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LeadPages is a One-stop Solution to Take Your Small Business Online

Your website is a lead generation machine. Are you using it well? You just need the right tools. Here’s one. Read on! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Small business online We live in an era of the digital transition. The last decade has seen a surge in the number of people turning digital whether it is networking on social media networks, online events, reading books on a digital device, online shopping, ordering food online, and so on and so forth. The list of activities performed online is endless. That said, this led to a digital transition among the businesses. Businesses reach out to their customers online through various mediums.

Hence, it is pivotal for a business to have an online presence that includes having a website, and being found on social media, where the customers can reach out to you. The online transition is evident from the statistic that 547,200 websites are created every day. But on the flip side, when it comes to small businesses, certain constraints stop them from having a website. According to the statistics, less than 64% of small businesses have a website. There is a huge loss of potential growth without a website because 70%-80% of people research a company online before working with them.

According to the data by Review42 & TopDigital, when it comes to the reasons for not having a website, the small businesses point out the following reasons:

- Irrelevant to industry: 27%

- Higher costs of the website: 26%

- Social Media: 21%

What is LeadPages?

Small business online LeadPages is a one-stop solution for taking your business online. It is a best-in-class lead generation platform that helps you generate leads online for your business. It provides you with the tools like site builder& landing page builder that enable you to easily build an unlimited number of web pages & landing pages, and there are no limits to the number of leads you can capture through these pages. The best part? Creating these web pages and landing pages doesn’t require you to have any technical knowledge. Every page that you create is optimized to collect leads and help you close more sales. Hence, it comes as no surprise that LeadPages has been trusted by more than 45,000 users.

Have you taken your business digital? Do you have a website for your business? If not, let’s discuss the importance of a website for your business:

- Build Credibility & Trust:

The online presence of a business is a norm in today’s world and a website plays a vital role. Unless you have a traditional business that is not dependent on online presence, a potential customer for any business today would like to check the details regarding the company online. Previously, a physical address was of prime importance. Not having a physical address would lower the trust of the customer. The same is the case with websites today. If they cannot find you online, they wouldn’t be able to trust your business. Factors to have in mind:

Do you have a well-designed website? The design of the website accounts for 75% of the credibility

Is your website mobile-friendly? Statistics show that 74% of the users are more likely to come back to mobile-friendly websites.

Does your website load fast? Websites that load slowly have led to a loss of $2.6bn every year.

- Accessibility around the clock:

A website is active 24/7 and 365 days, thus eliminating the requirement of your availability all day to share the details of your business. With a website, a customer can see what your brand is about and check the details regarding the products or services at any point of time of the day, and from any time zone.

Small business online - Creates First Impression:

The quality of the website of a business speaks a lot about the business itself. Websites are often a brand representation and create the first impression of your brand. Just having a website isn’t enough. The website must be attractive and easy to navigate. 94% of people stated that poor design is the top reason they mistrust or reject a website.

- Helps in Online presence:

According to data by the Search Engine Journal, 93% of consumers’ purchase decision starts with a search. Your website allows you to incorporate the keywords and phrases that are commonly searched by your customers. That increases the discoverability of your website on search platforms like Google. This process is called SEO. Your website should be SEO-optimized to attract more visitors to the website.

- Information Exchange:

At its simplest, a website is an easier way to share information related to your business and brand. You can mention the details of the products & services offered by you, contact information, working hours, add forms to collect their details, and so on. The website quality can be enhanced by adding videos. It could either be an explainer video or a promotional one educating a customer of the products/services, testimonials, or a video talks about the culture of your organization, etc. Choose quality images to complement the posted content.

Details of LeadPages Drag & Drop Site builder by LeadPages:

Small business online Are you looking to build a website for your business? Or, are you a freelancer and looking to build quality websites for your clients in the shortest amount of time? With LeadPages, a website is just a few clicks away. LeadPages provides you with pre-designed, high-performing, high-converting website templates to choose from for your business.

