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Fresh Insights: Hydrogen Storage and Transportation

Infocus International Group is thrilled to introduce its latest offering, the Hydrogen Storage & Transportation course, scheduled to go live on August 22nd, 2024.

Hydrogen Storage Designed for those in search of an extensive, unbiased, and business-focused understanding of technologies and market influences shaping the expansion of hydrogen supply chains, this course delves into various methods of storing and transporting hydrogen. From its production source to end-use applications or storage for fuel, the covered options encompass hydrogen itself and crucial hydrogen-based derivatives and carriers, presenting potentially more economical and practical alternatives.

Participants will gain the ability to discern actual market developments from headlines and hype, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of diverse supply chain options across different deployment scales. The course will scrutinize these options from multiple perspectives, including energy efficiency, economic viability, and practicality.

Register now for a pragmatic and hype-free exploration of hydrogen supply chain technologies and market dynamics.

Course Session:

1. Hydrogen in gaseous form

2. Liquid hydrogen & ammonia exploration

3. Hydrocarbon hydrogen derivatives and carriers analysis

4. Market factors influencing the growth of hydrogen storage & transportation

Benefits of Attending:

Hydrogen Storage 1. Unveil the pragmatic hurdles of utilizing hydrogen as an energy carrier or chemical commodity

2. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen in compressed versus liquefied forms

3. Grasp the intricacies of hydrogen transportation via pipelines, whether newly constructed or repurposed

4. Investigate the considerations for blending hydrogen with natural gas

5. Evaluate large-scale hydrogen storage options, encompassing salt cavern storage

6. Scrutinize carriers and derivatives of liquid hydrogen (e.g., ammonia, methanol, synthetic fuels & LOHCs)

7. Explore the transportation and utilization of derivatives instead of pure hydrogen

8. Gain valuable insights from studies comparing long-distance hydrogen transport alternatives

9. Stay abreast of the latest market trends and exemplary projects

10. Acquire knowledge on how policies shape the landscape of hydrogen supply chains

Want to learn more?

Simply email to or call +65 6325 0235 to obtain your FREE COPY of event brochure. For more information, please visit About Infocus International Group: Infocus International is a global business intelligence provider of strategic information and professional services for diverse business communities. Recognizing clients' needs, they respond with innovative and result-oriented programs. Their products are founded on high-value content in various subject areas, ensuring the highest level of quality through intensive market research from local and international insights. For more information:

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