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4 Possible Reasons Why Your Website is Not Converting and How to Fix Them

Sales from website

The main goal of most websites is not merely to get visitors, but to change visitors into paying customers or subscribers. If you have many visitors but few buyers, then you need to work on improving your conversion rate. For everyone else, it is more cost-effective to increase your conversion rate over trying to attract more readers. The question to ask is why visitors are not converted to customers at the rate you’d expect. Here are 4 possible reasons why your website is not converting and how to fix them.

Your Search Engine Optimization Is Wrong

Search engine optimization affects customer conversion in several ways. If your SEO isn’t aligned with your customer’s search terms, you’ll attract people who aren’t really interested in your products. This is why you need to do in-depth research about what keywords your audience uses in relation to your product or service.

Your Site Isn’t Designed with the Sales Funnel in Mind

One common mistake is leaving out the call to action, or CTA. There’s no point in having a landing page if you don’t direct them to sign up for your newsletter, fill out a contact form or hit the “buy now” button. The opposite mistake is having too many CTAs on the button. Don’t ask them to both sign up for marketing emails and buy your content at the same time.

Another mistake is creating content that’s optimized for the wrong stage in the sales funnel. People comparing two types of products are in the final stages of the sales funnel, so it would make sense to present purchase options on articles comparing X to Y. High-level content about the industry or your business, however, wouldn’t be the right place for a sales pitch.

Sales from website

Your Purchasing Process Isn’t Intuitive

Every step you add to the checkout process costs potential customers. The more information you require them to enter to checkout, the fewer items you’ll sell. This is why you want to streamline your purchasing process.

For example, you shouldn’t require them to set up an account to buy your product. Furthermore, the account creation process should be nearly seamless. You could use a service like Cognito. This verification service will allow you to tie the customer account to their phone number. It ensures that you collect a valid phone number for each account. More importantly, this type of personal identifier significantly reduces fraud.

When you simplify your verification process, you also make omnichannel customer support that much easier. Customers simply give customer service reps their phone number, and their account information can be brought up in moments.

Your Website Is Hard to Navigate

Sales from website A common mistake that web designers make is trying to show everyone every option, whether it is contacting the helpdesk or reading the brand’s story. This creates a number of problems. Trying to put everything on the homepage creates a cluttered user interface. Not only will it hurt user experience, but will make your search engine optimization confusing or even counter-productive.

Have different search engine optimized pages for tech support, e-commerce, the corporate story, and human resources. Link to them on the home page but list it below your contact information and sales information. Remove all unrelated links, and ensure that none of the links on your website are dead. You could use the Marketing Automation tools like Beeketing which can help you track the customer behavior on the website and help resolve the bottlenecks. A beautiful, sleek website that is properly planned is always a good start. However, you need to audit your website and optimize it for its true goal – turning casual readers into paying customers.

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