What’s more? All the templates are completely customizable, including the customizability of each page to suit your business. Below-listed is other features you get with this website builder:

1. Complete Conversion toolkit:

It is no ordinary website builder. The website builder with LeadPages provides you with a Website builder with complete tools needed for generating a high number of leads. Be it Pop-ups, Alert Bars, or Opt-in forms, you can easily add them to your website without leaving the LeadPages Platform.

2. Lightning-fast load speeds:

According to the data, 83% of the website visitors expect the website to load in 3 seconds or less. The LeadPages websites load 2.4 seconds faster and have a 30% higher score in the performance.

3. 100% mobile-responsive design:

Small business online We are in the era in which 50% of internet traffic comes through mobile. According to statistics by IronPaper, nearly 8 out of 10 customers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display on their devices. According to Google, 61% of the users are unlikely to return to a non-mobile-responsive site. LeadPages Sites are 100% mobile-responsive ones to provide an optimum user experience on any device.

4. Streamlined Analytics board:

Data and Analytics of the website are most important for business decisions. LeadPages provides you with an analytics board that is streamlined to provide you with the complete data in one place.

5. Built-in SEO:

SEO of a website helps it appear higher in the search results. The website needs to be SEO-optimized by adding the right SEO title, meta descriptions, and right images. LeadPages Sites come with built-in SEO settings for the same.

Landing Pages:

In digital marketing, a landing page is generally a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing campaign. This page appears to the visitors on clicking a particular search-engine-optimized link through a marketing campaign, an email, a social media post, or a digital advertisement through search engines.

Small business online Landing Pages are created & designed with a single focus called CTA (Call To Action). Websites have multiple pages and are built to make them exploratory and informative; on the other hand, a landing page is a single page and contains no distractions. It is created to promote offers or contests along with giveaways to generate leads by collecting the email address of the visitor. Statistics by Wordstream shows that the average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 2.35%.

If you are a marketer or a business owner and have not yet created a landing page for your business, below are the reasons that might motivate you to do so:

Reasons to have a Landing Page:

- Created with a single focus:

Unlike a website that is generic and created with an exploration perspective, the Landing pages are created with a specific goal and focus. Generally, a landing page is a single webpage that is created with the sole objective to run marketing campaigns for an offer or a contest, promotion of a product or service, webinar promotion, etc. They contain the content relating to the purpose, giveaways, or resource download to encourage and excite customers.

- Generates Leads & Increases Conversion:

Small business online A landing page is highly effective in lead generation and results in a higher conversion rate of campaigns. According to data by Hubspot, companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7 times more leads than those with fewer than 10. It happens because the Landing pages are focused and contain a stronger Call-to-Action as compared to a website. It increases search traffic.

- Builds Credibility & First Impression:

According to the data by Forbes, you have only 7 seconds to capture the visitor's attention. The landing page is generally the first page that a customer visits and hence become vital for a first impression. A well-crafted landing page that adds value to a customer enhances the reputation and the first impression of the brand. You can also add customer testimonials on the landing page for social proof of the quality of products or services and the solution you offer. The testimonials also build credibility for the brand. If you into the B2B segment, it could also be adding the logos of brands who are your clients. Statistics by Search Engine Land show that nearly 9 out of 10 customers trust reviews and testimonials. In the survey, 88% of customers mentioned that they trust online reviews. 85% of them read up to 10 reviews before trusting the brand. So, does your landing page provide enough reviews to the visitors?

- Supports your business goals:

Whatever your business goals might be: launch a new product, drive engagement to a webinar, book sales, products/services showcase, customer testimonials, increasing the no. of your customers- A landing page can help you do that. Of course, not all of the above are on a single landing page. Avoid the mistake of highlighting multiple objectives on one landing page, it will leave the customer confused and lower the number of leads. Statistics by SERPSTAT show that 48% of marketers prefer building a new landing page for each marketing campaign.

- Helps grow your email list:

You could add a form to collect the contact information of the customers such as name, contact number, company, and email address. Or, if the goal is to only collect the email address, you can add a form for them to fill in and submit their email address. It would help you increase your email list to communicate about the latest offers or keep them updated with newsletters. According to statistics, using videos on landing pages can improve conversions by 86%.

