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Richard Liu Announces The IPO Of JD Logistics led by its Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and founder Richard Liu, announced its new IPO. JD Logistics has raised capital in the amount of $3.2 billion for its initial public offering. The funding was finalized in Hong Kong in May of 2021. The company has an extensive logistics capacity thanks to the initiatives of Liu who is an internet and logistics expert. is the leader in e-commerce in China....
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18th November 2021
Black Box and Nokia Team Up to Create OnGo Private Wireless/CBRS Network for Industry 4.0
Partnership Gives Industrial Manufacturers New Options for Wireless Networking PITTSBURGH — Nov. 3, 2021 — Black Box, a leading global solutions integrator, announced today that it has joined with industry wireless communications innovator Nokia to provide the most complete, next-generation OnGo® private wireless/CBRS network for Industry 4.0. The partnership allows Black Box to drive innovation in connectivity and the adoption of private networks, giving the industrial manufacturing market superior options for wireless...
Place: Pittsburgh
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7th November 2021
8 Pointed Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer
Before you rush to hire the first person you find out there to represent you, learn about what you should be asking them. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo 
Getting injured can be world-changing and nobody wants to have to go through any pain – but when it’s not your fault, that pain is magnified. Claiming for personal injury compensation can help you to get some of the closure you have been looking for, but to claim the compensation you need a personal accident lawyer. Here are some of the things you should ask them before you agree to hire them.Before...
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6th November 2021
Sustainability: The Road Towards A Greener Future For Land Development
Land development isn't the easiest thing to do sustainably, but with growing population numbers placing an increasing strain on our finite resources, developers are under more pressure than ever to find ways to develop land in a sustainable manner. When talking about sustainable land development, it's easy to get caught up in things like the building materials used—a reasonable concern given that concrete is estimated to be responsible for 8% of...
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3rd November 2021
Fresh Funds Accelerate Reelo’s Dreams to go Global
Ahmedabad-based startup Reelo raised an undisclosed amount in a recent seed round of funding, from various investors. This 3-year old startup is all geared towards setting its foot in the global arena and helping merchants win in this modern retail landscape.  In a scenario where customers' expectations are constantly changing and most small and mid-sized retailers are flying blind, Reelo came as a breather in 2017 to change that and make...
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19th September 2021
“Treble” For Objectway Wealthtech Awarded As Best Wealth Management Solution At Goodacre Systems In The City Fintech Awards
London – June 30th, 2021 – Objectway, a leader in the Digital Wealth & Asset Management software, achieved its eighth consecutive awards recognition – the third time in a row for its WealthTech Suite – by Goodacre, the UK leading specialist consultancy for the securities industry. Awarded “Best Wealth Management Solution”, the Objectway WealthTech Suite is the front-to-back intelligent and modular platform supporting the entire digital investment management process and designed to respond to the...
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28th July 2021
5 Tips to Select the Right Temp Agency
Recruiting and training the right candidate can be time taking, expensive and stressful. Temp agencies connect job seekers with career opportunities on a temporary basis. Therefore, it is a wise idea for the organization to use temp agencies to hire on their behalf. Top Seattle temp agency provides staffing solutions in various industries and help organizations find skilled candidates. The top agencies are ever ready to help even in the eleventh...
Place: Seattle, United States
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4th July 2021
Issues that US Universities Require to Know and also Foreign Students
Are you a student studying in foreign places? Are you looking to join a campus abroad? If so, then this article might interest you. In this article, we will look at how the pandemic has affected students studying abroad and those looking to study overseas. Students can get adequate materials from cheap dissertation writing services. So if you would like to learn more about this topic, follow along as we...
Place: United States
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23rd June 2021
Why did Sci-Fi change its name to SyFy?
SyFy is a US-based cable channel owned by NBC Universal TV. It is also a Streaming division of Comcast's NBC Universal via NBC Universal Cable Entertainment. SyFy, initially known as Sci-Fi was launched on 24th September 1992; this channel primarily deals in programming which is related to science fiction, fantasy horror, and genres. Today, SyFy programming could be easily accessed on other platforms which include Hulu, Amazon Prime, and iTunes. Since...
Place: New York, United States
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12th June 2021
What is a Maquiladora and Immex Mexico Program?
Mexico is a country with many possibilities for foreign investors. This is especially true in the manufacturing sector. Low labour costs and proximity to US markets make it an attractive option for American companies looking to save on production costs. The Mexican government creates the Immex Mexico Program or IMMEX at Tacna as part of its strategy to attract new investments into the country's economy while creating jobs at the...
Place: Mexico
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23rd May 2021