, To trends that an arithmetic progression show. There are sequences which doesn't fit anywhere.  I haven't named them yet. But I certainly will. Because it's good to be lost , Lost amongst the known and unknown....
Suman Choudhary
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15th March 2018
Education And The Spirit Of Explorer
Life is only so long before all becomes the same, like, eating at the same restaurant for a period of 40 year, with realisation of its short comings fully realised at the 10 year, variety is definitely the spice of life which goes to show how much people do not explore all life’s options as familiar is better than new which could explain the grip the congress party has over...
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13th September 2017
Your Goal: A Mirage Or An Oasis?
From the beginning, when we start learning with the alphabet, our parents and relative start talking about our future. Then we just hear the word Doctor, Engineer and Lawyer. When we grew up, our mind starts forcing us to choose one of them. And we do, then the race for the golden future begins. We start preparation to crack the entrance exam. Some of us give up in the mid...
Adnan taque
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18th August 2017
One lightning to a thousand words
As I look out now, I see rain pouring; leaves swinging back and forth with rhythm of wind, intact to soil it were sown in and a coconut tree stand majestically with its head held high in the storm, the water flows through the stairs. It is still dark around but I still manage to see little details of my surroundings from my window. The darkness now that engulfs me...
Shredha Narayanan
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26th May 2017
Your Goal is out of Reach for them
We are many who want to succeed in life but how far we go and how far we reach as individuals will depend on our guts and our attitude. Stop making your daily story a fantasy. You need to see the results from the actions that you indulge yourself in daily, to make your dream a reality. It is your chance to get out of your comfort zone and live...
Janet Machuka
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24th May 2017
A journey from Bangalore to Chennai
About a year back, my friend shifted his base to Chennai with his family from Bangalore due to family reasons. He was born and brought up in Bangalore, its culture, language and people. As a child, he never bothered to learn his mother tongue, Tamil, and was fluent in Kannada as he thought that his life was in Bangalore and he will be staying here forever. He had his share...
Shredha Narayanan
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6th May 2017
Lessons a child teaches us all
One of the most important lesson a child teaches us is 'how to love?'. A child never sees beauty of his mother or her social status or financial condition before falling in love with his mother. Love of a child is not influenced by beauty or social status or financial condition. For a child his mom is most beautiful person in the world whatever may be her complexion or look. His mom means world to him...
Vishal Rajkumar Gudlani
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5th April 2017
Serving The Society Since The Age Of 13: G Shivkumar's Insightful Journey Building his NGO
Fortune favors the determined! Yes, this statement is very true in the courageous journey of the 18 year old. Born in Kalwakurthy, a village of Telangana, G Shivakumar, a student of second year diploma in agriculture lost his parents and his elder brother and stood out strong to mold his future as a sixth grader. He is nurtured by his sister and brother-in-law and is blessed with the similar...
Rakshitha R
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21st March 2017
Living Your Dream!
We hear everyday "work hard and never quit". I also heard that life is like an onion, we have to peel it one layer at a time and sometimes you cry through the process. Life is something which happens to you. It happens when you have a "dream". You'll get slapped, humiliated, offended, but don't take it personally. Don't ask why did this happen to me? "Oh my god!, It's really hard."...
Pooja Mohan
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3rd March 2017