Small business online - Provides helpful data & insights:

The data and insights that landing pages produce can help in business decision-making. A landing page helps you collect the desired data from the customers such as the problems they face, their expectations, etc. This data would help you in refining your offering to match the requirement and what customers are looking for.

Landing pages also help you market better by providing you with the data of the campaign that has worked & is high-performing; and the one that is not. This would enable you to fine-tune your marketing strategies to reach the right target audience and optimize the results.

Once you have the data and insights, you can even conduct a test for the type of landing page that would serve best, through the method called A/B testing. You can test all the elements of the landing page and refine them to maximize the results.

Details of Landing Page Builder:

LeadPages provides you with a landing page builder to assist your landing page creation in a few minutes. You can easily create a landing page yourself using a simple Drag & Drop builder. Choose the elements you want to add, customize it according to your requirement and you have your Landing Page ready. You enjoy the following features with the landing page builder:

1. Built-in Conversion guidance:

To optimize the landing page, the tool guides you for the changes to be made in any element of the landing page. An optimized landing page would lead to better conversions.

2. Unlimited lead collection & traffic:

No limits on the number of leads you can convert and collect. You can collect unlimited leads with these landing pages. Also, there are no constraints on the number of web visitors.

3. Unlimited Page publishing:

This could be a shocker but with LeadPages you can create any number of landing pages you want. Optimize the results of marketing campaigns by creating a landing page for each campaign.

4. Unparalleled page load speed:

Similar to the LeadPages Sites, the landing pages from LeadPages load 2.4 times faster than the other sites.


Small business online A Pop-up is a window that appears on the webpage with the intent of sharing information with the visitor, collecting email address by offering something, or to make the visitor stay longer when they intend to leave the website. There are 3 types of Pop-ups:

Trigger Events: A pop-up that appears triggered by an event of clicking on an option on the webpage

Time-delays: A pop-up that appears when the visitor has spent a specified amount of time or viewed a certain number of pages on your website

Exit Intent: A pop-up that appears when the visitor moved the mouse cursor in a way intending to leave the website

With LeadPages, you are provided with a pop-up builder with which you can create an unlimited number of pop-ups and add them to any of the LeadPages Webpages with just a few clicks.

Alert Bars:

Alert Bars are non-intrusive bars located either at the top or bottom of the Web pages/landing pages. Alert Bars help in boosting the conversion rate. Alert Bars can be used for text-based announcements of the latest deals or opt-in form encouraging the visitors to join your email list.

Opt-in Texts:

The SMS Marketing & text messaging landscape has changed in recent times after witnessing a downfall. The brands creatively use the power of messaging. One of the ways that have evolved is Opt-in Text messages through which the information regarding the latest deals, offers, or contests is shared with customers through text messages and a response is invited indicating their interest in participation. This method helps in growing your email list for newsletters and other marketing campaigns. LeadPages allows you to set up opt-in text campaigns along with automated responses to the customer replies.

Email trigger link:

Email trigger links are very effective in boosting the conversion. It is a method that enables one-click opt-in for existing customers. This helps in re-engaging the audience, increasing the engagement rate, and boosting the retention rate. It also helps improve the conversion rate of the campaigns. LeadPages enables you to create your email trigger link with just a few mouse clicks.


Small business online

Small business online

Small business online


Your business deserves a website. It truly does! Even if you own a small store across the neighborhood, having a website will enhance the trust of your existing customers and will help attract new customers to your store. Having a website for a business, in today’s world, is inevitable. With LeadPages, this can cost you much lesser compared to hiring a web designing company or a freelancer and can be a DIY assignment. You can design your website yourself and make it the way you would want it to be, in the shortest amount of time. With Landing Page builder, Pop-Ups builder, Alert Bars builder, and other features like Opt-in text Email trigger links; LeadPages, in many ways, is a one-stop solution for all the marketing needs for the small businesses to take their business online.

If you are looking to take your small business online, LeadPages is all you need to set it up & get started.

What are your thoughts on LeadPages? Do let us know in the comments below.

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