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4 Common Marketing Struggles and How to Overcome Them

If you are trying to build your business and attract more customers it is clear that you are going to need an effective marketing strategy that delivers consistent results. Here's a set of common struggles that you could overcome to build a solid marketing plan. Read ON!
Marketing Strategy

Whether your business offers heavy fabrication services or sells a variety of products via an eCommerce platform the rules of engagement are largely the same when it comes to marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, it is not always plain sailing and there are some typical problems you might encounter with your marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at what those typical struggles are and how to combat them.

Keeping within budget

One of the major marketing issues that many small business owners need to contend with is how to keep a lid on your marketing spend but still deliver a decent return in terms of reaching new customers.

A good solution to this conundrum would be to encourage referrals from existing customers.

If you make good use of social media platforms and even offer an incentive to current customers if they can introduce someone new to your business you should be able to generate some new business through word-of-mouth which will help keep you within your marketing budget.

Customers struggle to find you online

The vast majority of potential new customers will look for your type of business via a search engine and if you lack visibility that’s a problem.

The best way to tackle this problem is to get some guidance on SEO strategies so that you can improve your ranking and gain a greater level of online visibility.

SEO requires a disciplined approach that includes things like regular interaction on social media platforms and other initiatives that ensure you have a good content infrastructure.

Marketing Strategy

Building a social media following is taking longer than expected

One of the most common complaints voiced by businesses is how difficult they find it to build a following when it comes to social media marketing.

The key is often to be more focused on relevant platforms rather than spread yourself too thinly.

For example, if you are operating in a business to the business environment it would make sense to focus more on making contacts on Linkedin rather than spending time trying to make connections via Instagram.

Should I use print marketing?

Email marketing and online advertising have grown consistently as marketing mediums and that has caused a number of business owners to consider whether it is actually worth bothering with “old-fashioned” print marketing.

Savvy marketers know that print marketing still has relevancy and if you combine print with digital marketing it could prove to be a winning combination.

Shoppers still love to get coupons and if you send a mailshot to a potential customer it will help you to stand out from the crowd as too many have been unnecessarily hasty in ditching print marketing as a strategy.

As long as you think carefully about your direct mail campaign there is no reason to think it won’t deliver a decent ROI. These are just a few of the typical marketing struggles that plenty of businesses have to contend with but if you find the right solution you should be able to enjoy success with your campaigns and strategies.

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