IU eMagazine Writers' Group for the Main edition is termed as INSPRODIGIANS. Our eMagazine has illustrious writers from 40+ countries. We have published Authors, Novelists and Poets writing for us, who have joined hands with this vision of inspiring the masses through real-time experiences, inspiring stories and their accomplishments. This eMagazine is a meek gesture to the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts that we are completely intolerant to them and we believe in "All Positive, No Gossips!"

We expect our writers to write to inspire, to provoke deep thought processes, to inspire positive action, to trigger leadership, to invoke values, to shape young minds, to train mentors, to hone abilities, to sharpen skills or visions of an individual, to able the incapable, to empower the masses, to shake the inner conscience, to awaken the soul of readers, to enlighten and to eventually move them to one thing - "Internally Driven Oriented Action towards Changing the WORLD".

We are glad to know you wish to write for us. We have the following categories for you to choose from. You can contribute article(s) falling into any of these:

Inspiring Stories
A collection of personal Interviews with celebrated leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate honchos or any success stories.
Inspiration Corner
A collection of write-ups from experiences of life that inspire, empower, influence & trigger positive values, habits & mindsets.
Local Inspiration, Global Aspiration - Local Inspiring News about people, events & accomplishments capable of inspiring others.
Entrepreneur's Delight
A collection of write-ups from writers/authors willing to write on Entrepreneurship, Business, Corporate Leadership & Management.
Start-ups Place
A perfect marketing place for start-ups & inspiration for starters. We know what it takes to start-up hence we support those that do.
Summits World
A collection of featured summits, conferences & more that reach us to reach you. A perfect corner for global summits.
Travel & LifeStyle
A collection of stories to inspire more travel & bring unlimited inspiration from the world of travel.
Sports & Adventure
A collection of stories of sports champions, adventure heroes & inspiring news from the world of sports & adventure.
Author's Paradize
A collection of book reviews, releases and stories of authors and great books.
Inspiration from History
A Collection of write-ups that bring the lessons from the legends who walked the earth & events that shaped history.
Culinary Corner
A collection of write-ups & stories from the world of Food to the world of Foodies.
Health & Fitness
A collection of write-ups with health care tips, expert advices and inspiration for overall wellness and fitness.
Science Pick
A collection of write-ups that speak for what's trending in science & technology.
Special Features
A collection that's special to our readers, contributors and us especially for special news.
Aspiring Writers
A platform for people who dream to become great writers but haven't just got the encouragement & fluidity yet.
Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.