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Why did Sci-Fi change its name to SyFy?
SyFy is a US-based cable channel owned by NBC Universal TV. It is also a Streaming division of Comcast's NBC Universal via NBC Universal Cable Entertainment. SyFy, initially known as Sci-Fi was launched on 24th September 1992; this channel primarily deals in programming which is related to science fiction, fantasy horror, and genres. Today, SyFy programming could be easily accessed on other platforms which include Hulu, Amazon Prime, and iTunes. Since...
Place: New York, United States
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12th June 2021
What is a Maquiladora and Immex Mexico Program?
Mexico is a country with many possibilities for foreign investors. This is especially true in the manufacturing sector. Low labour costs and proximity to US markets make it an attractive option for American companies looking to save on production costs. The Mexican government creates the Immex Mexico Program or IMMEX at Tacna as part of its strategy to attract new investments into the country's economy while creating jobs at the...
Place: Mexico
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23rd May 2021
Deep Tech Potential Still Unexplored in Bengaluru
The year-end Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 brought together industry experts and top execs. The Electronic City exemplifies India’s top global innovations ecosystem – yet, its Deep Tech potential needs further support and visibility. Read ON! 
The year-end Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 brought together industry experts and top execs. The Electronic City exemplifies India’s top global innovations ecosystem – yet, its Deep Tech potential needs further support and visibility.  Digital Startups and Global Giants Come See Common Value in Deep Tech Advanced automation and further deep tech integration represent an important stage in the global digital transformation. As the world grew fond of its tech solutions during a...
Place: Bengaluru, India
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11th January 2021
Herrman and Herrman Gives Away Thousands of Face Masks in San Antonio, TX
Herrman and Herrman understand how difficult the current situation is for every American. Every American wants to get back to normal. Here's what's really inspiring about they what are doing to make things happen. Read ON!
Coronavirus has brought the American economy to a grinding halt. Hundreds of Americans are dying of the virus every single day. Law firm Herrman and Herrman are doing their part to protect their community by handing out thousands of face masks for free. With Americans struggling to protect themselves, this UI lawyer in San Antonio, TX, has taken the initiative and is helping to both educate and spread awareness of the...
Place: San Antonio, United States
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28th August 2020
TiE Pune Continues its Entrepreneurship Engagement & Motivation
This time around they have done it through the My Story series even through the pandemic. They recently added another live event with Mini Menon, Co-Founder and Editor, Live History India. Read On.
Pune 23 July 2020: The My story sessions (MSS) is a flagship event of TiE Pune, a non-profit global network that fosters entrepreneurship.  Started a few years back, MSS was conceptualized with the objective of presenting the inspirational life stories of entrepreneurs, replete with its ups and downs, its successes and failures bringing to the fore, the stories in their entirety. Tie Pune has over the years for its members,...
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4th August 2020
Raask – A Made in India App Similar to TikTok – Launched Recently, Receives Support From Social Media Influencers
In a bid to fill in the gap and fulfill the demand arising after the ban of 59 Chinese made apps by the Government of India, Media Officers – a digital marketing and web design & development agency based in Rupnagar, Punjab recently launched Raask an app similar to TikTok. With a strong focus on promoting the spirit of India, Raask retains the Indian appeal in its logo, colors, and name. ...
Place: India
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4th August 2020
Genericart Well Poised With Pan India Expansion Plans
With the common man becoming increasingly aware of Generic medicine and its demand gathering momentum, India’s leading chain of generic medicine stores – Genericart, is all set for a Pan India expansion.   Salim Sayyed and Shripad Kolhatkar, Director Genericart, mentioned how they had started their first shop at Miraj (Dist Sangli) Maharashtra on 6 July 2015. Initially, they had to contend with the lack of awareness about generic medicines amongst common...
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4th August 2020
What’s the Current Legal Status of CBD Oil in Canada
Cannabis has been legal in Canada for a few a couple of years now. Generally speaking, Canadian people can possess 30 grams of cannabis provided they acquired it through a regulated source. The law changed on October 19, 2019, to incorporate cannabis products and extracts like CBD oil. As per the Canadian government portal: “Adults are legally able to purchase fresh and dried cannabis, cannabis oils and seeds or plants for cultivation from authorized...
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23rd February 2020
5 Things You Wouldn’t Guess about Vegas Casinos
They say that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" and for a sizable number of intoxicated tourists, that’s something that’s probably for the best. Read ON. 
They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas--and for a sizable number of intoxicated tourists, that’s something that’s probably for the best. But every now and then, a little Vegas fact, figure or story slips through the fingers of the press office and makes its way to the mainstream media. Now, we’re not going to undress any scandals or immoral issues here, as that would be--well--immoral. But looking into the...
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23rd February 2020
Quick Heal Technologies Patented Signatureless Behaviour-based Detection. This is likely to be a Game Changer for Enterprise Security
Innovation has no bar and must bring newer horizons for people. Quick Heal has brought one such solution for enterprises to feel more secure and upgraded. A patented technology that they claim is going to make a dent in the enterprise security space. Read ON! 
Today’s interconnected dynamic digital world and thriving BYOD culture has broadened the horizon for targeted cyber-attacks, especially in the enterprise sector. In such a stringent environment, even a minor vulnerability could lead to a major breach in enterprise security meaning millions of dollars of loss. Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for new vulnerabilities and unintended flaws in security software that serve as entry points for hackers to exploit. Once hackers...
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28th October 2019